Who Clementine was talking about *MASSIVE SPOILERS*



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    My thoughts exactly. I'm no Kenny "fan boy", but to be honest; I'd be disappointed if it's anyone but him. It could serve as a useful theme for this Season. Last season was all about protecting Clementine which was established by episode 1. This season is lacking a main drive, and Kenny could be the cure for this. Just think about it. The only theme this Season has as of yet, is for Clem to survive-- which granted, is something I want-- but I also expected a little more. Whoever it is, I'm sure telltale will make me bite my tongue, but Kenny is someone I'm looking forward to seeing. Let's see what happens.

  • I actually "hacked" into the game and i found this
    Alt text
    This can't be oh my god

  • That's not hacking, but cool. Wasn't Kenny shown in the "previously on the walking dead" scene? If he was then that would explain this, if not-- you might be on to something. I can't remember.

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    Thats why i put "hacking" into " as to express not exactly hacking,

    but i din't saw kenny into the previously on the walking dead scene

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    Oh also, MULTIPLE kenny models

  • What if...
    Carver and who Clem saw are 2 different people.

  • Interesting. But like you said: multiple kenny models. He was probably reused a few times. I guess "previously" was only a video, if Lee didn't show up in that-- unless he's under a different command name.

  • That was a typo on the lee part, sorry.

    But yeah kenny must changed, I mean, 1 and a half years passed, something happend with him so they had to change models

  • Its practicly guaranteed to be someone from season 1, and there arent a whole lot of likely alternatives as there arent a whole lot of survivors(or likely survivors, seeing as you dont see everyone die).

    I narrowed it down to this list, which is what I personally considers more likely.

    1: Lilly

    Yes, you spell her name like that.

    The most likely candidate in my opinion. It is one of the -very- few notable characters from season 1 that is likely to be still alive, and one of the -very- few that could warrant such a reaction from Clemetine. Will be very interesting to see how this plays out, and how Lilly will have changed in the over 16 months that have passed since Clemetine and Lilly parted ways. A whole lot of material for Telltale there, and there are many ways that could turn out interesting.

    2: Christa

    The obvious likely nr.2, as Christa's presumed death remains a mystery, with -no- evidence except a gunshot and a scream to indicate her status. (Contrary to what some seem to think, her corpse was never identified at the river.)

    Is this -likely-? Personally I think the chances for Lilly are way higher, since this is an excellent opportunity for telltale to put in a real twist, and the effect with Christa coming back would be fairly limited.

    3: Molly

    Yet another character from season 1 that survived. The primary reason she's nr.3 on this list is that compared to many other characters, Molly wasnt that memorable or likable, and Clemetine had very limited interaction with her(even if you brought her with you to Crawford). Still, it could happen, especielly as Molly seemed more then capable of surviving.

    4: Vernon

    This is unlikely, but Vernon is yet another potential survivor that could be the character. Still, he's yet another not very memorable character that had -very- limited interaction with Clementine. Still, he did express an interest in taking care of the girl, which coupled with the fact that he could be alive is the only reason he's on this list.

    5: Kenny

    Extremly unlikely, but he's only on the list for one single reason: I didnt actually see him die and I didnt see his character on the "characters killed" ending screen of season 1. Still, Kenny's presumed ending in season 1 was extremly deadly. There is almost no way that he could get out of that situation alive. Personally I'd prefer if Kenny stayed dead and if Telltale went with the more likely option of Lilly, as it would make a whole lot more sense. But im not that worried Telltale would active revive Kenny for this anyway, as it would be a truly akward twist.

    Then again, rarely has Clementine's comment been so justified: "I thought you were dead!"

  • Hmmm, maybe he looks/dresses different depending on your choice(s) from Season 1!


    Kenny saves Ben from walkers and escapes unharmed (realizing what Ben told him, trying to fix his mistakes) finds a new group and leads it, becomes a badass more logical, level headed survivor etc.

    Kenny saves Christa from walkers in building (not realizing what he's done wrong because Bens dead)- Gets hand bitten in process, cuts it off and becomes more of angry, do before thinking, aggressive survivor

    Just a thought

  • I found 2 kenny models while looking at the hex code thingy

    but alright, i'll try and find any on the list except christas and kenny already

  • I have feeling Christa won't show up until Episode 4 or so... Maybe end of Episode 3

  • Oh look, I'm really sure kenny is in
    Alt text

  • I wonder how the two models will differ! I hope one has a giant Viking beard and the other a man chu

  • That isn't Christa though.

