Season 2 similar to Season 1....?

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In S1 episode 1, it dealt with choosing Carly or Doug. This season, you had to chose between Pete & Nick. Also, in episode 2 of S1, ben's teacher leg was stuck in a bear trap & you had the option to mess with the chain or cut his leg off. In the trailer in "a house divided" (if you saved Pete), he's making some sort of decision to cut off his leg or keep it. Again in s1 after you either had the teacher or Travis with you, lee says "get the gates opened, we have wounded" but in the trailer for AHD, Sarah says someone is outside. Anyone else notice they're walking in the woods in a the trailer similar to when the group in S1 we're walking to the Dairy?? Then with the bandits in s1, clementine see's people with guns (maybe bandits). Am I the only one who noticed the similarities ?


  • It does have some similarities, Maybe it's intentional. So that you can see Clem's point of view with these similar situations that Lee went through.

  • I think that s1 was more exciting than s2 ... when i played s2 i didnt feel that much of exciting when i played s1 ,,,cuz the mission of s1 was to find Clem's Parent .. But the goal of s2 is Unknown ,, :/

  • So based on 1 episode, Season 1 is better then Season 2? Ugh, What is up with people? Seriously.

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