• What? I thought the reigning theory was that it was stillborn or otherwise died in the harsh conditions of the world, not that Christa killed it. She was seemingly close to giving birth before the 16 month skip, so this had happened quite a while ago by the time the game kicks off. There wouldn't be a grave to see.

  • Maybe she gave the bandits the baby because they threatened to kill her if she didn't. Carver probably has the baby

  • most likely the baby was born stillborn. why would a bandit want a baby? it would be walker bait and another mouth to feed

  • when clem falls in the river and she wakes up on a shore,there is a grave nearby. she looks a little sad and my first thought was,that she and christa were they before and burried the baby there? she looks quite sad when you look at the grave.

  • I agree with your theory. I just replayed the episode and judging by the look on Clem's face, I believe in your theory. If you want to see it, right after you get washed up on shore and climb the stair thingy, you can see a grave.

    • many people say that the baby was stillborn but i don't think so. first i thought that clem is now far from the place where she got attacked because the stream of the river looked quite strong. but the grave looks not that old and it can't be that far from the place where they got attacked because later in the game you find one of the guys that attacked christa and it's impossible he can walk a long long distance within a day or two. i know you find him somewhere else but it can't be too far from there.
      i believe christa got the baby after omid died but maybe the baby was sick or they couldn't provide the right food,since babies need different food and it died after a year or so. since the story really begins after omid dies and 16months have passed,the baby should have been at least nearly a year old. because she had a big belly already back then when omid got shot.

    • It is actually quite plausable, for Christa to be so cold to Clementine 16 months after incidents is a little irrational, for the baby to have died recently or extremely close to the camp scene would put her current coldness into more perspective... however i'm sure things will become more clear even if its flashbacks when Rebecca goes into labour

  • Nobody ever thought about the fact that the grave could be the kid/mother from the campsite further in the woods? I mean there's a dirt path that leads exactly to the campsite and you meet the dog who is belongs to the family.

    • This is what I assumed, really. Judging by the photo you find at the campsite, there are three people in the family. Since you find a male walker tied to a tree and a dead woman near the riverbank, my assumption is that the grave belonged to their child, whom they buried before dying themselves.

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