"Leaving her alone on the road is same as murder."

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Do you remember that there was a quote which was made by Lee? I don't remember the exact quote but this one was close to that. So it's possible for everyone to think that Lilly is dead. That's why Clem says "I thought you were dead!" Cause everyone thought so. I hope it's Lilly!



  • Love the downvote you got because that fan is angry at you for not spamming that it has to be Kenny, haha.
    Kenny himself says the RV only has a few miles of gas left in it, Lilly was alone and Clementine has been brought upto believe if you're alone, you don't last long.
    And for the last time, she's still A CHILD, it's not hard for her to make assumptions like this.
    Hence the quote "I thought you was dead" the keywords being "I" and "Thought"

  • It can't be her, since she is shown in 400 days, being dead.

  • uh...No she wasn't.


  • I really need everyone to stop assuming that unless Clem was told specifically "this person is dead" on-screen that she'd have no reason to think or assume a person was dead. She hasn't seen Kenny, Lilly, or anyone other than Christa and Omid in a year and a half- "I thought you were dead" is completely reasonable reaction to seeing ANYONE she knew before.

  • Can't wait to kill that bitch if it is her.

  • Good. Hope she got nabbed by a walker.

  • kill her with your axe, lumberjack!!!

  • Yeah, turn her into a scrambled egg!

  • When most of your posts involve 'Kenny', you really aren't helping. You're just bringing hate on you and starting arguments, ya know? Everyone has the right to voice out their opinion, as much as our freedom is slowly being taken away, it is the point of the forums to discuss possibilities of something or bring insight to the future of a franchise/topic/etc. So what if someone wants Kenny to be alive, exactly? People are doing the same thing with Lilly and Christa, even though it is all speculation right now.

    Yeah, there are those that take it too far and are obsessed, but do you need to bring it up every time? There is a difference between assisting and being a hindrance to a goal, of which bringing up Kenny or 'Kenny supporters' is not stopping anything, and only gets people frustrated. I like all TWD characters for what they are, even though some more than others, and even though I think Lilly is a terrible person(as some see in Kenny), I do not try to insult or such on someone that likes or supports Lilly. Everyone has their preference, if you know what I mean? If it comes off as harsh, I apologize in advance, but yeah.

    As for the topic, I'd say it is too soon to really go in any particular direction, because Clementine could easily think anyone she has lost contact with was dead. I, for one, thought Christa died from hearing a short yell and a gunshot. Who really knows? But from the way Telltale did the teaser, it seems to be someone we have not yet seen this season, and that we know as a character. From Clem's expression, I'm not sure if it was a good surprise or bad for her, so I cannot say if it was one of the group of season 1 or an antagonist.

  • Lilly is one of those characters that just can't die.. it just doesn't work.

    I'm really hoping it's her.

  • Omid died before the year and a half skip, so Omid would easily fall in the category as well.

  • I'm gonna make Clem shoot her, or stab her, or just... something to kill her!!

  • No, because in my playthrough she wasn´t left alone in the road, she stole the van and fled, so i don´t see a reason for Clem to be so sure that she is dead.

  • Russel's story. In the beginning when you're walking down the side of the road you can see her body.

  • Yeah I guess technically he would but I think it's safe to say he's dead. They wouldn't have left him if he were still alive.

  • She hasn't seen her in a year and a half- a statement like "I thought you were dead" is not unreasonable.

  • Yeah, but like Kenny said, it only had a few miles left. Clem could easily just assume the worst for Lily. She wouldn't have gotten very far in the RV.

  • That's Carley, not Lilly..

    You do know I didn't quote your comment, right?

  • It´s not unreasonable but she seems too surprised to seeing him/her alive, in the case of Lilly Clem may think that she is dead, but she can´t rule out the possibility of her being alive.

  • Theres a select group of us around the forums that beleive it is cyborg larry. im sticking to that

  • This guy is THE Kenny hater. It's funny that he talks about people being stupid when they talk about Kenny all the time and that they should stop but he then also jumps and whines and does almost the same thing to Kenny fans and to anything that has the word "Kenny" in it.

  • You're not really seeing the problem here are you? Legit people are getting thumbs down because they're not kissing Kenny's ass or having a different opinion on a totally different character that's not Kenny.
    I'm not going into this again. If you wish to continue this convosation, please take it to a PM with me.

  • I apologize if my actions are effecting the innocent and/or by standers.
    My opinions aren't projected at the normal Kenny fans, moreso the crazy, hardcore ones and I apologize for that. I'll take my words into consideration alot more now.

  • I'd keep my Clem away from cold blooded murder as long as possible

  • I hope if it is her we aren't forced to be biased against her. I don't forgive her for what she did but I'd leave it in the past if she's changed. Like other characters did for Lee

  • I wont :) i hate her so much :D i wish she didnt come back and we saw her as a walker on the road ;) did i mention how much i hate lilly?

  • Because she did the same thing as Lee, I know :P

  • fine, ill just make clem hate her

  • Your clementine is a murderer?


    I guess some people saw her differently to me, I guess...

    My clem would never murder a human for no reason other than some kind of quasi-revenge.

  • haha, I'm the same with Kenny.

    I guess Telltale won't be able to please everyone.

  • The thing is, the way that Clementine says those words with completely and utter shock makes me believe that she probably witnessed their death.

  • I would not kill her, Clem can't. But I will make my Clem hate her for killing Carley.

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