Who Clementine was talking about *MASSIVE SPOILERS*



  • Why does everyone think that he/she is part of a bandits? Might be a part of the 400 days Camp. Uhhh

  • Now this is a possibility but may not be the correct one. It could be molly from episode 4. now i know she takes off and its is presumed that she would make it for a long time with her skills but clementine in her childish mindset or even with all the death that has occurred around her could believe that because she never saw moll again that she thought she was dead. i mean if everyone that was part of my original and pretty functional group died then i would believe that someone who was on there own was dead. This would give the kind of reaction it did when she said "i thought you were dead." again it is a possibility and a fair one at that unless there was some story that i am unaware of that confirms molly's death then i guess i'm wrong and i'm ok with that. personally i wouldn't mind seeing a reappearance of molly.

  • How hilarious would it be if it was actually Kenny, this guy would never post on another TWD thread again haha

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    I don't think it is Kenny. Because having two characters, Nick and Kenny, that looks so much alike would be too confusing for casuals.

  • I actually think it could be Molly or Christa...

  • What about Glenn? No? Well, i don't think it is Christa, Because Clem was still thinking she was alive..

  • The part with Christa and Omid - "Run!" "Run!" always gets me xD

  • Most likely. Telltale likes to pull our leg with Kenny's supposed revival (as evidenced with the episode 1 trailer).

  • Unbelievable. 20 pages. Its Kenny you will see.

  • Il probalby read it on forum before i get to play second episode someone will start discussion with title ''Kenny's back, massive spoilers dont read''...

  • Yeah, I realised that shortly after posting... Had a bit of a derp moment there.

  • The only person Clem thought was dead was Kenny or the bandit. She never thought that Christa is dead.

  • I think it's Lilly, because of the negative reaction. If you left Lilly in the woods, Clementine could have easily thought that she would be dead. But I hope it's Kenny. I like Kenny :)

  • Don't go on the forum until you beat it then, its what I do.

  • Even though its possible its Lily, i do not want her to be back at all, It be a bad thing.

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    I'd love it to be Molly, Kenny, Christa, or maybe someone from the comics/tv show? It's been rumored that they are going to fit the game around the show more this season. We could see characters that may or may not have died yet on the show. From what I gather it's timeline is fitting up with towards the end of season two and beginning of season three of the show. This is just my speculation

  • There was a gun shot and a scream or something when Clem was running from the bandits, to me this looks like it's there to trick you into thinking shes dead but idk.

    Also Glenn didn't actually die or anything, he just drove off didn't he? I wouldn't really just assume that he's dead or something if they left. Even if she did think he might of died, i wouldn't have a response with "I thought you were dead" Since there was no actual evidence he died.

  • Although thats true, whoever the person is, it looks like their with bandits, so her reaction probably wouldn't be that positive anyway.
    Also if she thought somebody was dead, she would be too confused to act positive imo.

  • Cant be Kenny because she wasnt there when he felt through the roof and there was no time for Lee to tell her.

  • I don't know. to me thinking it is Lilly or Kenny is wishful thinking. I am still betting on it being the dying guy near the end and you can choose to give him water or not. Why have that choice in there if it is not going to come back later. what if he didn't die? just passed out and we assumed he died?

  • Glenn's in the comics.. guess what happens to him :c

  • IMO, I don't think so. Why would Clem react in such a fashion if it was the guy she met on only 2 occasions,whose name she doesn't know?

  • it could be Lilly...

    also i wonder if we will see any of the other characters from 400 days like russel, wyatt, vince ect??

  • Yes we will see some of them for some time, who and how long probably depends from who goes with Tavia...

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    Hmm... Just came to think about the 400 days crew. How will TT handle this? We as the player have knowledge that Clem doesn't about them. Hope they can make realistic scenarios so that the players can't "cheat" by behaving in a way they wouldn't if they knew nothing about the 400 days crew

  • That got me thinking, not many people said anything about 400 days, and Tavias growing settlement up north, i still dont think that place/camp/group they were approaching was hostile... That includes Vernon quite closely (he split his group after stealing boat somewhere around this area), and im backing up from a last theory Omid! Was unconcious Girls had a quick grief, and quiclky left the area affraid of noise attracting walkies, scavenging group from tavias camp could hear the shots and went to check it up, and found Omid took him back and saved his lucky ass... Providing Christa had no balls to put him down.

  • Couldnt see your replay while writing new comment :) LOL

  • Perhaps disguise them or have them on an enemy group to begin with. Maybe Vince's criminal tendencies shine through and he kills one of the Cabin group to defend one of his own?

  • but christa was with 16 months how can they not her a bond really strong

  • this could it be, im also thinking that it could be someone from the farm out of season 2, after eating people the maybe became normal :D

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    Was that your attempt at trolling? Do you really think that pisses people off?
    You're right, that is hilariously sad.
    Of course, if Kenny WAS alive, I wouldn't't continue the game series, but I'd still post here to join in on discussions on what happened in the latest episodes (via videos) and forum posts. It's not going to stop me.
    Why? Will you stop posting if I don't stop if Kenny is still alive? "Haha"
    It's a sad day when kenny fans thumb down comments with logic and thumbs up comment with pathetic trolling..
    Now I truly know who the children are. Now to wait for the 20 thumbs down for being correct..

  • You can't "Ignore" it when Kenny fans drag Kenny into any irrelevant thread ever just to spam "HE'Z ALIEVE OMG" it gets beyond annoying and many users are begining to notice it. Telling me to stop won't stop me voicing my opinion. Why don't YOU just avoid MY comments? Or do I have to stop talking cause I dislike Kenny?
    Dictatorship or what?

  • Clem is still a child right?
    The only way I can technically see Lee returning is via her creating him as a "Imaginary friend" that only we (as players) can see from her perspective.

  • I personally think it's Lilly, Christa, or Kenny. And, I do want it to be Kenny honestly, but I don't want to get my hopes up. If it is him, I think it'd be an interesting twist to have him somehow survive, and be with Carver's group. That'd serve as quite a dilemma since Carver seems to be one of the bad guys for this season. Which raises a question... if Kenny is part of Carver's group, how would you react? Would you turn against him, or would you try to talk him into joining your group?

  • I am, I suppose, a 'kenny fan'. I believe there is a possibility he is alive, since it would be mean of Telltale to tease it so much for such a popular character then show he is not alive. There is also a chance he is still alive, though going by logic it is not likely, but it is still a possibility. I honestly would not be crushed if he turns out to not be alive, and I would be excited if he does turn out to be alive. I did think the man in the trailed seemed to look like Kenny, but I could not tell for sure. I had my hopes up, but it's not a big deal to me that he is not Kenny. I think there is a stronger possibility that it is Kenny referenced in the trailed for the next chapter, though, and you should respect other people's opinions as I respect your opinion on Kenny's fate.

    Either way, his fate will be explored, we will know eventually.

  • What would be interesting is what if it was the person that you did not side with that shows up. Prob not true just a thought

  • What would be interesting is what if it was the person that you did not side with that shows up. Prob not true just a thought

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    Not exactly true. He gets shot in the head two out of three times.

    1. Clem shoots him in the head.
    2. Lee chokes him out and then shoots him.
    3. Lee can choke him out and then just leave.

  • She doesn't know him yet, what if he is made more of a character in the next episode, like the leader of the group they are talking about. He some how survived and remembers Clem from the river. It is just my theory, I could be wrong, personally I think TT did that on purpose to drive us crazy for the next episode we have to wait for. lol

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