Who Clementine was talking about *MASSIVE SPOILERS*



  • Im so pleased im gonna meet her!!! :)

  • It's probably nobody important, just a placeholder, or a person we get to meet later. However, if we are going for look-a-likes, that guy looks more like Abraham Ford. That would be something.

  • A "Kenny Forum" Since when? this is the walking dead forum, not the walking kenny forum, you all can't just take ownership of it.

  • Are you... actually upset?
    It amuses me how you went to that length to try and upset me over a video game character.
    You know, I only do all this arguing againts Kenny fans who lack all logic. I'm fine discussing this with people who are actaully reasonable, but it's diehard fans like YOU I can't stand. The ones that actually try and make people feel bad about themselves because they don't agree with their view on a video game character, a fictional character, A GROUP OF PIXELS.
    You last comment proves you have little of a life as it is. Is your life really so little that you need one character alive in a piece of media to make yourself feel better? Really?

    And no, The Walking Dead game isn't that important to me that quitting will be "losing something special" It maybe that way to you, but not too me, and no matter how much you think it is, I assure you, it isn't and you'll just be fighting a losing battle.

    Of course it's fiction, but that shoudn't stop it defying it's own limitations, Kenny is of course human and not superhuman as you seem to think.
    and proof of people fight them odds every day?
    In the army? they're trained for that shit.

    And you're of course assuming Kenny's fate is being explored in episode 2 and Clementine is staying in the exact same state she's in. Atleast you seem to think that's what I think. Well it's not.
    They're bound to move at some point.

    And there is good news. Clementine is still alive.

    And the "Kenny alive" thing isn't a case of immaturity, but choice. I will dislike the game because of bad writing. Telltale clearly forced Kenny to survive againts impossible odds to please some childish fans.
    And before you deny it. Yes. You are childish. Each of you go out your way to try and upset anyone who dislikes Kenny or "Haters" as you dub them and stalk their posts through the forum just to downvote them as to upset them in someway, even if it doesn't relate to Kenny.
    Then you have the nerve to suggest you're all better for it.
    Don't deny it, there's been multiple cases with my post's it's happend.

    I won't end my post in such an immature way and hope you end this pointless charade. I have my opinion and you have yours. It's only a matter of time till our opinions become fact. So let's not argue about the future and focus on the present.

  • I do have one theory about how Clem might have thought Molly was dead. If we all remember right, Molly leaves and then Lee discusses the improbability of having time to go search for Clem's parents in the city.

    Lee falls asleep, Clem runs off and gets snatched. I don't recall a single person ever discussing with Clem that Molly had left - in fact, I kind of doubt Molly approached anyone else other than Lee to tell him she wasn't going to stick around; no one else really seemed to notice or care, especially given their current situation.

    Now, when Lee actually finds Clem, he has the option to respond that "They (the others; Kenny and possibly Ben but neither mentioned by name) didn't make it" - Clem could presume that Molly was one of the people that Lee was referring to, and obviously they didn't get a chance to discuss that before they...parted ways.

    So, hypothetically, Clem could indeed think that Molly had died. She once mentions that she likes Molly, but they were never super close friends of course, having only really interacted one time when Molly saved their lives.
    That might explain why Clem seems startled, but more surprised than actually jumping for joy - as she would do for Christa (and that would be way too obvious I think), no doubt. I really would love it to be Molly.

    I don't think it would be the riverbank guy who wanted the water because he seemed too insignificant to warrant such a reaction in Clem - nor Glenn for the same reason, especially considering we already know where his path led (and that path certainly didn't involve a little girl called Clementine).

    In the end, I have to agree with most everyone else that the other two most likely suspects are Kenny and Lilly.

    For anyone who says that Lilly went to Woodbury instead, please keep in mind that Robert Kirkman confirmed that they are actually two different people by the name of Lilly - Telltale games even edited Season 1/Episode 3 when a trophy would say "Woodbury Bound" because they originally intended for it to be the same person, but it was decided that such was not the case.

    I guess we'll find out soon enough. I can't wait. c:

  • Can i ask you something? How did you get that avatar? Since it appears telltale wont let you upload your own.

  • I used the "Gravatar" System. Takes a little while to wait around 10 minuites or so and you have to create a gravatar account with the email you use for your telltale one,but it's worth it.

    The source is a character from a webcomic called "Looking For Group"

  • No, it's Sam and he's a fucking zombie dog now because Clem didn't destroy his brain and the walker disease has spread to canines now as well. This is all pretty obvious, why are we still discussing it?

