• Yeah, Ive thought of that. Im just not sure she'd think Christa was dead since she wanted to look for her.

  • Yea to be fair a LOT of people have said that Christa is the person.

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    Antero BANNED

    Christa makes no sense. She disappears for a week and now she's the Leader/member of some bandit group?. Nope

    • Who said she was the leader? They might actually be keeping her hostage and Clementine hears something that sounded like christa from behind the group, she then goes look and sees christa then she says "I thought you were dead"

  • Also why do people think it's a bandit group for fuck sake!

    Omg they have guns! You Bandits!

  • I can tell you now that it isn't Campman or Winston since in mine Campman was shot in the head by Clem and you clearly see Winston getting his face eaten off.

  • the first guy who i thinked about when i saw that scene of the bandits was Lilly :/ IDK why

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