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  • I often wonder if some people here have any idea of what IP they're playing in. If you want more lighthearted fare, TWD may not be for you.

  • I read almost every thread on the front page because I am interested in discussing the game, whether I agree with the premise or not. I was just going to leave it alone until you got to the part I quoted. If anything, people like me and NotablyUnstable are keeping it relevant by posting our disagreements in the first place. You're welcome.

    I'm not entirely sure what posting the dog statistics in the US has to do with anything, either. There could be 100 million dogs (that all somehow haven't magically died out, used as food by the survivors, or returned to their natural feral instincts during the worst pandemic to hit the entire country/world) and finding one to buddy along with still wouldn't make the story all that interesting in my opinion.

  • Jesus, you're fucking serious, aren't you?

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    it removes every glimmer of hope

    That's exactly what Telltale want.

    removes the purpose of playing the game.

    I'm sorry I can't agree with this. Seeing a story of Clem's survival is the purpose of playing this game.

    lets just stop here and say that a new dog would help with the plot

    I would love to stop here but I don't think either of us is going to settle until we've had the last word. Another dog would be a good way to test Clem's (and the player's) moral compass, but I'm sure Telltale have other, and better, ways of doing that. We don't need another dog character.

  • Telltale do actually read the forums. Go watch Playing Dead. They reveal that during Season 1 they payed very close attention to what was happening on the forums and we have no reason to believe that has changed.

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    Yes to all those points, but especially:

    but I'm sure Telltale have other, and better, ways of doing that. We don't need another dog character.

    Exactly. And TWD has always been about people's relationships with other people. Not with animals, and not even with the zombies (unless you're a head in a bag).

  • I doubt they will be bringing another friendly dog back into the game. I don't think my Clem would feel as comfortable around starving animals anymore anyways.

  • Yeah, the point of bringing Sam into the story at all was to dispel any notions that Clementine would have an easy time trusting anyone, including animals. We're SUPPOSED to be tricked into thinking that Clementine might have a companion in Sam for a few episodes, and we're SUPPOSED to be shocked and hurt when he snaps when we take away the food. Telltale is reminding us that the world of The Walking Dead is cruel, bleak, and upsetting.

    As much as we (and Clementine) might like a friendly companion to take care of, it's just not that easy. We're starting over from square one, unable to trust anyone or anything, and we have to be on our guard.

  • Great post! Absolutely agree! Be wary whenever there is hope in The Walking Dead.

  • Woah, give him a break, man, he's just stating his opinion. We're all human beings here and we're capable of having a civilised discussion. You've got to see it from his point of view. He was really shaken by having to kill Sam and a lot of people agree that maybe Telltale took it a bit far. I disagree with this but there's no need to give him a hard time for it. We're all friends here.

  • Calm down, I'm just breaking balls. His/her posts are ludicrous. Especially with the whole "only post in my thread if you agree with me" thing.

    I referred people with varying views to direct themselves toward threads that were originally conceptualized for a diverse purpose.

    Seriously, wut

    He was really shaken by having to kill Sam and a lot of people agree that maybe Telltale took it a bit far.

    I can't even begin to entertain this silliness.

  • I love dogs. But even though I hate to admit it, in the zombie apocalypse having pets is risky. Dogs are noisy in general, unless one can somehow train a dog to not to bark at any random walker it sees or senses, it'd just attract every walker in hearing distance all around you. It's dangerous for a survivor who needs to be sneaky most of the time. No reason to engage walkers if you can walk around them (ammo is precious), a dog would make it difficult to do that. Also, there's food issue. Survivors needs every bit of it, starvation is a constant threat. I admit it, there might be some benefits too, if you're alone, a dog would be a good watch while you sleep and it would surely be useful for scavenging food or other stuff, if you can train it well for such things. In the long run if you're not a lone-ranger type of survivor, isolated herself/himself in a remote location, I don't think having a dog companion would do you much good. Just my opinion though.

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    I referred people with varying views to direct themselves toward threads that were originally conceptualized for a diverse purpose.

    Seriously, wut

    That does seem vaguely annoying/pretentious but there's nothing he can do to enforce it.

    I can't even begin to entertain this silliness.

    I think you'll find a lot of the discussion about Season 2 will be about this. That scene was incredibly disturbing and I have seen a lot of people argue that it was too much. I know you and I and a lot of other people disagree with this, but there's no need to insult others for speaking their mind. We have every right to disagree and to argue, but it's wrong on so many levels to attack someone personally because of their opinion.

  • I'm most definitely goofing on the content of his/her posts and not who he/she is as a human being.

  • Ok then. Glad we're on the same side.

