''And we lost Vernon with that goddamn boat!''

Dead bodies by the river...
''Carver'' being a male...
''I thought you were dead'' surprised expression...

Could Carver be Vernon?


  • Clem never see's Vernon die so why would she think he was dead?

  • Well in the "Next Time on The Walking Dead" thing, It's assumed that the guy who comes to the door is Carver, and he looks nothing like Vernon.

  • even if omid & christa told what happened,I don't think clem would care too much about it,let alone thinking about this old bastard.man,these hypothesis is just getting silly every day

  • They just said that it was one of the guys they were with before, which could be someone totally different from Carver.
    But yeah that is a good assumption.

  • Hum... I think it's not the same boat.

  • I'm really starting to think it is Lilly. She seems to be the most logical choice in that situation.

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    As already stated above, Clem never actually seen Vernon die and I cant see her giving two craps about him after the whole 'Hey I'll just help out so I can steal your boat' business.Some people seem to be hoping it Kenny (Dont get me wrong love the guy, but if it was him Clem would just leave the group to go with him; making the first episode pointless - so i doubt that will happen). I personally think it's going to be Lilly; Clem seen her get left behind in the middle of nowhere back in season 1 so probably would have assumed she died. I've also noticed a few people saying it'll be Christa but I cant see that just yet as it would be too obvious and no one actually knows what has happened to her yet.....In short guessing it's Vernon is very much so a Long Shot.

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    Yeah, so far she is the only person that comes to mind that could have enough of an effect to surprise Clem but not enough for Clem to trust the person; leading to just walking off into the distance....it has to be someone that Clem will have some trust issues with and so far Lilly is the only to fit the bill. I will be very surprised if it's not Lilly......I suppose there's always the chance of it being Molly but again no-one saw her after she left the house back in Ep4 so for all we know she could be perfectly fine too.

  • I hope Vernon is still alive, only for me to kill him.

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