Larry was in fact Alive!



  • Agreed. If it was up to some players we would've checked the area near Clem's hat first. Lee wouldn't be bitten. Same with Omid. I wanted to bring the gun with me to pick up the water bottle. I wouldn't call it bad writing but it made the choices less about what I'd do in that situation and more about what Telltale let me do so they can kill characters. It could've been written better in those two instances to be more of a believable mistake

  • Fair play, I believe that Kenny could of gotten away in the alley scene due to the windows all over it, smashing one and jumping through it could of been easy. Anyway I respect your opinion on the matter.

  • Ah but you think he died in the Christa version?

    Interesting, I haven't met a Kenny fan yet who thinks that he's alive in some playthroughs and not in others.

    I suppose the fact that you basically hear him die in the Christa version shows that you may well be right.

  • Well I agree there may be SOME chance he survived in the alley version, I doubt there is any chance in the Christa version at all. It was pretty damn fucking dark in there and too me it sounds like he just got devoured hence his instant silence on the matter.

  • I'm not a Kenny fan or Lilly fan and I like both characters. I just so happened to think that killing Larry was the right thing to do and ended up being the guys friend. I'm not saying he survived in either outcome however I think that in the alley scene considering there were plenty of windows in it he could smash/open and climb through I see that as a means for escape. However in the Christa version the room is pitch black and you can't see anything thing so I can't really see any escape routs.

  • No problem, some people can be cooperative and accept the fact that he might of died.

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    It's not actually bad writing I think. It was bound to happen, sooner or later (in the Walking Dead) everyone slips and gets careless, I actually like that theme of constant threat, the danger ever lurks out there and the moment you drop your guard things go bad. Put yourself in Lee's position, he was so deeply concerned (and obviously panicked) about Clem's disappearance he forgot his own safety, I was actually shocked when it happened, because I was so fixed to get the walkie-talkie on the ground, I didn't even think to check the card boxes next to it (where the walker jumps at you) and BAM, bitten. For me it happened so fast and so unexpected. Later I learned checking the card boxes wouldn't change anything though but still, I got careless there and Lee go bitten. For me it seemed realistic there.

  • I agree it isn't bad writing. I wish Telltale had made it differently I suppose. Like for people who checked it'd happen another way so we at least keep that illusion of choice even though it happens both ways. Moreso with the Omid thing.

  • No one isdenying he could've. Just that it Kenny didn't need to do that if Lee was willing to risk himself. Kenny could've been there with the salt lick ready

  • I understand he was protecting his daughter.. but realize we're playing Lee, so in a sence, Larry tried to kill you. Was Larry who first tried to murder you. Would you forgive that and allow him a second chance to do it? Seem's to me, It would be self defence. You just risked your life, to save his, then he tries to kill you. Arent you trying to protect someone too? How are you going to protect Clem if your dead?

  • He never gave any implications that he'd try it again. Especially with Kenny, Mark and Doug watching (All likely to be on Lee's side, Kenny especially after Ep1). If Mark tells Larry that Lee said he was only cranky because he was protecting Lilly, Larry is instantly defensive then softens

  • your right, he didnt imply he would try again and Mark, Doug and Kenny would have Lee's back. No arguement there. We just have a difference of opinion on what it would take to survive. You choose to be willing to forgive someone who tried to murder you, I would not!

  • He just didn't seem capable of murder without reason. Punching Lee out and leaving him is horrible. He doesn't seem to go on raids though. Trying anything at the Motor Inn would be suicidal for him and I doubt he'd actively kill someone. I share your opinion somewhat, I'd never forgive him and I'd dislike him. Keep my distance

  • he was either coming back or reanimating

  • I was kinda playing the same way, wanting to shield Clem from the worse stuff, but then I realized that's not doing her any good, I (Lee) killed Larry and both St John brothers and explained to Clem why.. It was the harsh truth that hopefully she understands and takes to heart that this is no longer a world of compassion and kindness. They (St.Johns) just kidnapped us, cut off Mark;'s legs, and were planning on killing/eating the rest of us. They were a real threat and just imagine leaving them alive, possibly to have one or both in a future episode that could have killed someone.

