Episode 2 release date discussion- No word from TTG on the subject of release date so far.



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    Can we please get some info for TWAU? Will it come out December or January? Pls tell us something. I would even be fine with a Soon December or a Soon January. Come on :(((

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    yeah i'm ready for the second episode allready but we have waited this long as much as it sucks because u wanna play it lets hope it SHOULD be worth the wait

  • Except that it specifically says on the Walking Dead Season 2 page that new episodes will be released every 4-6 weeks.

  • Well at least most of you are able to bide your time with TWD S2. I'm waiting for Telltale to explain why they haven't released Season 2 on the New Zealand PSN store...

  • Didn't they say basically the same thing with the wolf among us? No way they'll release episodes of the walking dead that fast. No way.

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    If I remember correctly, there was a week delay with the 400 days and the wolf among us releases on the AU PSN store. Maybe it's the same deal with season 2 in NZ?

    EDIT The first episode of TWD is live on the AU PSN store. Hopefully it's popped up on the NZ store by now.

  • I've always thought that episodic gaming was a really clever idea; releasing a new chapter every couple of months gives the game a feeling of longevity, and it's always nice to have something new to play waiting on your doorstep. But it doesn't really work when you're left waiting for 3/4 months just to get word of when the new episode is expected to be released. Kinda ruins the sense of continuity of the series. You lose that "what's gonna happen next?!?" feeling of anticipation, and are instead left with a distant, disconnected feeling more akin to trying to remember how the hell you know that familiar looking person at a party. "Umm .... was it .... did I go to school with that guy? ...... No, was he ..... did he used to date my old roommate? No, no, wait ..... wasn't he the guy who worked at the movie theater?"

  • Indeed. At least the episodes are only a couple of hours long, so I will play through episode 1 again just to remind myself exactly who everyone is. Hopefully once episode 2 drops we won't have to wait another 3 months for episode 3.

  • I'm just pointing out what the website says right now. They're on the hook for releasing 4-6 weeks between episodes, its on the front of the order page.

    Apparently they never did say the same for TWAU. There's about 20 pages of discussion in this thread where moderators have patiently pointed out that Telltale never made any claims of how long it would be between releases for TWAU, and that several months is a normal delay and release schedule. That's not the case for Walking Dead season 2.

  • Granted it's not usually months long between releases, but comics have basically had the same storytelling for better or worse for decades now. Some comics I'll wait a month for and then you get a quick, decompressed story that barely inches forward the story. Sometimes you'll get a comic referencing something that happened in the comic months previously.

    So I guess my point is, it's not an ideal way of absorbing a story but the same problems of keeping track of the story are present in other mediums.

    If nothing else, you can always replay a previous episode or even a specific chapter or scene to refresh your memory over the long periods between releases.

  • Well according to Telltale, they have no plans to release it in NZ. I understand why some games don't make it to the NZ store but it would be nice to know before the launch.

    As much as I love their games, Telltale really needs to improve on their communications with customers.


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    This is my expected theory for release:

    I am going to say it can be likely we will see a release for episode 2 on either 14th or 21th of January.

    Given that TT mentioned that an update is expected early January; I think we will be see a trailer for the episode during the week of January 5th-11th.

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    oh wish i could slap lazy devs with a huge broom

  • Wow man, that's pretty cold of them. I just assumed that the NZ and AU store content were pretty much identical aside from the occasional classification hiccup on our end. Well at least you'll be able to either purchase or import a disc copy when it eventually comes out.

    Are you able to register an Australian account on the psn and access it from our store though?

  • We are in the season, where nearly every hour an old fairytale movie is broadcasted (at least it is like this in Germany) on TV, but we hear nothing about the more mature fairytale....That I call a waste of seasonal advertisement

  • I will never buy a season pass from Telltale again until all episodes are released. TWD 2x01 was a great start, but about 30 minutes shorter than season one episodes for the same amount of money. And now TWAU won't be released until the New Year. It's absurd and it's not worth the aggro. I would rather wait until the season is complete before giving them another penny.

