Larry was in fact Alive!

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I swear when I am helping Lilly resuscitate her father, Just before kenny smashes his head, He starts to open his mouth like he was about to start breathing again, I wish there was some way to prevent Larry from dying, He could of made it far, and possibly would have prevented Carly/Doug from dying.



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    Remember when the dude punched Lee in the face as they were running from the walkers? That was dangerous and could have proven deadly to our hero, NOT COOL and he knew what he was doing and the consequences of his actions.

    You could say I had a "smashing" good time in that room.

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    Larry was alive and his heart was still pumping blood around his body but that doesn't mean he would survive. Only 5-10% of resurrection attempts with CPR work without use of medical equipment, Larry's heart attack was fatal which means his chances were probably in the 5% area. If he died which inevitably he would 4 people would of died. There was no chance you could take a man that size on in such an enclosed space! There were only two able combatants considering Clem was just a child and Lilly would probably still be in shock to do anything. The risk of him coming back 90-95% was just to high to take. If you wanna try save him be my guest but it is illogical and insane to even try.

  • The fact that Larry starts to breathe again if you try to resuscitate him shows that it is not 'illogical and insane' to try.

    You may say it was hopeful, but so fucking what? If Larry did turn into a zombie, you would be able to tell before he got up and started rampaging.

    Kenny should have held the block over his head, and if he started to turn into a zombie then he should drop it.

  • Fine by me, I applaud your attempts to save him and I agree the decision was a little hasty but It was going to happen sooner or later in my eyes.

  • Larry was alive, making Kenny no better than Lilly.

  • Yeah. I noticed his mouth

  • Lilly did what she did out of circumstantial emotion (exactly like how Lee killed the adulterer).

    Kenny planned to kill Larry.

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    The argument could maybe be made that Carley's death was due to a spontaneous surge of emotion (although Lilly was gunning (no pun intended) for her pretty hard for a few minutes before that and even justified her actions as "I was just trying to protect us"). But she planned to murder Ben in cold blood in the Doug scenario just as much as Kenny planned to kill Larry. Only Larry had a 5-10% chance of being revived by active intervention and posed a direct, immediate threat to everyone in the group whereas Ben was alive and posed no immediate threat to anyone.

  • This might come as a shock, but walkers - believe it or not - have to move their mouths to bite someone. It's equally possible that Larry was beginning to reanimate, and would have bitten Lee or Lilly. Does this prove that he was dead at the time? About as much as it proves he was alive (Which is not at all, in case you're wondering).

  • For an alternative explanation for the mouth movement, look up "agonal gasps."

  • That is true, she did plan to kill Ben.

    Although Ben was responsible, and killing him would have saved the deaths of other.....

    doesn't matter I suppose at the end of the day. Good point.

    However I still feel that Lilly's is more based on emotion. I don't believe the Lilly we meet in episode 1 would do a thing like that, and when she lost her only other family member she snapped.

    If Kenny's wife and Kid had died then I would have understood his choice more.

  • He didn't look anything like a walker when his mouth moved. Unlike David, who turned in a similar amount of time as Kenny expected Larry to turn.

  • Kenny knew that his family were in the clutches of people who apparently had no qualms about chopping off a man's legs and feeding it to his friends while he slowly bled to death. And he knew that his only chance to save them was to get out of the meat locker alive. can see how he might have been a tad panicky and rash when he found out that he might be trapped in a room with a 300 lbs walker.

  • You actually like Larry?

  • Yes, because he thought he was gonna turn!

  • It didnt matter to me if Larry was alive or not.. that was the first chance I got and I helped Kenny kill Larry.
    Lee had to go through killing his zombie brother for the keys, to get the med's to save Larry, and he punched Lee leaving him for the walkers.
    he's an obvious threat, has to go.. first chance!

  • Idk. Murder the dad protecting his daughter and destroying the group in the process sounds meh to me

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    He was part of the group so I decided it was us and them. Larry wanted to tear the cannibals apart so why not let him? Big strong guy on our side even if he's an asshole. If people helped Kenny kill him because he could be a walker alright, it seems many did it as cold blooded murder just because they dislike him though

  • This was the point of a lot of old threads but from what I gathered, it only happens if you reach a certain amount of clicks and it's left ambigious if he's turning or actually reviving, although considering how cpr works, I think people said it was more likely to be the former than the latter. I could be mistaken, though.

    Did anyone else get a somewhat amusing moment where the click occures just as Kenny drops the salt lick and Lee counts after Larry's head is crushed?

  • I did. I thought Larry was a well done character. He kept things interesting and he had a different persona then everyone else in the group. I didn't see him as a bad guy like most did, he was trying to take care of his daughter and I can't fault him on that. Plus his voice actor did an amazing job, portraying Larry's anger without going too far with it. Larry hand's down was my favorite season 1 character.

  • There was no chance you could take a man that size on in such an enclosed space!

    Well, true, but I don't think he would just jump right back to his feet immediately after the reanimation, so others would still have time to smash his head. Lily could be saved from that trauma and probably wouldn't go through the mental breakdown that eventually caused her to murder Carley/Doug. Kenny had a point there, but still he had no right to do what he did. Just my thoughts.

  • I hated Larry, I just don't want people to die needlessly.

    Plus, I liked Lilly, and she loved Larry.

  • kenny is a killer, he made clem cry after that bloodshed kill

  • That's the thing however.....the walkers do have a history of making sudden moves/attacks. Remember the cop once Lee breaks out of the police car? What about the walker that suddenly attacked/bit Hershel in the TV show?

  • True. I'd say if Lee wants to risk it by helping him though, let him. Kenny can be ready with the salt lick, Clem as far away as possible

  • Better make her cry than let her be eaten by a giant zombie.

  • But at the end of the day, they both killed someone.

    I'm team Lilly too, of course.

  • I think she would've seen reason if he turned. Cue Kenny with the salt lick on standby. Or Lee as someone less hasty to killing Larry

  • Who says he opened his mouth due to just about to be revived and not due to just about to be reanimated?

    What Larry did could've been the inching starts of walker movement/transformation. And larry could've literally been 3 seconds away from biting off Lee's and Lilly's faces with kenny having rescued them in the nick of time.

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    Not to forget the walker that bit Lee in Episode 5 (damn). True, it's risky. But if Kenny could wait a little longer and perhaps allow Lily to accept her father's death (though there's no telling how fast the reanimation can happen -fastest record is 45 seconds I believe- generally it takes at least a couple minutes). I just can't help but to think that maybe Lily wouldn't go so far crazy if things happened differently back there.

  • His skined never really changed colors though thats the thing with Larry

  • the walker the bite lee was because bad writing just to kill him for to set this season up because if kenny didnt get bite with 12 walker around him wh y did lee but one

  • Remind me to never piss you off. I just did it because I didn't want a bulldozer sized zombie ripping me in half.

  • "Kenny was surrounded in by sounds by walkers, Its illogical and insane to think he survived"
    See I did what you did! :D

  • na lee would have got bite then killed himself , kenny killed a man to fast

  • And yet he may have already been dead. In a ZA, taking chances like trying to revive Larry are, frankly, VERY dangerous. If they'd had guns, sure. If they'd had room to maneuver, sure. If they weren't locked in a room with armed cannibals ready to butcher them, why not. The circumstances just came together in the most horrible way possible that gave Kenny every reason to do what he did. If he was right or not, well, we'll never know.

  • Using the "The Player Character would have been bitten" argument really supports Kenny. That means he saved Lee's life by doing what he did.

  • If Clem wasn't in the room, I would have been perfectly fine with Larry dying..

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