Another half-assed "Your choices matter, really!" game from Telltale.



  • Really? You're entitled to your opinion but you've honestly said all you have to say. No need be an elitist prick and attack someones grammar. English isn't a first language for everyone, in fact there are several people on this forum from other countries.
    So please, kindly fuck off and come back with something interesting to talk about.

  • They say its not about the destination, it is about the journey. I think this applies to Telltale games.

    Picture a living room all in white. You cannot change the furniture or move the furniture, but you can change the colour, the fabric, the art on the wall, the rugs on the carpet, whether there is a gas fire or a wood fire burning - this is what a Telltale game is.

    I buy games for the story, no other games really interest me. That's why I love these games.

  • Well, a couple things:

    First, the games give choice in the dialogue, and the outcome is (usually) your relationship with other people. It was this way in S1, and there will be more time in S2 to explore your choices.

    Second, S1 Season Pass was $20 too (surprised no one else mentioned this yet).

    Third, I agree it was kinda linear at times. You had no idea of the urgency of your arm, at least I thought you could last the night. And why didn't they take your knife?

  • Choices do matter. EVEN the little ones. I noticed that when you teach clem to curse or not in episode one effects this episode too, she'll swear or wont. I know it's a "Little" choice, but it goes to show how it's effecting this season.
    You're judgemental. People like you piss me off. Wait till the full game is out before judging it.

  • As I have said before I think the writing is great. We just need to see how this game forms through each episode.

  • Indeed. This digitized smelly turd called "The Walking Dead Season 2" is really stinking up my computer.

  • Yeah, it's more like watching a movie than playing a game. No challenges, no puzzles, but still enjoyable to watch.

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    I agree they need to bring back more adventure elements into this game. The log next to the campfire was just silly. After Christa's complaint of a weak campfire, Clementine improves the campfire within a few seconds.

  • I don't recall Telltale releasing a book.

  • Find a different game to play.

  • Look at the slide for "Amid the Ruins". Discussion over. Clementine wins.

  • My, someone's cranky.

    Relax and let things play out for now. We're only one episode into the season, and as I recall, S1E1 itself was hardly a marvel of gameplay mechanics and storytelling. There are flaws in this game, certainly, but no worse than any other TT game (including TWD S1) has suffered.

  • Man I'm not going to touch the linear argument this season. I just cannot believe that everyone from season 1 is still saying but wait choices will matter...eventually! Like every episode last season the mantra was wait till you see more, wait till the end. And then instead of owning up to it, it changed to wait till next season they will matter in season 2. I call bullshit. TTG did what they wanted to do, capitalize on the franchise. I promised I wouldn't buy season 2 because of the lies and I didn't. It was SO much more satisfying to watch a walkthrough. Honestly. whoever said interactive movie click to proceed to next phase....dead on. I won't support this company when I disagree with how they've chosen to proceed. Someone else in another thread indicated that the only way to get them to listen was to speak with the dollars or lack thereof. Way ahead of you whoever you were :)

  • That's a bit harsh. He was offering constructive criticism. As someone who has played a lot of story driven puzzle games (e.g., Kyrandia 1-3, Goblins 1-3, original Sam and Max, all the Monkey Islands, etc), there are various suggestions he made that would improve the game. For instance, when approaching a boarded up deck, the option shouldn't automatically be there for you to use your hammer, this removes the puzzle aspect. Instead you should have to cycle through your item menu and figure it out. You should also be able to get ahead in the game without item X, and then have to backtrack for it as he suggested. These are pretty standard game mechanics, dating back to Full Throttle, Day of the Tentacle, etc. He's asking for reasonable improvements, that were available in the 90s on DOS based games!

  • Are you kidding me? They have been working on TWD season 2 more than their newest series TWAU and that is my freaking life! Face it dlux your just jealous of TT made skills in writing.

  • Your choices already have changed. When clem is in the bathroom and the water bottle. She will ether say "oh dang" (something like that)
    Or she will say "oh shit"
    It depends on what choice you made way back at Hershel's farm when you can swear around Clem.

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    With a rant as long as this, I'd expect a little constructive criticism, but you're just "going off." And the line"story is tailored by how you play" can be taken a just bit loosely. Think about it, that would mean mostly every line you pick will have their very own outcomes and can have dozens of endings which will definitely take away a whole lot if TT is going for an emotional ending, that is why I really liked what they did with the ending from season 1. And It will also take over a year to create one episode!! I'm perfectly fine with the way they're doing the game, but as I keep repeating over and over again, please make the next episode a bit longer!

  • Making Clementine leave the gun in the bathroom was definitely a blunder on Telltale's part. If they absolutely HAD to murder Omid in the first five minutes, it should have been completely outside Clem's influence to change. As it is, making the gun non-clickable is a cruel and stupid way to ensure a horrible scene will happen.

