I thought you were dead! Suspects

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Any ideas who she was talking about, i've seen comments that it was Lilly, although its a good guess I don't think its her because clementine didn't see Lilly die because you either left her or she drove off so it would of had to be someone who she saw and thought they died or got told that they had been killed, just a theory
another thing they person who clementine opened the door too but we only say the back on the head, it seemed to me it looked like molly? again just my opinion?



  • Well it has to be someone Clem knows. But it could be Christa, Lilly or even Kenny. I'd love for it to be Kenny, but I doubt it is.

  • Agreed, I want it to be Kenny but I think it's going to Lilly.

  • Lilly for me,judging by Clem's face and reaction.

  • ether lily or kenny

  • Kenny and kenny and kenNy

  • Nelson Mandela

  • I doubt it's him too, unfortunately. The thing with Nick made me more cynical.

  • I think that it's Kenny, Lilly, or Christa.

  • I don't think that It would be Lilly, Clem has no reason to think she is dead in the RV scene or the roadside (Although it is more likely if you left her). Kenny is my bet, I do want him back but it seems more logical anyway considering she would of been informed of what had happened. Still I feel after the stunt Telltale pulled with Nick they might pull another trick on us. Whoever it is I'm excited to find out!

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    Snow White, from TWAU.

  • Tis the dying bandit you can choose to give water to or not. mark my words.

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought this. Now I know I'm not crazy.

    How he will react to you will be dependent on if you gave him water or not.

  • If this is indeed the case then I might be in a bit of trouble.......

  • hmm... this is interesting Kenny's actor Gavin Hammon was at TTG today. Wonder if that means anything to episode 2

    TTG tweet here

  • Maybe Kenny since "his fate will be explored", i don't think we will randomly go to savanah to find his dead body, So i would assume he survived ep5.
    Maybe the guy we gave water to or not?
    Don't think it's Lilly cause Clem has no reason to think Lilly is dead.
    Christa is probably dead since we heard a shot after we started running, but i'm not sure.
    Molly said she would rather be on her own so i don't think it's her.

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    I think it's someone Clem met during the 16-month gap between Omid's death and the attack in the woods, instead of anybody we know from season 1. It would be a huge disappointment, but the tone of this season seems to be taking on a more sadistic bent - towards Clementine, AND the player.

  • lol I am trying to spread the idea about it, but so far everyone is dead set on it being Kenny or Lilly neither of which I think work as well with the general set of things..

  • Well, it could be one of 2 suspects- lily or christa. I don't mention kenny because it's just fact- In the game's description, you "delve into the death of kenny." so it's not him. I doubt it's christa, because when you run away from the attack group at the beginning of the episode, who can hear a faint gunshot. Lily, however, was always alive, so it could be her. Plus, with the mention of this "carter" (carver?) figure, and how he is ruthless, it really sounds as though lily's militarization skills are present here.

  • I think it could be Lilly, or the maybe one of the Saint John brothers, I doubt the latter, but it was a thought. It could be the guy you gave/refused water too. You know what I think it may be a new character that you encountered in this upcoming episode that she thought died but didn't.

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    He voices Beast, the mirror and Dee in TWAU.

    So no it doesn't mean he's in episode two of TWD. But it also doesn't mean that he is not in episode two. We'll see...

    edit: more intriguing is Owen Thomas. He doesn't voice somebody in TWAU. In episode one at least. He could voice someone later. But also he is Omid. OMG... he's alive...

    Yeah, no he isn't. Probably a new TWAU-character or some flashback scenes with Omid.

    edit2: Who is Erik Braa voicing currently? I only found Danny from 400 days.

  • I totally agree! I thought "ehh maybe it's Lilly, Kenny or Christa" but after a whole day of pretending to be working and thinking of TWD the idea of it being the half dead scavenger/bandit really started making more sense.

  • Lilly or the bandit. i want it to be kenny but he will come later...

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    Also the guy that voices Danny from 400 days Erik Braa, but yeah it can just be a coincidence for TWAU episode for all we know

  • Mark from season 1 episode 2. He will have new legs. It's possible he crawled his way off the St. John's farm and someone found him.

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    I don't think Danny plays a role in TWD anymore. (He could also be dead, according to your choice)

    So my assumption is Erik Braa voices someone new in TWD or someone new in TWAU.

    We have:

    Melissa Hutchison: Clementine - Toad jr., Beauty -> in both franchises

    Adam Harrington: Andy St. John, Leland - Bigby, Woodsman -> in both franchises, not in TWD recently

    Erik Braa: Danny - ___ -> only in TWD so far, but not recently

    Gavin Hammon: Kenny - Beast, mirror, Dee -> in both franchises, not in TWD recently

    Owen Thomas: Omid - ___ -> in TWD recently, not in TWAU so far

    I think that's just some sort of christmas-gathering or something like that. And not specific to one franchise only.

  • :-) But he's already zombified. We've seen it. He bit Brenda.

    (I know it wasn't a real suggestion ... or was it?)

  • My bad buddy I thought Mark escaped. I didn't know they put Mark back upstairs after they put Lee in the freeze room. I thought it was a different zombie

  • Lilly does seem a likely candidate. If it was Kenny, I'd like to believe that he would be someone Clem could trust right away, despite the time jump, but Lilly is someone that would be a lot more ambiguous. Besides that, with Telltale's Lilly officially being a separate character from the comic book one now, they can do whatever they want with her. If she was still comic Lilly, I'd say with some sense of certainty she's dead.

  • I'm suspecting it's Kenny, but I would love it if it were Christa. If only because I would want her to join our new group and then browbeat the idiots until they get some semblance of an act together. They're an even sadder mess than the S1 team was, and I've always though Christa was pretty decent leader material.

  • You have some good points there

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    I don't think so, she briefly mentions at season 1 that she'd rather be on her own. If it was her, why would she be with a bunch of bandits in the countryside?

  • Again, you don't know they are bandits.

  • Kenny, I suppose. Lily would also be possible, but I think Kenny is just more likely, especially with the way that his "death" was handled.

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    Either Lilly, One of the Dairy Farm Brothers, Or the Father who stole Clem in Episode 5? I can't remember if you kill him as Lee though, I just remember strangling the guy until he passed out yet don't know if there was a choice to kill him or not. All I remember in my save I just strangled him so he could be alive for all I know

  • I really doubt it's Lilly and hardly belive it's Kenny I think he's dead. Tho maybe he just got bit on the arm and cut his arm off. I hugely think it's 1 of the brothers on to dairy as you only best 1 to a pulp you only assume the zombies finish him. In her voice she does seem scared so Kenny doesn't seem a logical person.

  • I don't think it'll be one of the St. Johns Brothers, since you have the option of killing both of them in the first game.

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