• I actually liked the graphics of season 2. Just a little bit more. And in season 1 it loaded MUCH faster. Actually i was hoping thy we got to TAKE CARE OF CLEM because it would be better but this episode proved me wrong! Favorite part is stiching her arm. I could really feel her pain!

  • I think the greatest improvement were the cinematic improvements, the backgrounds and camera moves were a huge improvement over season 1. I was able to really enjoy just staring at the sets and backgrounds during my second time through. I can't wait to see what else is in store for season 2 in this regard.

  • I get the feeling that season 2 will be entirely in woods, countryside. (except ep.5) And i'm happy about this.

  • I like it when I see her personality has grown up,where she no longer a dependent child and developed survival instinct,also capable of manipulate her surrounding,but we still have control for her humanity

  • The improved backgrounds etc are definitely a plus. That section with the suturing just shows how much further forward they have come with showing proper facial expressions. I also prefer Clementines manipulative streak. Having children myself, I can say the writers got that spot on.

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