  • The Walking Dead and Monkey Island are not the same type of games. Your complaint is like saying, there's not enough call of duty style FPS in Sam and Max. The Walking Dead series is a narrative driven adventure game, more in the light of... Heavy Rain then puzzle adventure game in the light of Monkey Island. You want a different game play mechanic, not an improvement. Their execution of a narrative driven (where choosing what you say drives the story) is just fine. However that is not the same as a Monkey Isalnd, where you can click and talk to the same person 100 times and have the exact same conversation, until you realize that you need to put together some weird combination of objects in order to solve a puzzle.

  • The only problem TWD had was it was talked about and praised by tons of people, so alot of people who are fans of a different style of game grabbed it and it wasn't their cup of tea so intead of saying, eh I prefer more puzzle based adventure games, or more fast twictch action games... they are demanding that TWD is changed to fit their prefered gaming style.

    The 2nd season's "easy" puzzles and game play is the exact same as the 1st season, its not going to "kill" the series, the same people who loved the first season will this season. If you don't like that style of game, don't play it. I don't like platforming adventure games, however that doesn't mean people who like Super Meat Boy or Binding of Issac are wrong, or that the game makers should change those games to fit what I like it simply means I should play a different game. If you don't like TWD, that doesn't mean they need to change the style to more fast twitch QTE (which is the big difference between Wolf Among US and TWD, Wolf has more action driven QTE, where as TWD's has more quickly decide what you're going to say type events) It means you should simply play a different game. TWD style was highly successful in season 1, and they are doing the same style in season 2.

    As for the writing, I'm not sure how you can judge it on such a limited amount of the story but ok..

  • People "rise" anytime anything is popular. I don't think Telltale (or anyone who has ever made anything) takes the auto-contrarian crowd seriously.

  • TWD is a choose your path game, not go in a different direction. Your choices impact how you see the world, how people interact with your character, etc... however this is a story driven game, they aren't going to let you totally re-write the story. It would be literally impossible to do so (like there's no choice you can make to save Lee in season 1... if there was, how in the world would they make season 2? The entire story they're trying to tell would have gone in a completely different direction) You'll never be able to completely change the story, but your choices will impact how you experience that story.

  • Did you just use one of the worst games ever made as a reference? Sir maybe you should go look up Gamespot's score on that turd.

  • The story was amazing! I could feel what Clem felt. Its the 1 episode give it a chance! Im sure episode 2 will be a blast!

  • I don't know if you're butthurt or not but it's there game!!! And it's extremely realistic since clementine is 9 years old and she wasn't thinking straight. It's human science that when we know we are in danger we choose to flee or fight. It depends on age, personality and strength. Kids brains usually favor flee than fight because there not very strong usually. Since clementine is a kid she quickly decided to flee like most children would. Since her body went into panic she quickly shut the bathroom door and stood on the toilet. (Similar to what most schools and universities and work buildings do durning a lock down) and since in school kids are taught to this. Clementine may have instantly did what she was taught in her old school as they do these lockdowns all the time and flee. So these are all the reasons she didn't grab the gun.

  • Choices DO matter, but not as much as you think. You're kind of twisting what Telltale have said. Notice at the beginning of an episode, it always says "The story is tailored to the choices you make." The story is TAILORED to the choices, no 'The story changes to the choices you make'. The story is tailored to suit you. Characters respond to you due to what you did in those situations. Telltale never at one point said "The story has different endings and outcomes overall based on your choices", they only said it's tailored to you, which, as far as I've experienced throughout the whole thing it feels like the story does change, and only when I step back and look at the big picture do I realize the story did not change, it was just tailored for me. To be able to do that is a damn big achievement in my eyes. And choices do matter. Take for example, the end of Episode 1 in Season Two. You choose to go with Nick or Pete. If you choose Pete, you two escape, while Nick runs off into the forest, and you and Pete make a getaway (note that you are made aware in this choice Pete has been bitten). On the other hand, if you choose Nick, Pete dies. Right there in front of you. he doesn't kill the walkers, or run away, he straight up dies. If that isn't a a choice that affects the story at all, please tell me your definition of a 'story-affecting' choice, because it feels very obscure to me.

  • I know. If I were to judge Season One based off it's first episode and Telltale's promise that throughout the whole series the story will change, I'd say 'It's crap, don't buy it, it doesn't live up to it's promise.' But that would not be a fair judgement to make. It's like judging, as fugelot11 mentioned before, a book off it's first chapter.

