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so everyone has been talking about this. when Clementine says "i thought you were dead!" in the preview for ep.2. now she actually sounds kinda scared when she says it but if perhaps she is not, hasn't any of you guys wondered it could be Christa? i mean she didn't see her die but she didn't see Kenny die either. anybody could die in this Apocalypse! of course she thought she was probably dead! Also maybe just maybe it could be Winston or the guy she found dying with her backpack! When she said those lines, she looked suprised in a frightened way! Those 2 men (the dying man and winston) were dying so of course she thought that! or maybe Campman/ stranger! anyways no hate, and tell what you think! :) I understand people have thought of this



  • Lee is dead based on your decision but he is either a walker or dead either way, you don't know if Kenny is dead its never shown but its unlikely it is him, Lilly is alive but she has gone insane could be her, Christa seems to be the most likely person for it to be we didn't see her die but we did hear gunshots as Clem ran off, the last person it could be would be Molly no idea what happened to her after she left the original group in Savannah. So its possible its one of those four people

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    yeah Molly also wasn't seen die. Even if you didn't bring Clem to Crawford and Lee accidentally shoots her, you can see her run away in the lockers in the back

  • Yeah, Ive thought of that. Im just not sure she'd think Christa was dead since she wanted to look for her.

  • but she didn't have the chance to look for her and she might of thought it was too late and she was dead

  • Its been less than a day though. I take that kind of remark to be for someone you havent seen in a while and have written off already, like a Lilly.

  • Yea to be fair a LOT of people have said that Christa is the person.

  • Christa makes no sense. She disappears for a week and now she's the Leader/member of some bandit group?. Nope

  • Who said she was the leader? They might actually be keeping her hostage and Clementine hears something that sounded like christa from behind the group, she then goes look and sees christa then she says "I thought you were dead"

  • Also why do people think it's a bandit group for fuck sake!

    Omg they have guns! You Bandits!

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  • I can tell you now that it isn't Campman or Winston since in mine Campman was shot in the head by Clem and you clearly see Winston getting his face eaten off.

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    I never said he/she didn't deserve to be heard. Only that he/she should have searched through the other 50 threads about the same thing and posted it there.

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    Whoa, man, Calm down. He is right, this question has been asked like a hundred times now. And last I checked he didn't say anything disrespectful to the OP. All he said was "Everyone is being an idiot" which is true, there are quite a few annoying people on these forums.

    Oh and the nobody fucking likes you part was uncalled for man.

  • the first guy who i thinked about when i saw that scene of the bandits was Lilly :/ IDK why

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    Thank you, man. This guy has been trolling all of my posts all day saying foul shit to me. I haven't done anything wrong to OP. Thank you for being logical.

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  • lol no problem, this is the interwebz, People always go berserk for crazy shit.

  • Yeah Lily would be the most likely to join a group of bandits

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