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Who else liked and chose the Still.Not.Bitten choice dialog...

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...after the fight in the shed?

It was so badass. I just chose it cause oh my God! She was stiching her arm and.... it was just amazing. And then i choose that and she says: "Im.Still.Not.Bittdn and you left me here to die" IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!

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    Butt-head BANNED

    Silence is the best option.

  • I said "are you happy?" it just seemed suitable at the time but i think the still not bitten Dialogue was like the most badass thing you can say in that episode.

  • I love Clementine's pissed off face too. Its hilarious.

  • Lee would have been proud to see his little Clem like that...sniff...

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    All over I see people call Clementine a badass. Since when did the word badass apply to a 11 years old child getting hurt?

    People smiling, calling Clementine a badass while in the toolshed have no heart. Imagine if this was your child, being forced to do what she did as she had no other option; would you call her a badass afterwards? No, I'd hug her. And I bet on everything I have Clementine would cry and hug me back if I was Lee, or someone she knew finding her.

    @puzzlebox Please don't turn Clementine in a dark and brutal version of Carl...

    • People smiling, calling Clementine a badass while in the toolshed have no heart.

      That's a bit of an assumption don't you think?
      She was in a terrible situation and she couldn't rely on anyone to help, apart from some deception and a bit of wit to get what she needed, and she lived.
      That's pretty impressive in my book, mostly because just watching her sew up her arm made me realize that an 11 year old girl is far tougher then me, a grown man.
      She may not be a "badass" but she's one hell of a survivor.

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        FreddeN93 BANNED

        Watch some let's plays with facecams dude...

        Watched one the other day when someone laughed at the Duck scene in Episode Three...

        Welp, some love to watch the world burn I guess.

        • Some people are just sick like that.
          Emphasis on some, it's unfair to damn the majority because of a minority.
          I have a 14 month old daughter and I can't imagine her going through what Clementine is going through, that being said, if she did and I was powerless to help, yeah it would hurt to see her going through that, but there would also be a bit of pride of her overcoming the odds.

    • What's wrong with people calling her a badass because she was not only able to protect herself from a human attacker, a zombie, and sew up her own arm. I call her a badass because I dont know if I could have done any of that. She is a brave and strong little girl and I admire that. I want to hug her too but it doesnt diminish the steel in this girl's spine.

  • i did it and it was a


  • Better question is, who didn't ?

  • I found it to be such an amazing moment, showed us all how far along Clem has really come. It established that Clem has a voice and she shall be heard by other in the episodes to come.

  • Exactly how it happened with me. I kill the walker with a hammer, achievement pops up with the same line as one of the dialogue choices, and chose it.

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