  • About Omid I'll just leave this here "The first main complaint is how it was bad storytelling to kill of Omid, and I don't see how people could be more wrong. Omid was a great character and it was a tragedy for him to die, though It's not bad storytelling because we felt engaged with the character and when we died it caused a surge of emotions. Sort of like Carly in Season 1. Now the events before his death also get a lot of crap like 'Why wouldn't Clem bring her gun into the stall?' Well my response is why should she? Clem had already cleared out the bathroom of walkers and she knew Omid and Christa were next door so that probably gave her a sense of security so she didn't feel like sh needed a gun for a 10 second trip into a stall. Now because we have laid the episode we know she should of but at the time she didn't think like someone was gonna come in and take her gun then proceed to shoot Omid with it. This is what I like to call realistic characters. Now back to Omid, so I don't think it's right to call his death bad storytelling, I suppose you could call it a bad idea if you want, but not bad storytelling."

    On leaving the shed. She quite literally had no choice if she would have stayed she would have died. What's my reasoning? Well for one it was an open wound in a dirty world more than likely she would have caught a disease during the night and if she didn't die from more blood loss, as she almost fainted earlier because of it, a bad disease would almost indefinitely kill as she is still a child with a growing immune system, and if she idn't die, and she was sick everyone in the house would assume she was sick and turning into a zombie. Just the way I saw it

  • I don't mean major changes like Lee surviving or dying. I mean little changes that over time add up. The water choice in this game seems pointless. Hopefully I'm wrong and it matters but he doesn't talk with either choice and it's most likely that he ends up dying either way too. How you can defend a very pointless decision such as that is beyond me. Some choices would not impact on the story greatly and could be implemented.

  • It's likely that Nick and/or Pete witnessed you give/refuse the man water, and so would have further developed their thoughts on you. And who knows? No one ever said he definitely died. ;)

  • What about the fact that Clementine doesn't run for her gun as the scavenger slooooowly enters the bathroom? Clementine was like one or two meters away from her gun, much closer to it than the scavenger. She could have easily run for her gun and then called Omid and Christa, but Clementine decided to hide instead. Apparently the author believes that Clementine is retarded because he certainly portrays her as one ^^
    Not to mention that Clementine could clearly hear the scavenger enter the bathroom, the scavenger couldn't hear Omid enter though. Completely ridiculous. Couldn't the author actually create a better scenario that actually makes sense? xD

    Anyway, I don't think people have a problem that Omid was killed, the death of characters is to be expected. It's just that his death was badly written, Omid deserved a better death than this hogwash that the author created.

  • I still can't believe 10 people liked the opening to this thread. All the hate is just over the top and childish, like seriously, get a grip on yourselves, will ya? Sure, there are minor flaws with the first episode, but it is still really enjoyable in my opinion.

  • The Walking Dead is not and never has been about gameplay. It's a story and character driven experience. If people leave The Walking Dead because of what they see as bad gameplay, they were never playing it for what it was.

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    -> Only played Episode 1
    -> Says choices don't matter.

    Obvious troll is obvious. If not trolling then seriously retarded.

  • Truer words have never been spoken.

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    On leaving the shed. She quite literally had no choice if she would have stayed she would have died. What's my reasoning? Well for one it was an open wound in a dirty world more than likely she would have caught a disease during the night and if she didn't die from more blood loss, as she almost fainted earlier because of it, a bad disease would almost indefinitely kill as she is still a child with a growing immune system, and if she idn't die, and she was sick everyone in the house would assume she was sick and turning into a zombie. Just the way I saw it

    Of course she had to leave the shed, they wanted to stick her in there until morning (about 12-14 hours). Nobody is arguing that she shouldn't have left the shed to steal supplies and tend to her wound.

    The reasoning for the group to stick her in the shed and not tend to her wound is the problem. First the group is scared shitless that she might turn, even though Clementine was begging for treatment and pleading that she was not bitten, and an hour later (MUCH earlier than planned) they suddenly aren't scared that she might turn anymore. Their reason to believe that she can't turn anymore or why they let her into the house much earlier than planned is completely unsubstantiated.

    Not to mention that there really was no reason not to tend to her wound in the first place. She didn't have a fever, was begging for treatment and pleading with the group that she wasn't bitten. They could have at least tended to her wound before sticking her in the shed, that would have also actually made sense.

    The group's behavior is questionable. Either they are retarded morons (they don't seem to be complete morons to me) or the author is just not a talented writer and cannot see the blatant plotholes in his writing.

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    You should seriously take half an hour to write a better episode, GreenFX. I'm sure TellTale would be very curious to read your thoughts about it.

    I'm not even being sarcastic here... I loved the episode, but I can understand some people didn't like it. So, instead of only pointing what you consider flaws, tell clearly what you have in mind. What do you want for this game?

    That would be a constructive topic. For now, this topic is sadly... not.

  • Now the events before his death also get a lot of crap like 'Why wouldn't Clem bring her gun into the stall?' Well my response is why should she?

    Because after this long into the apocalypse, Clem should know better? Also, I had my Lee specifically tell Clem "always go for the gun first?"

  • His death was fine? What was bad about it? He lasted 3 episodes. That's pretty long.

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