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  • Please refrain from foul language, and check out the previous posts as I have already corrected myself. It is generally a good idea to review preceding posts before scrawling your own, and I advocate that you do so now. I apologize if I have offended you for conceiving this thread, and I thank you for your opinion as long as you will make your comments appropriate.

  • Why thank you, kind sir. Just please do not curse on this forum, just to stay friendly. Yet again, thank you.

  • The forum guidelines allow me to swear, and so I do. I'll continue to comment as I see fit without regard for your personal sense of propriety, as I do not want nor require your thanks for the statements I have made thus far.

    As a matter of fact, I have read every post in this thread with no small measure of mirth. At no point did I see your correct yourself; at least, not any of the things I accused you of.

    And there's really no need to apologise; bad ideas don't offend me in the least. It's actually your treatment of dissenting forum posters and general air of pretension that offends me. And for that you need not offer me a personal apology, as it would do no good.

  • i think the whole point of the dog was lulling you into a false sense of security by making you think that sam would be the cliché of a dog companion, but nope! THE WALKING DEAD, gotcha

  • I hate dogs. Sam is an exact representation of how I feel about dogs in general. Man's best friend, until they are hungry or you are delivering newspapers. Not a chance. This is an opportunity for Clem to use what Lee taught her and make it. The protege blossoming on their own. That's what I want to see.

  • I think the spike thing was suppose to be the destroyed tent's support that broke because of a storm or something.

  • No. The whole point was that people, like animals, could be unpredictable, maybe even foreshadowing a betrayal. Nothing the new group did was really unpredictable, except I didn't expect to see so many shallow and unlikable people, though but we'll see.

  • What is wrong with Propriety? If we, the more mature of the forum, do not uphold a sense of morals, then what do the simple people have to look up to? And I did correct myself, but I also stated that this was meant to be simply a Petition. But obviously, it is not so now as people have evolved that, and I cannot change that. And also, themes are meant to be broken in certain areas in order for the theme to be reinforced. The theme of most fairy tales is that good must triumph over evil, and it takes some time to get to that. The theme of Of Mice And Men has to do with how impossible it is to reach the American dream. SPOILER, DON'T READ IF YOU HAVEN'T READ BOOK AS BOOK IS WORTH READING: And part way into the book, it seems as if they are close to getting it. But then it's all taken away. If a new dog companion came into the mix, Clem and the dog could become great companions for a long time, but then the dog is taken away in the saddest and most heart-wrenching way possible. It will leave more of an impact on the player. I understand that they were trying to do that in the episode, but like I said the theme needs to be further negated before it can be reinforced.

  • A little late don't you think? And having Clem travel with her trusty dog sidekick would be incredibly cliche. The dog turning violent on Clem is a lot more interesting.

  • I don't want another sam. i want clementine to find everyone she lost. Christa, Lily (as a death), Glen, and my second favorite character: Molly.
    Teach clem kung fu Molly!!

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    Maybe even Kenny, if he survived. awesome father figure, just not a Lee.

  • I don't think Sam was feral, I may be wrong, but don't feral dogs have no pupils or whites bits?

  • this part of the game is so sad.... I was happy when she befriended the dog 'Sam' i like throwing the frisbee to the dog it gave a special friend connection she could hang on but then the dog turned against her because it was so hungry and how she had to kill the dog to put it out of it's misery (well that is what i choose i believe most people choose that decision as well) It be nice if another dog comes by and she befriends it a much nicer dog who is not violent, but i am most hoping that a good caring adult will find Clementine and take good care of her and protect her like another Lee, and i hope she finds Christa i know she cares about her....

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    @TehCoolDawg Yeah, what-the-fuck-ever. You said the same bullshit to me, then thumbed up @MrCowMan; the guy who let out a barrage of swears at me. Fuck you.

    "Please refrain from foul language"

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  • Weirdly, I noticed that his eyes did lose their pupils as soon as he bit Clem, and returned to normal when he got impaled. Maybe it was just a glitch in my game.

  • Nothing's wrong with propriety. It's relative, though, so just don't expect me to adhere to your own personal definition of what propriety entails.

    "The simple people"? Do you even listen to yourself? It's that kind of talk that makes it obvious you're not a paragon of morality or maturity. You should consider treating people with respect, regardless of their grammar or how many swears they use.

    You can't make a "pure" petition on a forum because, by its very nature, a forum allows anyone with any opinion to post. So, you didn't really correct anything by acknowledging that anyone can post... Because that's a given, and seemingly everyone but you knew that this was the reality to begin with.

    I have two main issues with your proposal for a longtime dog companion being introduced in episode 2:

    1) A potential dog companion was already introduced, and killed minutes after meeting him. It's going to look ridiculous if Telltale introduces another random dog next episode to be Clem's best friend, especially if anyone who plays that episode happens to see this thread and assumes that Telltale caved to your demands.

    2) Having a dog companion who is loyal to you and dies in a heartbreaking way later in the story is a VERY conventional plot idea. When you see a dog companion in any sort of media, there may as well be a timer over their head counting down the minutes until it dies. Old Yeller and Where the Red Fern Grows are good examples, and that's just books. It's even more trite and overdone if the dog dies sacrificing itself for the hero.