  • Yes, that's why I said multiple times "that's not Christa". It's a reused model from the first season.

  • Maybe it's Glenn? No one actrually knows if he is dead so it's possible that she just assumed he died. Another idea I had was lily, just like everyone else, or maybe it's simply christa and she was shocked to find her. But I know it's not Kenny though I wish it was because he saved the last shot for Ben and lee watched him die. It is. Possible that it could be Ben or Kenny if you chose to drop Ben at Crawford because it's possible he manage to live though it highly unlikely. If it is Kenny which early I said it was nearly impossible it would only happen if you chose to drop Ben.

  • it doesnt show the scene of the walkers in building

  • Glenn is unlikely. Although Telltale told in the reddit-chat some time ago, that TWD is not in canon with the comics, I assume that's solely because of the Lilly-incindent. I still think that the game is pretty canon, and Glenn does have a role in the comics. He's not meeting Clem.

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    Pretty God dammed sure it's the stranger. You don't die directly from being strangulated and the way Clem shot him it could have been not fatal too.

  • hehe, no, My moneys on Lilly

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    double post

  • "I hung out with a guy named Kenny today. I think my excitement at the thought made him suspicious." - Voice actor for Kenny aka Gavin Hammon on August 23rd, 2013! Is this a sign xd?

  • LOL go team Kenny! I really do hope it is Kenny.

  • I honestly thought it was Nate, not Kenny. Mostly because I thought it'd be a horrifying turn of events for Clem to be captured by him. Of course, there were also the people saying he'd be a good partner for her because wtf is the matter with people.

  • it could be lilly or Glen

  • Yeah dont get your hopes up, cos eve if it it Kenny hes gonna die in the same episode...

  • Why do you have a choice of killing dog or not? To me that place was overrun, and that guy got eaten(walkies can smell fresh blood)

  • Chuck dies regardless of your choices.

  • Glenn is with Ricks group at the moment.
    And probably SPOILER
    It cant be him.

  • Just watched pewdiepies video of season 2 episode 1 for shits and giggles and by GOD are commentors stupid.
    They think the person alive in episode 2 is lee and insult you if you disagree.
    What shit is that?

    Following this logic
    I officially support that the person alive in episode 2 is clems babysitter


  • I really wanted it to be Ken, but we all know it cant be him, somehow, we know, there were no way for him to get ou of there, I have my clue, I think it is Lilly

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    Why does that douche shittypie's name KEEP coming up in this damn forum? I mean, seriously. He's not funny, he's not cool, he's an annoying dipshit with a fanbase of millions of screaming 6 year olds and a few adults in diapers.

  • Agreed. I'm sorry for bringing him up.
    Just wanted to inform everyone of the logic of his fans currently.

  • Wait....yeah, shit. I.... i did not think this one through. I guess that's a good thing then, since i didn't want this.

  • I'd like to think the person that Clem thought was dead is her older brother. Telltale originally planned that Lee was meant to be her brother butt scraped the idea because it would've been "too much to ask a player to take on". Of course you'd be asking "well why wasn't he brought up in Season 1?" Well, I have my own explanation but I'll save that for another day.

    Yea this is highly doubtful and it most likely is going to be either Kenny or Lilly but it's a fun thought.

  • Been going through my old Season 1 vids & list out every encounters we have and each of their fates...
    dunno if I missed out anyone...

  • does someone know if the possibility that vince joins the others to the camp does exist in 400 days?

  • Whether Vince goes to the camp or not actually depends on whose foot you shot off. If it was the rapist, he learns to never trust anybody and stays behind. If it was the scammer, he learns to take shelter and goes with Tavia.

  • Doesn't make sense being lilly.. why would clem say "i thought you were dead" when (atleast in my version) she stole the rv? Doesn't make sense for clem to think she was dead. Kenny is a possibility but i doubt it since clem looks scared...So its just probaly the bandid she left in the river. And thats how we are going to find out what happened to christa.

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