Would you like an overarching villain?

Season 1 of the Walking Dead had several villains throughout the game, one of whom was in the shadows for three episodes, but there was no single villain that drove the events in season 1. For season 2 however, they are already establishing a man named Carver as a main villain and have implied great violence and fear from him and at him. The cabin survivors are paranoid of him returning and it is implied he leads a group of bandits and instigated a massacre at the end; they are doing a great job at building him up as one messed up guy.

Would you guys like to have one main villain for this season, similar to the Governor and Negan, or just multiple antagonists like season 1. Personally, I would like a bit of both, but would really enjoy having this story arc be driven by one villain that can be built up in interesting and complex ways. I am a sucker for stories where you fight one sick and evil person and their group multiple times, which will eventually culminate in an epic showdown.

Season 1 was about how humanity initially reacts to a ZA, but now that season 2 has been in that reality for quite some time, there is more room for a more established baddie to show up. Thoughts?


  • Having a villain wouldn't really bother me, but I'd much rather have different groups made up of normal people just trying to survive in a fucked world. The people we found dead on the river weren't perfect innocent people. We know Roman will kill to survive, and the guy that wanted water was obviously a bandit, so maybe they attacked Carver and Carver was just defending himself from them. Carver will probably turn out to be a bad guy, and that will be okay, but I think it would be much more intriguing and entertaining to play in a world full of grey choices and characters.

  • I think there always will be those shades of grey in even the most inhumane of villains; this is one of the reasons I love the Walking Dead. That being said, we had a good amount of such villains in Season 1 and, while I still would like such villains in season 2, I would also like a more prominent villain to keep things going into interesting and uncharted territories for the game.

  • I would just want a villain similar to the Governor..

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    I don't dislike the Governor but I think (the comic) he's extremely overrated.

    He's basically just a psychopath. Shock factor, that's about it. He kills a lot of people, he tortures, he acts extremely one-dimensional. The only really interesting part about him was when he seemed relatively normal to the other citizens of Woodbury who didn't interact with him as much as his henchmen or Doctor Simons/Alice.

    Even Neegan is more interesting just because he seems to actually believe he's forming a protected society of sorts (once you get past his fucking fuckity fucking swearing fucking), but again he suffers from the 'unlikable total nutter' problem. For all of the flak I give the TV show I have to say that they did a far better job with the Governor's personality (aside from his "kill Michonne 4thel0lz" part).

    If we're going to see a villain he needs to be more than just some nutter who kills people in my opinion. Maybe not... sympathetic (though it would definitely help), but mix in some greyness, such as revenge, providing for another group, that sort of thing. Don't just make him another half-insane murderer.

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    Yup. I actually expected him (or Nate) to be the antagonist this time around. It's why I was surprised when- well, y'know.

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    I couldn't agree more with everything you said. The Governor in the comics came across as being violent and dark for the sake of it; a lot of the comics have come across that way to me. The TV show did a great job with his character, making him complex, sympathetic in certain areas, but also made him a really dark and disturbing villain whose admirable qualities are far outweighed by his overall malice and lust for power.

    If there is a main villain, as I hope there is, I hope that he or she is presented in a similar light and doesn't do terrible things for the sake of them. The Walking Dead is more complex than that, but I believe Telltale would do a great job if they decide to go in that direction. They have done a great job in showcasing disturbing violence, but always making that violence grounded and reasonable within the circumstances of their story. That's also one of the reason why I hope there is an overarching villain as Telltale has yet to tackle that scenario and I would love to see what they would produce.

  • Seconding this for the most part.

    There's potential for the idea of facing tyrannical leaders, but I never thought much of the Governor. He had no relatable motives, higher intelligence, or convincing charisma, he was just another psycho that refused to die, going so far out of his way to be evil that it didn't leave room for much other development.

    Characters like Roman can be more interesting because they're not necessarily inherently bad. They're just people willing to do harsher things for the sake of their own group. And while Nate's clearly unstable, it was handled in fun way, repeatedly shifting between helpful, eccentric, and homicidal. ,

  • As long as Clementine ain't on the council.

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