Who Clementine was talking about *MASSIVE SPOILERS*



  • so basically kenny is confirmed for A house divided?

  • i know who it is it's HERSHEL HE'S BACK he's gonna get revenge o clementine if you didn' save shawn but if you tried to save shawn he will help you

  • i know who it is it's HERSHEL HE'S BACK he's gonna get revenge o clementine if you didn' save shawn but if you tried to save shawn he will help you

  • I've played Season 1 about 5 times through, then again it doesn't make me an expert. I was just saying Chuck does die regardless, I wasn't having a dig at you man just stating the fact.

  • I'm pretty sure that Kenny is dead because when he tried to help Ben, Lee was watching this situation and you could see on his face like "yup that's what happened" and there was no way out of this alley or in different playthrough he helped Christa in the room full of zombies where you could hear him screaming. So this whole thing of Kenny returning doesn't make any sense. Some people think it could be Molly and I'd love to see her but she said that she prefers to be on her own so why would Molly join some group, and why would Clementine say "I thought you were dead" to her when she just left. So I think those Clementine words were about Christa because Clementine only heard the gun shot but didn't actually see it. Or about Lilly but only when she was left behind on the road, not when she steals the RV. My vote is on the most obvious one which is Christa..

  • My theory was that perhaps her brother was a US soldier/marine who they thought was dead but really wasn't. A bit cliché but hey it worked in the comic/show.

  • I am basing it on the fact no matter how you played season 1 everyone got the same line for the next episode "I thought you were dead". Now that line would make sense for Lilly if you left her at the side of the road (like I did) but it wouldn't make much sense if you saw her drive off in the UV. As you said Molly doesn't make much sense because she just went on her own merry way so Clem has no reason to think she is dead. Kenny on the other hand "died" in both the ally scene where Christa and Omid were watching and the building scene where both Omid and Christa were watching as well, they would have told Clem that Kenny was dead because it looked that way in both scenes. As you also pointed out it could be Christa, while Clem does ask the dying man what happened to Christa I think she does secretly think the worst has befallen Christa. Also welcome to the forums! :)

  • The thing with Glenn though is that he was going to Atlanta to find his friends, so I don't think he'd be near where Clementine currently is
    Also there's not an exact reason for Clem to just assume he's dead, I would've thought she'd have hope in him before he leaves rather than 'Oh well, there goes good ol Glenn =/ ' Kind of thoughts.
    The only link I see Glenn having is meeting Vince at the camp they were headed to, because Vince rreeaallly looks like he could be a relative of Glenn and he mentioned on the bus why he killed the person at the beginning was to protect his little brother

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    Thanks :) Honestly i paid no attention to this scene with the dying man but that's right, like you said "she thinks the worst has befallen Christa" and that is exactly why she would say that.

  • The most you'll get of Lee returning is his voice saying 'Previously, on The Walking Dead ..' >:D

  • too many theories!

    hope we actually see someone enjoyable, cant wait

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    Why is this blue?
    Alt text

    title screen blue too

    Alt text

  • I's probably an edited image but i's prety

  • hope he dead he dont care about lee or clem

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    Look what I found
    I opened this file with notepad
    Alt text
    I found the scene possibly that is used
    Alt text
    I went and tried to open kenny walk chore
    Alt text
    turns out its actually used in the same map for alvin leaning back (possibly)

    I'll just take a closer look

    characterZoo might mean a test map for characters, but that WE don't know.

  • Kenny from what I can remember was leaning back in a barn in episode 2

  • characterZoo seems like a unusual name and its possible just a test map for testing animation purposes, just like in some games and Half Life 2 Beta Leak, It has "Zoo" in name

  • The file "Kenny Tense Holding Rifle Turning 90 To Run" says it shows in default.scene


  • Does that mean its been used for other characters before? Or is it a standalone action?

  • I'm not sure if I believe this guy with all these files, but I do hope he's right with Kenny coming back.

  • I'm still looking for other people, but for now, I found yet some alvin and kenny's chore shows their animation is used in the same map

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    The weird thing, it says the name of what scene it comes from, even from the "previously, on the walking dead", but kenny?


    It seems all characters at least have a animation that is used in characterZoo, so its a test map.

  • You are doing some awesome work man, keep it up. Can you show us some animations playing or...?

