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    I got bitten by a dog for simply being in the same room. I'd guess it depends completely on its personality.

  • I know a vet student that knows a bit about dog behavior and said this is pretty reasonable if you try to take its food away.

  • I know people that had a dog who said it was one of the smartest, nicest, animals that they had ever dealt with, but one day it just up and randomly attacked a kid. Whether or not it's the norm for some, animals can be unpredictable, and the one Clementine found was starving when she withheld food.

    There's not much more to read into it.

  • Ever considered that the dog belonged to the walker that was tied to the tree, and that said walker was killed very recently? Maybe the food only just tipped Sam off after watching his owner get killed. That, and Clementine was clearly being aggressive in taking back the food or hoarding it.

    Whole point of the scene was to lampshade how unpredictable animals, and eventually Clementine's situation, would be. Also seems to depict how appearances can deceive (Dog looked innocent and obedient. I was already joking about playing as Sam in season three) which more foreshadow something later on.

  • Blah blah blah it's a video game blah blah blah it's a plot device to set up Clem being bit and the new group reacting to it blah blah blah btw zombies aren't realistic either

  • I absoutley hate people using that terms with video games...

    You know what isn't realistic?

    • A human being controlled by a greater power and having no control themselves.
    • Zombies.
    • Humanity being so stupid as too not allow their military to sanction cities againts SLOW moving zombies.

    I hate it too when reviewers for games use "realism" to demote a game or degrade it in a way. Who cares if it's realistic or not? If people stopped nitpicking on every little detail and stop trying to compare it to real life, they'll find they'll enjoy things 10x more.
    Movie reviewers tend to do this more often however and it pisses me off.

    • To be fair, most of the time when reviewers critique realism it's cause it tries to be realistic. TWD tries this too with how human's interact in an apocalypse, all the choices one has to make, who to give food, who to save and a game like this and just the setting shows us what humans really are capable off and how far we are willing to go.

  • Following up on what clemlee said, I did a Google for "food bowl aggression". This is definitely a well-known behavioral problem that crops up among dogs. This site has video of a dog being very friendly in one scene, then later attacking and for a little while chasing a rubber hand that was merely held near a bowl where the dog was eating.

    This site describes the dog psychology behind food aggression:

    1. Your dog is desperate for this food, in his mind he doesn't know if or when he will get more food. Therefore he protects or guards his food, just like he would have done in a pack situation in the wild.
    2. Your dog may begin to see you as someone who is always taking good stuff away. He comes to view you more as a threat than a provider (you've got to turn this thinking around).
    3. Dog food aggression can be part of the general confusion regarding who the leader is in your owner-dog relationship. Often food aggression is not an isolated incident - it's something you must rectify.

    Well, I'm sold. It can happen that a dog is quite friendly up to the point where you attempt or appear to attempt to take food away from it, when it suddenly becomes aggressive. This aggression can be mild or severe, is based on survival instincts that domestication has not entirely bred out of them, and may arise or be exacerbated by a failure to establish dominance over the beast. It can happen. To Clementine's cost, it did.

    But, really, I'm not too stressed about the realism of the incident when I'm having to simply roll my eyes at the many violations of common sense that appear in the story -- zombies who spurt red blood under arterial pressure when attacked, previously unspotted hordes of zombies who show up in moments of high tension among the living, zombies who manage to suppress their moaning and need to lurch toward food when the writers need a dangerous spot to seem safe for a while, the second law of thermodynamics in shambles, etc.

    • I'm curious: The second law of thermodynamics? How does that apply here?

      • I dunno but this thread has almost reached the point where someone'll bring up Nazis.

      • The basic scientific problem with a zombie apocalypse scenario is that a zombie would basically be a perpetual motion machine, which is impossible by the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

        • Alright, after a minute I figured, that could be mean about zombies in general. Ok, point taken. But this is the premise. If you're not willing to swallow that, there' nothing you can do about it.

          I just thought at first you meant specific to The Walking Dead but that goes for all zombies.

          • And note that I'm not claiming that its just sort of nonsense to argue about realism in a scenario in which we've already accepted a severely unrealistic premise. The general view among writers of fantasy and science fiction is that for every implausible premise, you are obliged to counter-balance it with realism to make the story as a whole feel plausible. So, people are right to object to lack of realism in the details of the narrative. But everyone has a different threshold of plausibility. I haven't seen anyone else complain about arterial blood spatter.

  • I agree to some extent. It didn't make sense to me that Sam befriended Clementine, yet attacked her when she offered him food. If Sam was so starving, he would attack her at site

    Then again, I have a dog who would attack my brothers if she has food. When my dog was a puppy, my brother would play with her by taking her treat and not giving it back. Now, when my brother gets close and she has food, she would get angry and gives with a warning bite or a bite bit if he tries to take it back or puts his hand near her. She doesn't do this to me since I would give her back the treat.

    She is friendly, however.
    The difference between the dog in the game and my dog is that my dog only attacks my brother because he would tease her.

  • The funny thing about arguing that this scenario is unrealistic, yet accept that the game is about zombies where people turn into them just by dying.

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