Who Clementine was talking about *MASSIVE SPOILERS*



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    default.scene is actually config for cam_cutscene (I THINK)

    so about that cam_cutscene_sk55_molly_lowersHood file...

  • Look, if he'd clearly been eaten in any of the scenes, i'd be okay with that. Like i thought he was the first time and felt bad as fuck. It was when i was looking around on the internet what would happen if you didn't bring Ben along. It turned out to be the same fate, but then i realized that he just walks off screen in both events. This here, stevean2, is the problem. That he did not get killed in a crystal clear way. And the way that Telltale is being sneaky as fuck to make us believe he is still out there. This is why we are so curious to find out what happened, and why we want it to be him, and him alive. To know what happened. Hell i'd even be happy as long as i see a death-scene and not just a Kenny-walker lying dead on the ground. So yeah, you can whine all you want about us Kenny fans but really we just have mixed feelings because we don't know if one of our favourite fucking character is alive or not. It all comes down to next episode to find out.

  • I went and tried to find in the memory of the game if its used or not.

    I searched molly and there was no result, perhaps unused?

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    What if it is someone whom Clem and Christa met and then left during 16 months before forest attack? And this "someone" presumed dead for some reason. It could be even someone from 400 days protagonists. That's why Clem was suprised maybe. Anyway I don't think it is Kenny, on my opinion his story has ended. I don't mind to know something new about his fate, but I don't want him to be alive.

  • How about the Kenny files? What do they indicate?

  • kenny103 means files from season 1 episode 3, and others I really don't know, I' just wanna know where does kenny202 come off,since cheats engine's hex editor said there was a season 1 version, and a season 2 version

  • You really are stupid. He means that if it is Kenny then you won't be able to show your face on this board without everyone rubbing 'Kenny is alive' in it. I certainly will be.

    But if it means you'll stop playing, then that's just another reason to hope it IS Kenny.

  • I figure it has to be 1 of 2 people Kenny or Lily, because we didn't see either of them officially die. But we assumed they did. However, comic spoiler Lily kills the Lori and Judith in the comics with a shotgun then after seeing what she does kills the governor by shooting him and throwing him to the walkers and leads the Woodbury survivors into the prison. So I think it is Kenny because I think Lily will show up later.

  • I figure it has to be 1 of 2 people Kenny or Lily, because we didn't see either of them officially die. But we assumed they did. However, comic spoiler Lily kills the Lori and Judith in the comics with a shotgun then after seeing what she does kills the governor by shooting him and throwing him to the walkers and leads the Woodbury survivors into the prison. So I think it is Kenny because I think Lily will show up later.

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    Are all you kenny fans ridiculously rude just cause someone doesn't agree with your theories? Can't imagine how you act in real life
    Seriously, how does me playing or not effect you anyway? I'd still be able to comment on the game, it doesnt change the way I talk on the board,so your comment is invalid.
    and again, Kenny is confirmed to be in season 2, I'm fine with that.I just hope it isn't alive.
    and "Everyone" meaning you and the 20 non-posters who flood Kenny disliker's down?
    Gee that sure is a big "everyone"
    and likewise, I'll be happy to rub it in your face that it's not kenny in episode 2 when it turns out not.. to be Kenny. :D.

  • Take it as "teasing" if you wish. I don't think so. I just see them as "previews for the next episode".
    I have no hope of Kenny being alive, nor do I wish him to be. Episode 1 Kenny was a bro, but then he became more and more of a douche just because I didn't agree to murder. Ironic, considering the character I played, but atleast I was making ammends for that.
    And knowing Telltale, they're just building up all your hopes to smack you all with a giant wall of feels.

  • I agree with this, there's so many possibilities but we all have our favorite characters and events we've already seen on our mind. Were all forgetting we have another episode to play entirely with new characters and new events.

  • your doing great work i think you pretty much confrmed kenny will be back in episode 2 and he probably is the person that clementine finds.

    if you can find out if molly apears in the season that would be great :)

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    Well, i do think you're right that Telltale will probably screw us over with another "Oh, you thought it was Kenny? AHAHAHHA FUCK YOU". I mean, i was sceptical from the start when that trailer arrived and said nah, nah, that's not him. But now i will just be pissed off if it's anyone but Lilly or Kenny because then it's proven that Telltale really, really enjoys to see us suffer.

  • Well. I'm glad you're reasonable atleast. Nice having a discussion about Kenny that doesn't involve getting 20 thumbs down because I don't think he's alive, or an insult because I'm not agreeing with the person ateast. haha. I really hope its Lilly though. Would lead to more of an intresting episode than it being Kenny. She'd probably end up being a villian, otherwise, what else would we have to look forward to in episode 2 if it is kenny?
    Just him being all nice to Clementine and the rest of the episode being a soap opera of "WHO'S THE DADDY?" ? Doesn't sound very intresting to me.

  • Alt text

    who is that guy?

    looks like..kenny?

