• It's definitively not Alvin's or Rebecca's room, their room is downstairs, as seen when you eavesdrop on their conversation before sneaking into the house. We also know it's not Sarah's and since there were medical supplies in her room, we can assume that Carlos stays in the same room as her.
    That leaves us Nick, Pete and Luke as the possible owners ( I could be wrong about Carlos, though.)

  • Yeah, there was no way I was taking that watch. I've got enough shit to deal with with this giant, possibly infected gash on my arm in a house that I'm not supposed to be in; I'm not about to start stealing people's possessions as well. Why on earth would I even need a watch?

    If it's not mine and I don't need it, no thanks. That's just asking for trouble.

  • As far as we know, Alvin and Rebecca are not married, right? Theres all that confusion with the baby. idk. Alvin goes upstairs for you and gets those bandages, would he just search someone else's room for those? Could be Alvin's, Carlos' or Pete. In my opinion.

  • There are already a few threads about the watch...

    I think my survival game instincts kicked in when I decided to steal the watch. It might still come in handy later.

  • I think the majority took the watch but did not intend to steal it. I just pressed the "pick up" item but I didn't know Clem was gonna steal it! If that comes back to be a major "turning point" ill be pretty upset. At the same time knowing telltale will want to keep the story the same for everyone else, I'm sure it won't cause a huge disturbance.

  • I thought the group (at least Pete and Luke, and possibly Alvin) wouldn't care if I only stole the things I needed to survive. Taking the watch is not only unnecessary, but also dangerous. I mean, what if the watch belonged to Nick? At any rate, stealing it would only make Clem's life harder once the others discovered it. So I didn't take it.

  • Didn't want to take the chance of stealing the watch because it might of been Luke's and I definitely don't want to do anything to lose an ally if he finds it on me later.

    If it was Pete's then no problem! He died in my game anyways. "I got dibs on Pete's watch guys!"

  • To the people who didn't take the watch, were you assuming that if you "touched" it you would steal it? I mean I just click everything in the game to make sure I am not missing out on anything. I find it hard to believe that people who pass up "touching" the watch actually thought Clem would keep it.

    • Yep. I've played enough decision-based games to have learned the classic "WHAT that's not what I meant to do!!" trap by now.

      Think about every possible thing an icon might represent before you choose it. Always. Every time.

    • I absolutely thought it was the "steal the watch" button. I mean you were in "thief mode" going through their drawers. I made the decision to only take what I needed to fix my arm. I need the group to trust me and I figured that watch falling out of my pocket at the dinner table would not help.

      The other thing is its not some cheap gumball machine watch, its a solid gold watch. To me, it felt like somebodies personal heirloom. One they would definitely ask around about losing. It wasn't worth the hassle.

      • I will definitely change how I play after that. I just think telltale kind of switched it up. Throughout all episodes you can pick a ton of stuff of and not keep it. Just off the top of my head the doll Clem found by the campsite. . . why didn't she keep that?

        • Because its nasty and it has no use and She doesn't want it?

          The watch DOES have value. I'm just not about to steal it.

          I've seen the choice, If you watch her face when she takes it she gives the slightest evil smirk. Like she KNOWS its wrong but shes gonna do it anyways. That's what I saw at least.

          • I think an 11 yr old girl would want a doll more than a watch. I know monetary wise the watch is more but I don't think there are any market places in a zombie apocalypse.

            • The watch has value in telling time and trade. Seriously. A rotted doll is a rotted doll.

              Shows you she is past that whole stage now and is fully invested in survival. Shes growing up, get it. Now Sarah would have picked up the doll and that's why I think she will die a horrible horrible death in this season ;)

              • Seriously, Sarah is such a ticking time bomb in my head right now. If we can't convince her dad to grow up a little, she'll almost definitely end up being a liability.


  • I had no reason to take it. I'm not a thief.

  • I thought the watch would be used later to hold the bandages together or something, oops.

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