You know what would be nice?

It would be nice like in episode 2 when Clem has nothing else to do, she sees a paper and some crayons and decides to draw to pass the time and we have options about what to draw like:

-Clem and Luke.

-Pete and Nick.

-Alvin and Rebecca

-Carlos and Sarah

-Clem and Sarah

-Clem and Pete/Nick

-Clem and the cabin group

Or Hell, options for characters from season 1 like

-Clem and Lee

-Lee and Kenny/Lilly(if you always sided with either Kenny or Lilly)

-Larry and Lilly

-Lee and Carley

-Clementine and Ben

-Clementine and Duck.

-Omid and Christa

-Clem and the motor inn group.


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