He's a goner either way..

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I think it's safe to say that Pete dies even if you decided to run to him at the end of the episode and he manages to amputates the bitten leg. We've already seen Lee try it and it didn't seem to save his life, so would it really work for Pete? Plus he isn't seen in any other part of the trailer for episode 2. (neither is Nick)


  • The trailer not showing either of them could simply mean that Telltale wants us to keep wondering if Pete (or Nick) made it. I mean, even if you choose Nick he's nowhere to be seen back with the group. I think they only want to keep up the suspense.

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    I think for people who have played this game through and know what telltale is trying to do in this game, would agree- Pete is a goner either way.

  • lee was bad writing , this maybe great writing and he cuts it off fast then he can live

  • You see.... i chose Pete in my SECOND playthrough. Obviously Pete is a goner BUT you want to know why im going to stick with helping Pete? Because if you dont, Nick will hate you. He says how you could had helped him! Plus Pete might survive if he does it quick enough but we all know TellTale doesnt really do that

  • Who knows for sure Nick will hate her. He might be a little butt hurt about it but don't think he'll go on a "I Hate Clementine" campaign. But you're right that we all kinda know Telltale doesn't give amputees much of a survival rate.

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    What I do hope is that at least SOMEONE survives. I mean you could look at Season 1 situation here, every single person you had the choice to save died anyway, it was stupid, even though I understand why (can't have thousands of different branchings for such a game). I chose Pete for reasons but if they pull the same thing as season 1 and end up killing whoever you saved 2 episodes later without anything you can do about it then I'll be pissed.

  • From what I've researched so far amputing a limb is only successful in a time-window of 2-3 minutes. No way Pete's gonna survive even if Clementine cuts off his leg back in the house.

  • slightly longer. 5-10 Look how Dale survived in the comics. that was not 2 minutes. in Lees case it had been 20 mins to half an hour. he was a goner thats why i didnt cut of his arm. Pete has a chance

  • I'm interested to see what Telltale does with him. We could be looking into a Lawrence situation here. We don't know if saving Lawrence in TWAU will have any major impact in how the investigation plays out. A choice can actually lead to a better outcome. If it does, and Pete survives, you can bet some people will come to complain, but it would be nice to see our decisions having this amount on impact.

    TBH, I think Telltale will take the route you guys are saying and kill him anyway, but I can hope...

  • Agreed, and at some point he even talked about how it worked for a cousin of his, I think the game wanted to remind us that it can still work in some cases even if it didn't for Lee.

  • I've always assumed that in order for amputating a bitten limb to work it needs to be done within the first 5-10 minutes tops. Any longer than that and you're screwed.

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    Lee is racist because he cuts his arm.


  • Just not sure TT will branch off that far and have a situation where Pete hangs around a while. But then again Doug/Carley stayed around until episode 3 and Ben was around for 1 more episode if you chose not to drop him. Or did he die in that same episode?

  • Ben was around for EP5, if saved.

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