    I like Telltale a lot, but this is ridiculous.

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    I underastand why people like you keep saying this, but I think TT deserves some trust. I already have TWOU pass (pre-ordered), im a bit angry about epizode 2 delay, but its normal. They were working on TWD 2, already got big load about the Tale of Borderlands project... they simply havent time, or just giving time to theselves before they throw another part of game just after TWD 2 release.
    Be patient enought, and, if I can give you an advice, buy TWOU now. Its already great, good looking game, just like TWD. It'll be just better if you'll trust them more.

  • They deserve trust for starting projects one after another, despite being unable to handle them? It isn't very trustworthy to start anything new, while the thing previously started isn't finished.
    Seasonpass buyers purchase something, that is released in the future. This way they are very alike to investors and not informing your investors is (I guess you can guess it) not trustworthy.

    The reality looks like this:

    They ransacked the money of the seasonpass-buyers of TWAU and then pushed it in a corner, just to do the same thing with TWD2.

  • They are trustworthy.

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    First of all, you gotta have some patients with TTG their staff is not as big as other gaming companies, so you can't expect each episode to release immediately after one another. Also I don't think the new games will in anyway hinder their work on TWAU and TWD because they never said that they will work all 4 simultaneously.

  • Lets be realist here... of course they do. They cant afford working on each game separately and just finish it off and work on another. Thats not how it works and situation around TWD 2 and TWOU confirms it.

  • If they have such a limited size of staff, they shouldn't even consider working on 2 games at a time.
    Now some may say, that they need to earn their money too, but on the other hand they took the money of the season pass buyers, who worked for it too (at least I did), but aren't putting their entire work force behind it.

    There seems to be a mayor flaw in the work philosophy of ttg.

    Of course I can be wrong with my opinion, but as there is close to 0 informations for those, who already paid for something, that isn't even complete yet, you can only have a bad opinion after a while.

  • Try to thinking about TT like about Indie developers (not sure if they really arent), they let you preorder the game, will give you chance play one part, then they release another game with same way (let you play one part, then wait). They simply collecting finance, becouse they already have to wokring on Tales of Borderlands and GoT. I dont think this is actually metter of unfinished work. TT maybe just dont want releasing yet.
    Of course its just theory. Meybe they just deleted all their work and run away with our money. Blizzard always says "Soon". Telltale says "Be patient".

  • I don't think you're familiar with the work of TTG its called a episodic series for a reason. They have done the same in the past with other series releasing on the concurrent schedule. What I mean is that just because they have two projects atm does not mean they devote their entire staff for just the current franchise that is about to release, so more than likely a preparing team for early development and another team for the major work for the episode.

  • Actually I supported 3 Developers on Kickstarter and get more frequent informations about the developement from all of them, which makes them way more professional than what I have seen from ttg.

  • Me too, I will never buy again a season pass with the first episode again.
    It's just frustrating seeing that they can't deliver an episode on schedule... but they're working on four different projects, even if the project are all in different stages of work... they're still developing.

    They're not an indie studio. They sell big numbers, they have the money and they don't need anymore to collect to get resources to work with.

  • I'm somewhat disappointed myself with the release schedule but I don't blame Telltale. Its there way of doing business, and I'm realizing the episodic thing insist for me anymore. I enjoyed the anticipation of waiting during the first season of TWD, but now its more frustration with TWAU and TWD 2. I wont be buying another Telltale game until...2016? Hopefully Tales of the borderlands or game of thrones will have a full retail version by then.

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    Episodic means they release it over a set time (in this case: Summer 2014) parts of the game.
    I know this release pattern from DLC-Seasonpasses.

    And now to the reasons why so many people are pissed:

    1 - Close to 0 informations for the people, who already purchased the entire game with the seasonpass.

