Why in the hell did they already kill...



  • Yeah, i knew one guy named Alex Murphy....

  • Maby he was with 'em! He's just went to take a you know what. What a twist!

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    I guess I still have mixed feelings.
    I can see why they did it, (further isolating Clem with new people while also explaining how she survived the time skip) but I'm disappointed that there was so much built up emotion surrounding the questions on whether Clementine found them, and the state of Christa's pregnancy, but it's all over by the intro's end. I didn't really have time to ease into any emotional reaction to it, but I suppose that's part of the point...

    I almost think I would have responded better if it had been done at the end of the episode instead, with the recent death of a friend and separation of another being what drove you into the arms of a group of strangers.

  • Poor Omid. He died in very first scene lol. It's kind of mindfuck.

  • Really hope Christa survives it all. She's by far by favourite character now.

  • How was killing Omid "bad writing" it caused me to go completely speechless for about 5 minutes, that's hardly bad writing, also you have clearly never read the comics they kill off characters if you like them or not.

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    Omid got killed after he had sex with Christa in the other bathroom. lol

    First the scavenger threatened Clementine (a sweet little child) at gunpoint trying to rob her blind. She had no scruple and would have left Clementine behind without any supplies or even a weapon for protection. After accidentally killing Omid she begs for forgiveness and even unarms herself to prove how sorry she is. Yeah, right. Talk about great writing, lol.

    I especially like how the scavenger was so deaf, that she never heard Omid enter the bathroom, but her hearing was good enough to hear the door shut. xD

    The first episode had tons of ridiculous and unbelievable situations. I suppose we are going to see even more of that during the rest of the season.

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    Omg guys, don't blame Telltale for it. Do you want happy end where everyone will love each other, no one will die, etc.? Many good characters died in the first season, too. It won't be TWD without deaths!

    Sorry for my English.

  • To personally tear my heart about of my chest. I loved Omid. :sob::

  • quit bein a troll if you hate it that bad get out of the series dont need any sour piss's in here.

  • Also how Clem didnt lose her hat when she was in the river. and also how she superkicked a dog so hard it impaled it on metal spikes.

  • It's safe to assume she's dead.

  • As far as we know christa is still alive, and the trailer for ep2 seems to indicate another returning season 1 survivor.

  • Perhaps they will explain it in a later episode, we don't know yet. either that or its intentionally left to the player's imagination, but its definitely obvious that the baby did not make it.

  • Because. And what do you mean already. In the walking dead universe there are no breaks or in between seasons ( only to us ) omid lasted 3 seasons which is a lot longer than many others. Shawn lasted 3 days. Larry lasted 3 months. Ben/Carley lasted 3 days. Chuck lasted about 10 weeks. But omid lasted over about 15 weeks, he lasted awhile.

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    Don't know if it's been brought up already but...

    Fun Fact: Omid's name is Persian for "hope." So, basically, 10 minutes into Season 2, Telltale killed off Hope. And then maybe Hope Jr.

  • I have a question. When season two is starting and is showing all of your decisions from season one, it showed that I spared the St. John's brother in the barn, but I didn't. I killed him with the rake but it showed lee stabbing the hay instead. It said my saved file transferred over but I'm confused?

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    Simply done for shock value, they might have thought it was a good idea but in long wrong it was a bad choice, had no development at all, should have killed him or Christa off in episode 2 or 3 plus they copped out with the baby which was disappointing.

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