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Is it true that while looking for supplies, you can talk to Alvin?

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I saw a thread where the guy said he actually talked to him. I took rags and i thought it was the same as bandages and it appears that taking rags is one of TWO options. Please tell me how you did to talk to Alvin. I can almost swear i looked everywhere in the cabin!

  • yes,I use the guilt trip approach,political promise,and then begging like a little girl clem is,he was easy to manipulate

  • I had NO IDEA this happened until this thread. Awesome, going to try this. No wonder I kept reading so much about Alvin on here...

  • What! I thought the only way to do anything was to go under the house. Is the window without curtains and talking to Alvin the only other thing, then? I gotta go try it! I love this forum.

  • At first, I didn't think much of Alvin, but his scene with Clem (which I missed in my first playthrough) adds some much-needed dimension to the character. It also offered some telling dialogue from Rebecca: She wants Alvin to look out for their baby first, even at the cost of allowing a little girl to freeze to death (or die of infection) inside a rundown shack.

    \this is a theme I picked up from last season too: The zombie uprising isn't entirely responsible for Mankind's collapse. Basic human selfishness - people looking out for themselves, refusing to identify with anyone outside their immediate circle - shares a lot of the blame as well.

  • Well, I guess I have to go back and talk to Alvin. I thought he was an ok guy already, but I want more of him.

  • I also didn't know you can use the juice box to drink during the stitching scene.Could've been helpful in calming her pain down.

  • Yes, you can. I noticed this in my second playthrough, but then I went back to my first choice and found the bandages on my own. Because I want Clem to be resourceful and be able to take care of herself, put the survival skills Lee taught her in good use. I don't want her to be depended on others all the time, she's not that helpless little girl anymore. Sneaking in and out of that house by herself (and I believe her memories of Crawford would serve her well at that point), taking care of her wound and survive that walker attack depicts her as a better survivor I think. Well, maybe manipulating an adult to help her by using her child innocence might be a good trick too, but I prefer a more subtle appproach and not risk of been seeing in the first place.

  • Wow I completely missed this. After seeing Alvin snapped up by his wife in seconds I figured he wouldn't be worth much in terms of support. I snuck in in all three playthroughs.

  • haha yes you can and you get the juice box wich created a bit comic relief during the disturbing scene with clementine cause you can stich your arm and drink juice at the same time . I got this in my first playtrough of the game and i tought it was the nly way to get the bandages/rags things :P
    Altough i didn't see the watch in my first playtrough because i didn't need to go in that room . Hopefully not having a watch doesn't come back to bite me :)

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