    2 - The release of Episode 2 is very likely to happen in January...those are around 3 months from the 1st episode

    2A - If they keep up this pace they won't make it 'til Summer 2014 with all 5 episodes and the informations for the seasonpass specifically stated, that all will be released until then. (Maybe ttg should consult their lawyer and let him explain them, that this can be valued as intentional deceit of customers).

    3 - They announce projects one after another while they seem tostruggle with the ones they have

  • but those dates is expired so when could be the next possible release date? I'm so exited for the next episode

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    I understand how you feel because I also have the season passes for twd and twau myself, but I also understand how TTG works and to be honest as some people might say they are getting better with their communications than they have in the past. Of course they don't like giving too much info away during development for the fear of spoiling the game, which is obvious. However, make sure you check out TTG's twitter/facebook and blog for updates whenever possible. Again I restate my main message, TTG is a different company compared to other gaming industries I do think their PR team is somewhat small, but just like @puzzlebox mentioned(one of the main PR individuals you will see on the forums from time to time) she is only able to give info to us that she is allowed to, so I would not take it personally if she doesn't reveal everything that you was hoping for. Basically what it comes down to just have a little patience and episode 2 will be here before you know it.

    Well, I hope this cleared some info up for you :)

  • look the bottom line is they shouldnt sell a game thats not complete. dont try and say i saved money buying it early because the season pass will still be their next year. and lastly No communcation.. I knw they see thousands of comments about this crap. wtf..

  • Agreed you don't actually save money, just look at steam. The winter sale allowed you to get TWAU for 16.99$ that may not be exact but it was cheaper then pre-ordering.

  • To be honest I think it's taken a bit too long. I've experienced it with other periodic games - when the time between episodes is too long you lose track of the story details and it kind a stumps the excitement.
    I've played the story twice now, but the eagerness to play the second part is diminishing each day. knowing that when I could finally play a new small part of the story I have to wait once more.
    Every 4-6 weeks, would have been perfect. So why not make that deadline?

  • It won't be long until EA buys telltale games and you'll be getting new episodes every 5 days at $20 a pop.

  • no. no. no. no. fuck EA and all their shit.

  • Lulz. On a serous note, one of the big publishers are probably going to buy control of TTG at some point. Especially if their games continue to see notoriety and success. And if you're unhappy with their quality control now, just imagine how awful it's going to be when EA or activision or something owns them.

  • I thought playing a game (with detective elements) in installments would heighten tension and accentuate the mystery. In fact I ended my first play through of “The Wolf Among Us” wound up with thrill of what may lie ahead. Over these past two months that excitement has dissipated.

    This is not to say that I feel that the content of the game will in any be bad; I expect still to enjoy the series. I think for me to enjoy the episodic nature of a game it would need to be released in regular intervals, and not to exceed more than a month between releases.

    I still intend to buy more games from TellTale; I will just wait until the game has been fully released (and on sale) to make my purchase.

    I think I will wait for the entire story to release before continuing. That way I can ensure to maintain my excitement for the story between chapters.

  • Its true. In the new world of Kickstarter and small development projects there is a completely different expectation of communication from the games studio to those who pre-pay and fund games under development. The PR team for Telltale has failed to recognize and embrace this. I love the company, love the games. I don't even mind the development time. They're an inventive company and have really hit on an all new way to tell stories. But they've got this rock hanging around their neck with an outmoded marketing and customer relations strategy. The output is innovative, but the mouthpiece is clumsy.

  • Same here. Very disappointed by the release timing of TWAU. Completely lost interest and excitement for the story. Don't remember how it goes and what choices I did.

    Will definitely buy the next telltales games but never until the complete seasons are available.

    The episode's release is way too erratic.

  • And now TWAU Ep1 is free on Xbox Live, for the rest of the week it would seem. You'd think they would want to have Ep 2 out by the time they start running free promo's for Ep1, but I digress. I'd like to take the time to wish everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy wait for Episode 2.

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