  • Project much with he no life thing? It's your stupidity that upsets me not your opinion. And the number of posts you make betrays the whole "i don't care" thing you are trying now.

    You are fooling no one.

  • I care about logic.
    I'm fine with the whole Kenny fans thinking he's alive thing. but again.Read what I put. I have ap roblem with the diehard ones. Like you.
    That believe Kenny is superman and sonicwaved like 20000 walkers away from him to survive.
    If the fans give me LOGICAL situations on how he survived then that's fine.
    However, saying he survived "Just cause he did" Is not good enough.
    I'm also not fine with how they act to people who disagree with them. Again. Pay attention.

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    I might just get onto that actually, and while we're at it, help me decide between Axel and Abraham Ford from the comics, both are part of my favourites.

    Them as avatar i mean.

  • Abraham, No question :P
    That dude is badass.

  • I just noticed how weird these screenshots look. Maybe I just forgot how the old engine was or it's how the screenshots are.
    Kenny's arms look extremely thin
    and Lee's fingers look really weird in that second pic

  • Mr "I don't care" keeps replying. Told ya you were full of shit

    And don't talk to me about logic and then start with the strawman logical fallacy as the basis for your argument. I certainly do not believe he "sonicwaved like 20000 walkers away from him to survive" nor does anyone else.

  • I tip my hat for you, Fangs.

  • How else did he survive then? He flied? Used an invisiblity cloak?
    You just said realism doesn't matter if it makes your theory correct technically.
    This convosation is over if you're going to keep being ignorant.
    Learn 2 read

  • Why thank you guvnor.

  • Another strawman. I said nothing of the sort. You really suck at this logic stuff huh?

  • Molly can die in episode 4, so I highly doubt she'll make an appearance this season.

  • I was also wondering if they were going to go that route. It would be a little disappointing if they did honestly because I think there'd be more of an impact if someone like Christa, Lilly, or Kenny showed up.

  • Besides I just hate assholes going on about realism and logic. IT'S FICTION MORONS. But I guess Hitler was right; people will swallow a big lie more easily than a small one. Zombies can exist, but surviving an apparent hopeless situation involving them? Noooooo THAT'S unrealistic

    Direct quote from you. Aparantley realism doesn't matter in them situations so Kenny can technically do anything to survive.

  • The point of that was to underline that what you and others call logic and realism just comes down to a lack of imagination. The very next sentence is "Even though people survive insurmountable odds every day in real life."
    Obviously it has to be internally consistent, I just don't consider unimaginative naysayers as good barometers for what is and isn't realistic. Realism does not exclude the unlikely, just the impossible. (and by impossible I mean it can't break laws of physics, not what you and others assert or happen to think is impossible.)

    Manhole cover, climbed up a wall, got splattered with walker guts like Lee did, that was just off the top of my head, it's really not that hard to find a way.

    But seeing as you are boring me now and it's getting late, yeah... this conversation IS over.

    "How else did he survive then? He flied? Used an invisiblity cloak?"
    Appeal to ridicule, also a logical fallacy.

    Learn to logic.

  • Good point but remember, Molly doesn't roll with a group, she even said so herself. Lily just left, therefore, Clementine wouldn't presume that she is dead. All signs point to Kenny being alive: the drawing of his family in Clem's backpack, the fact that Kenny is a leader and Clem's current group meets another in episode two.

  • Pretty sure that it's her parents. The people in Savannah were just look-alikes.

    No, actually, that doesn't make sense. It was the REAL babysitter!

  • could be glen, molly, or christa. did not see them die either.

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    My Picture. and that guy looks like Vince

    Click here

  • Okay only read the 1st and last page of the thread. All i read was Kenny this and Kenny that. Its like an episode of South Park.

    Anyways, maybe it's not anybody from season one but someone who Clem actually saw died in the beginning of season 2?

    Like the girl who tried to rob her and shot Omid then shot by Christa in the restroom?

  • Game files says that shes dead

  • God damn it where are you kenny202
    Alt text

  • jesus this is going to take a while
    Alt text

  • Turns out the scenes yes, are "NextTimeOnThe201", so they might do a small hint of kenny If I go every through of them

  • I extracted EVERY single data from the game, yes even data from d3dtx, So i'm trying to know who is that guy that clem opens the door and she says to the group "Someone went looking for you, a man!",

    Also trying to find kenny202 because I found his 100 model

  • I might possibly found something here
    Alt text

  • IT's LEE *Well I Wish :D
    maybe it's one of those old guy who stole the ship?

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