  • Eddie, this crazy stoner. The guy on the left looks like Kenny because of the hair.

  • Probably either Wyatt or some new character we haven't seen yet.

  • Well why are you hear? This is a Kenny forum. The way things are looking, you're gonna have to deal with him coming back. And he does care about Clementine, but if you're a dick to him he won't appreciate you as well and won't come with you unless you say "Kenny Clementine's my family, she's all i got"

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    If you dont want it to be him, dont worry it wont be him... Having Lilly back would be actually a good option... She did had kind of a breakdown after kill on the roadside, good way to go into choices again, is she gonna trust her or not, with Kenny its more like o hi ken how are ya? and shes cool, with lilly there are choices to be made and trust to earn/loose... With this season it was supposed to be like that - trust or dont trust...

  • nope kenny has a hat :) or maybe he lost it ? But i think it's wyatt

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    (Regarding the image) I dont think its Kenny, if u look closely at the face, you can see a mouth amidst the facial hair. and the hair line is clearly "infront" of the face.. if it were kennys hair it would be behind the head shape.. my guess is its wyatt as the beard shape is similar, however i cant see glasses, his hair doesnt cover his ears like wyatt, and looking closely at this pic it looks like an older guy.. but that could be the poor quality i dont know..

  • I have Different Picture about the first guy in that pic

  • I show tomarrow.

  • Clementine's face does NOT 'light up' when she sees the figure.

    If anything she looks really scared.

  • She looks shocked not scared

  • Maybe... JUST Maybe... Its Elvis Presley?!

  • What if simeone found Lee and gave him special frogs(antizombie) ... :) remember: 5 episode NO GOING BACK

  • Beards dont shape like that, if so it is a fatass mustache... To me it looks like wyatts hair, apart from ear bit like you said, there isnt enough...
    https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=wyatt walking dead&tbm=isch#facrc=&imgdii=&imgrc=xASWxTtS2zKzoM%3A%3B19vRFLX_q4sZuM%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fimages.gizorama.com%252F2013%252F07%252FTWD-Wyatt.jpg%3Bh

  • Im gonna laugh if its gonna be new peron we meet on a beginning of episode, kind of see him/her die and see again that he/she is ot dead at the end of episode...

  • This one on right> eddie? Eddie has a pierced chin, there would be a white(light) spot there...

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    Don't say that about the trolldownvoters, they are everywhere, lurking in the shadows. Anyway, yeah i suppose it wouldn't be all terror and nightmare like the first episode was about, but maybe that's the point. Maybe it's supposed to be a little more light in episode 2. Clementine rejoined with Kenny and she's happy... until Kenny was the GODDAMN GOVERNOR THIS WHOLE TIME. He was playing Lee for a fool and now he's rocking the ultimate stach N' eyepatch combo. Governor<>Carver. Illuminati is about, watch your ass.

    Btw i accidently replied to myself, sorry for double post.

  • Seriously? You think Clem would just give one simple, soft gasp, if she found the corpse of her dead friend whom she had known and been taken care of by, for over two years? There's just no way Telltale would have slipped in a major character death so subtly - least of all and have Clementine ask the man where Christa was directly afterward. I don't know how people can mistake that dead body model for Christa anyway, honestly. Points for observation though.

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    Double post, sorry.

  • Holy hypocrisy Batman.. look at this guy talking to others about rudeness.. Guess you can dish it out, but you can't take it.. Oh yes, silly me for assuming you won't be posting on forums for games you don't play, well if you do then maybe you should commit suicide, cause that's just sad.

    I can deal with one pathetic hater. You however have replied to nearly every Kenny fan on this page. I imagine you'll have quite a following by the time episode 2 comes out, if you carry on like this.

    And no it wouldn't effect me if you play or not, but it would be satisfying to know your miserable hater ass lost something you loved/liked. It would be poetic justice of a sort.

    "If Kenny is alive I won't play anymore" pfft you're like a spoiled child. Besides I just hate assholes going on about realism and logic. IT'S FICTION MORONS. But I guess Hitler was right; people will swallow a big lie more easily than a small one. Zombies can exist, but surviving an apparent hopeless situation involving them? Noooooo THAT'S unrealistic. Even though people survive insurmountable odds every day in real life.

    According to you and your ilk a mindless zombie Kenny hobbling several states north and happen upon Clementine by chance is more realistic than a live thinking Kenny traveling with other people finding her? I don't know where you studied logic and realism, but you got ripped off.

    But if you really want to know why people want Kenny to be alive so badly the here it is:
    The game, the TV show, the comic... it's all so god damn emotionally draining. We'd like for there to be just ONE piece of good news for ONCE and IF it finally happens just ONE god damn time it won't ruin the game.

    You piss on peoples hopes, and then you get offended when they smack you in the mouth?

    Well fuck you and everyone like you.

  • Look everybody, sneaky trolldownvoters has been here.

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