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Completely Spoiler Free Chat (Please don't post spoilers, even with spoiler tags in here)

posted by Jennifer Moderator on - last edited - Viewed by 5.3K users

Since the feed is currently broken, and shows spoilers even when they're tagged, the moderation team has decided to set up this thread as a place to discuss The Walking Dead in general without fear of being spoiled. We'll keep this thread open until the Telltale web team fixes the issue.

Since we don't want people being spoiled in their feed, please don't post spoilers at all in here, even in spoiler tags. Hopefully the Telltale web team will fix the issue soon, making this thread redundant. But, until then, enjoy chatting in here with little chance of being spoiled (there's still always the chance someone will post a spoiler, since there's currently no way to prevent that, but we'll try to delete them or move them to other threads as soon as we can).

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