  • I agree with everything you state right here, other than the fact that a dog companion would be worth it. I believe it would, as season 1 shone when you had a little protégé and it would be uninteresting to have a child that is younger than Clementine. We need a direction to go in, and the dog would help that along. Now, I understand we have varying notions and I believe that we both are correct in our own regards.

  • Kudzu, if you have an impression on the deliberation of this condition, please direct it towards the plight rather than the populace of this thread. Also, please improve your grammar and vocabulary, and do not move against someone simply for the reason that your terminology is inferior to theirs.

  • Might I expeditiously evince to you that although the game includes a variety of swearing, you do not have to use inappropriate language on this forum. I presume that you should endeavor to commemorate what proper etiquette is.

  • This is someone that understands.

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    But it isn't season one. Clem is 10. She doesn't need a protégé. If I wanted that, I could just play season one again. Bring in a second dog, would also feel totally out of place, wouldn't it? How many dogs have we seen so far in 2 years of the apocalypse? And now we want two dogs in a couple of days.

    So no, a dog companion isn't worth changing one letter of the script, in my opinion.

    Why is it so hard for people to let season one be and accept the new story as what is: new? And therefore different.

  • Argh, ENOUGH of this darn dog already. You people need to let stuff like this go already. Geez...

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    "This post is meant solely for those who agree"

    Alt text

    You don't have the authority, idiot. If you're going to post something as stupid as this, prepare for negative feedback.

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    Fuck Sam. I gave him food, and he tried to murder me. Here's hoping that that little bastard STAYS dead. We don't need him or some other dog to go berserk on us again.

  • Please refrain from using foul language and childish slang on this forum if it is directed towards other people. Also, before you post, please read whatever has been already stated for the sake of actually posting something relevant, meaningful, kind, and remember that we are all friends here.

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    Alt text

    I haven't used foul language (the picture did), childish slang, and I can say what ever I wan't about people I feel are stupid. I don't have to be nice. That isn't a requirement. In fact, we aren't all friends here. We're a bunch of different people, with different opinions, who feel differently about each other.

  • Well, first off, I'd like to point out the fact that your statement was incorrect, as you used foul language by posting the image. And how about, why don't you be nice? I haven't done anything rude to you.

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  • Correct me if i'm wrong. But you dont like season 2 because it doesnt have a dog companion? Excuse me but that's fucking dumb. The post apocalyptic dog companion has been done in so many movie's, games,... (A boy and his dog, mad max 2, I am legend, fallout 1 and 3) It's overrated and cliche. And i'm glad they killed of Sam the dog early.

  • Arrow? When Clem kicked the dog it fell on some sort of metal spike thing. No arrows were shot there.

  • I see your point, but it would just seem "weird" to suddenly have a dog partner, when in this game, we've only found ONE dog that has been alive, and the other was buried, the chance of finding another dog is next to nothing, you also have to understand that this game isn't always about how nice things are going to be, The Walking Dead is supposed to be a time of distress and depression, the idea is neat, and I respect it, but it wouldn't seem logical from the perspective of how the game plays.

  • What do you people actually expect? Clementine starting to take care of the dog and they become a dream team fighting zombies while showing the power of friendship? That's the storyline of some Disney movie but not even remotely a realistic approach. The dog attacked Clementine because he was extremely hungry, which is not as uncommon as you may think. And Clementine tried to survive and thus fought, which is absolute natural. Both tried to survive in a world where surviving is pretty unlikely and one had to die.

  • Posting an image with foul language is not posting foul language. If anything it's posting inappropriate content.
    @MrCowMan Oooh, someone thinks they're scary. Get the fuck over it, bitch.

  • Thank you Jesse, that was a very professional comment and I strongly respect your opinion. Happy playing! :)

  • I remember the days of the old forum when threads where serious....Alt text

  • Holy fuckmuffins, my friend--you are gold. Solid comedy gold.

  • Scratch my previous post. You are comedy PLATINUM.

  • Animal Mother can be a rabid buffalo.

  • I would like to anti-sign this petition, and therefore cancel out one of the votes put forward by its supporters.

    The idea that inspired it is trite and antithetical to the themes TWD relies upon to convey a sense of uncertainty and feelings of isolation to the player.

    It's a bad idea, and it both disgusts and amuses me that TC tried to make his thread immune to critique. Furthermore, I find his manner pretentious and condescending, and so have taken it upon myself to parody it for shits 'n' giggles.

    I will take every dislike this comment receives as a personal compliment, because each one will signify the ire of yet another denial-addled proponent of the misguided proposition expounded upon in the original post.

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