    As for Larry, I've already stated, he tried to murder Lee and following my survival style I decided at that moment, the first chance I got to remove Larry as a threat I would.

    I know to some I seem to be a bit harsh and quick to kill but in the world of a zombie apocalypse I would much rather be a living asshole than a dead nice guy!

  • How do we know that wasn't zombie Larry waking up?

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    Clem would probably find that kind of creepy though. Lee's living with this guy yet he's been conspiring to murder him. Sounds like Shane. Besides being some kind of living asshole usually results in no friends to back you up when you need it and a life of guilt and depression

  • Agreed. How is it any different to other walkers? One walker versus three adults with plenty of salt licks. Arguably Lilly could be too shocked too help or defend walker Larry I suppose. Even so it was unnecessary

  • I swear I hear him mumble Lee under his breath, and Kenny could of handled it better, just hold the salt lick over his head instead of just going ahead and killing him! He could of been patient and been ready to kill him in case he came back. But nonetheless amazing episode,.. xD

  • I can't live with myself by siding with Kenny, I hate having to hold Lilly back, and especially in front of Clementine, it wasn't the right thing to do.

  • What the fuck did I just read?!

  • Same. I've even tried to so I could be Kenny's friend for the entireseason but I made myself reload the chapter. It's not right imo. Kenny didn't make it easy though, the pleading to be on his side

  • I didnt say I would kill everyone and have no friends, just the person that tried to kill me first I would be concerned about.

    As for sounding like Shane, I like to group him in with the Governor or Oberson.. The thing is, they had the basic right Ideas. Like Shane insisting on killing the walkers in the barn, Gov created a safe small town as did Oberson.

    Where they also are similar is in they all went crazy. Shane with his jelousy, Gov with the heads and his walker daughter, Oberson killed people to make the walls. Those were over the top characters but they started by finding a way to survive and attempt to make a life.

  • Yup, anyone should try best they can to save him but if that failed, Lee and Kenny could have handled walker Larry easily before he even got up.

  • See, what I think, having played the game various times, is that Larry would've possibly been pumping somewhat of an amount of blood throughout his body, but either way, there's no way he could've survived, and with the whole 'he could still be alive' argument from Lily, it may have led you to believing that, but in the rules of physics, a proper body can not simply function without a brain and a face. Just my opinion.

  • Those salt licks are very very heavy and hard use. Can barely be used against a stationary lying on the ground person.

    And not only that, remember that guy who's leg you cut off, or the other wimp who mark accidentally shoots. they almost kill lee and need help being killed and they were weak as humans.

    Larry on the other hand knocked out both lee and optionally kenny with a single punch each.(and barely flinches from kenny's punch) if that's how powerful he was as human, then the moment he got up as a walker was the moment it'd become outright impossible to put him down as long as you don't have a gun,knife,axe,screwdriver,hammer or anything of the like. You don't throw a heavy ass salt like at a standing tall 6-foot tower like monster.

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    Idk. Killing Larry could just be the start. I know what you mean though, I just probably couldn't do it

  • True. I would've risked it though. Larry being on our side would've been very useful. Lilly would've been better as leader too

  • Agreed. I would've asked Kenny to be ready with the salt lick. Or Lee since he could be less likely to use it without knowing

  • You people sre silly. It's a fu*king video game. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN WHEN YOU CAN'T SEE WHAT HAPPENED IN A VIDEO GAME. Yes, kenny is alive, the end.

  • Larry was one tough bastard. I'm sure somewhere out there there is a pancakehead walker scaring the shit out of evrybody.

  • On the topic of killing larry.

    If you kill larry at ep.2, and then in ep.5 tell clementine to shoot you. Lee will say that the reason he wants clem to kill him is the same reason he killed larry. To protect her.

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    That comment made my Christmas LOL

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