Why most of the people thinks the walking dead season 2 was not good

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Its not too bad but at some point i also think its not too good.according to me **new characters dont feel quite as strong **and the **A weaker season opener then the first season **season 1 episode 1 was really amazing i give it 9/10 its really amazing. Everything is fine strong opening strong story.but the walking dead season 2 episode 1 was not too good as much they have to do.not good opening no strong good story i give it 8/10..but they only released one episode so i think they will going to keep the story bette in next episode


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    I enjoyed the first episode, I thought the writing was good, the characters were interesting and I look forward to future episodes.

  • I thought it was much better then S1 E1. First off, you can tell it's a more action heavy episode. It doesn't have much of a story yet..... because when you think about it, at the start of it, there is no goal. They are just trying to survive. Now they are piecing together a story.

  • it's because they compare it with the first episode of season 1,and it seems like they're too hasty too judge knowing that the episode 2 haven't come out yet

  • Yeah, Telltale have said episode 1 is just a buffer episode.

  • I loved it. People aren't liking it because its short (which is a just claim, I agree its very short) and because they don't understand this episode just sets up the story. The writers had to create a whole new story. I thought they did really well and there are certainly some clever angles and tales within the plot that continually keep me guessing.

  • The season 2 premiere was amazing, way better than the season 1 premiere. I don't hear anyone saying it wasn't good.

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    Of course new characters that we've just barely been introduced too aren't "as strong". you are comparing 5 episodes of character development to 1 episode of season 2.

    Why do people keep making these ridiculous comparisons of the first episode of season 2, to a finished season.

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    I preferred the Season 1 Premiere. Probably because it's in my top 3 favorite episodes and I like the multiple locations Lee and the crew travelled to. (Hershel's farm, the police car, Clementine's House, the drugstore, and the motor inn)

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