    Sam's death illustrates why I love Telltale. Like most, I saw Sam and immediately thought "Wow, a loyal dog companion for Clem! Hooray!" I played frisbee with him, I pet him; it was great. But then, he flipped out over the beans and I had to kill him - completely unexpectedly.

    Telltale offers you a companion and then slaps it out of your hand just as you start to bond with it. Why? Because that illustrates a TRULY unforgiving world in a way that most writers would avoid, exactly because it's so unexpected and it makes you feel cheated out of what could have been a long, affectionate relationship.

    But to many players, who have seen longtime canine companions come and go in grand, tearjerking ways, Sam's death is a breath of fresh air. It's the same reason I like Game of Thrones; any character can die at any time, for any reason. Because that's what real life is like. It's part of a new movement in storywriting that doesn't baby its audience by always building long, lasting relationships and tearing them away in one epic, emotional, unbelievable moment at the climax of the story. Instead, there are characters who stick around and characters who are killed off immediately, and everything in-between.

    Maintaining themes and strengthening them is important. But what's just as important to Telltale is unpredictability; making players feel immersed by providing an "anything goes" atmosphere with examples like Sam. His death shows that nothing can be trusted, no matter how initially friendly. Another dog companion being introduced who sticks out the entire story only to die dramatically toward the end would only cheapen that.


    And then at the end of Season 2 the dog will have to maul Clementine because she was bit, and in Season 3 we'll play as the dog.

  • I had to make an account just to comment on this because it's something I feel strongly about. Now I make no assumptions to the author of the thread or his/her personal feelings towards pets/animals otherwise, but the dog in particular is sparking a lot of controversy right now. Enough that I must announce my opinion loudly and clearly and do accept my apology if you are in support of the dog for reasons other than what I am about to rant about as I am not in any way making an argument against whatever it is you may be harboring (unless of course I am... to those individuals see the following)
    Begin rant

    Fuck the Dog! It was a starved wild animal whose behavior was fairly realistic with food aggressive dogs most particularly if you happened to drop the food (less so if you just denied the food but even there it isn't so far outside of the realms of reality) Now I don't dislike dogs, quite the contrary, but when I'm seeing topics all over the internet typing out ridiculous drivel like 'oh man I can't believe taletale made me kill a dog... that's just to far man... I don't think I can keep playing if they killed a dog?" to these people I say "You shot a fucking kid in season 1!" Not an animal, not an adult that was causing you trouble. You had to kill a child and apparently that wasn't "to much" for you, but a dog was! If you value a dogs life over a childs you need to sit down and re-evaluate what your priorities are because you are doing it wrong!

    Deep breath/End Rant

    On a less aggressive note it seems to me that many people on both sides of the argument seem to be mistaking the primary purpose of the dog. Dog supporters wish the dog had remained with Clem and feel that his death was a cheap grab at our heartstrings (50% of those heartstrings belonging to angry men and woman who were not at all endeared to the animal for having bit the hand but I digress) supporters of the dogs fate seem to think this was a masterful stroke designed to... pull our heartstrings as TWD so often does. While there is no question this is an aspect of the dog's presence that TTG utilizes with us the emotional resonance of animal mercy killing resides as a bonus or byproduct for the narrative of the dogs actual purpose, which was to bite Clem and make her entry into the new group as difficult or more so than it would be for an adult in the same circumstances. You will be hard pressed to find anyone, no matter how deep into the apocalypse you want to go, who wont help a child in need, so how do you still present challenges in Clementine's arrival into these people's lives? You throw in a suspect bite wound that is not what it seems. Of all of the narrative angles provided to the game by the dog, none have more impact or are as far reaching as the physical wound he inflicted and the life and death decisions that it forced Clem to make.

    A cheap ploy for gamers tears Sam was not, and he certainly was not TTG going 'to far' because they pretty much smashed through that wall in season one and never let up the gas!

  • I never claimed to be a paragon of morality, that is quite absurd on many levels. But in terms of the argument, I see your point, and I guess that we'll just have to agree to disagree. I'll stand by what I said about Sam, and feel free to do the same. It was interesting to see your point of view.

  • And I never said you claimed to be a paragon of morality. And that's definitely a good thing, because cussing on an internet forum has nothing to do with morality.

    I'm happy to let the Sam discussion lie. It wasn't my intention to discuss it seriously in this thread in the first place.

  • and on the end of the game Clementine find´s out the evil who maked the apocalipse z is that dog and will have the dog ending.

    Dog Ending

    We are doom

  • A dog companion is a huge cliche.

    I do not like huge cliches.

    So no.

  • Agree. Save the dog. Enough cruelty over animals already.
    Lets whack zombies. NOT ANIMALS!

  • save Sam? you guys must be nuts


  • We don't need to save Maybelle, she can easily do that by herself!


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    stop necroposting that's so damn annoying

  • In fact, Maybelle is going to be the protagonist of season three.

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