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Last TGS card?

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All right, I finished the game and found most of the collectibles, but I still haven't found all four Teen Girl Squad cards. I Got Darwin [Spoiler]Click the fish bones in KOT's palace three times[/spoiler], the Tar pit [Spoiler]Strong-Sad's bookcase[/Spoiler] and the alien [Spoiler]Somewhere in Homsar's place, either the mysterious bush or burrowed under the ground near the cave[/Spoiler], but the fourth one continues to elude me. Any hints please?

Otherwise, great stuff, telltale:D
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  • great now uh quick question.......which girl do I use each item on?
  • Trogdorman;89794 said:
    great now uh quick question.......which girl do I use each item on?
    That's a tricky question, since the TGS works a little differently this time around than last time [Spoiler]In fact, you only need two of the secret cards to get the best ending, and neither of them needs to be used on a specific girl.[/Spoiler]
  • I just got it, but it was really odd :confused:
    [SPOILER]Use the egg at the start, the chisel then the slate at the second part with the cheerleader, the dog at the Egyptian part, and Darwin at the end. Gave me the full 6k points ya im still confused too :confused:[/SPOILER]
  • The other two are:
    The tar pit: [Spoiler]Use at any time on any girl, instant death[/Spoiler]
    The Alien: [Spoiler]Use on any girl during the second round[/Spoiler][Spoiler]Using either won't get you the best ending, you need to use some of the normal cards for that[/Spoiler]
  • I am new to posting here and can't (as yet) seem to figure out how to hide spoiler info from the innocent eyes of the casual scroller...with that info I will be able to post a 6000 point result to the TGS part of the game.
    Thanks, pd ;)
  • I have Darwin but I can't use him
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