  • That's weird. So it's a new action altogether?

  • Telltale can change their minds once a while, so don't trust me entirely as I said before, as they can just..edit the scene and possible remove the hints of Kenny models, but that's only if they change their mind, a lot of people do.

  • Christa was stabbed if Clem didn't throw a rock.

  • It must be, let me look for animations for lee and see if they have default too

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    I must find kenny202 in all thoses 1.000 chore files

    he must be SOMEWHERE

    Its actually 3.574 files in total

  • I only want it to be Kenny if I can tell him off and then he'll end up dying in the most gruesome fashion of anyone in these games. Telling him off in Ep. 5 for being an asshole was fantastic. If you can't nut up and help a little girl simply because you don't like someone (who has done everything for you other then kill a man in front of his daughter) then I really wouldn't want you around anyway.

    Lilly I'd be fine with. It's obviously not Carley or Doug (sadly), very likely not Omid, Could be Christa or Molly ... Really, anyone other then Kenny unless things end horribly for him and definitively. I guess I could stomach it then but I would hate for him to be around and try to take care of Clem now after everything that has happened.

  • It's not Kenny's fault that you did not make the right call.Why are you fine with Lilly ? She shot Carley/Doug and betrays you no matter what.

  • It's not Kenny's fault that he wants to dick with a boat by himself that he has no means to really move it to the water instead of helping a little girl that he has been watching grow up for months. If I'm such a bad guy shouldn't he WANT to find her and make sure that she makes it to safety at least? He is the big 'family man' after all.

    At least with Lilly, I can understand where she came from. Her father just died and she was forced to lead (since Kenny wouldn't make hard decisions. 'He doesn't like that'. He just wanted to complain. She thought someone was trying to sabotage the group. Did she overreact? Fuck yes she did, but I know that she felt loyal to the group until it betrayed HER first.

    And like everyone here, these are just my opinions. We all have ours. If you want it to be Kenny then more power to you! If you want him to live forever and grow a full on beard? Great! But me personally? This is how I feel and that's not changing.

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    There's a guy on these forums who made arguments to any person who would hate Kenny but side with Lilly in every situation and something he said relates to your statements; Lilly murdered someone in cold blood, but it's okay since she lost her dad recently, ok. But how is it not alright for a person like Kenny who lost his entire family recently, decide that he wants to stay behind at the mansion?

    Also since you bring up that he's a family man and all that, no matter how much of a dick you've been to him, you can still change his mind by saying that Clementine is your family. In his mind he barely has anything left to live for and you could've disagreed on everything he has ever said, but he will still change his mind and go look for Clementine if you tell him she is family.

    I am a Kenny fan, but i really don't understand some of your peoples arguments.

  • And this is why I hate Kenny fans
    now for 20 thumbs down for telling the truth.

  • Because he wants to stay 'because I'm an asshole' when it should have nothing to do with me. Does he care about Clementine or not? Obviously he doesn't give a shit about her so why should she care about him if she meets up with him later? I shouldn't have to 'reason' with him if he really cares. if he really wants to make some good in this world why sit around and try to live longer when he can help out one of the few innocent things left in the world? I didn't feel the need to beg for him to come with us, he's a grown ass man and can make up his mind and once he decided that it was all about him then I lost all respect for him.

    That's just how I feel about it. There are always going to be people on both side of the coin. And I'm not even a big Lilly fan, I'm just saying that I can understand her side a little bit more.

  • Yet if people say it's not kenny, you all go pissy and go "LET US BELIEVE WHAT WE WANT"
    another reason I hate the whole lot of you.
    Why CAN'T it be him? he never died on screen.
    Stop being hypocrites.

  • Actually, Clem isn't either of their kids. (Although honestly I always thought of her as the entire group's kid after a while).

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    Played it again.

    Meh, I thought stabbed as in knife to chest or something like that.. She got a push to the leg with the spike. That's nowhere near certainly deadly...

    So in no scenario can we assume that Christa is dead.

  • Lilly files just says shes only used in the test map "CharacterZoo" (So i'm pretty sure shes not going to appear)
    Molly files says she used in.. default.scene?? cam_cutscene??

    I would just LIKE to find what is that map name in the end, when clementine says "I thought you were dead", then we can really know.

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