Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date Discussion: Out Now for PC/Mac/PSN/XBLA/iOS/Vita/Android



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    I think we could expect news in Mid January? ... or late January xd?

  • Late January seems more plausible. We'll probably have a release window, if not a date, by then. By my estimate, E2 comes out early-mid February.

  • We'll get news on February 9th and ep 2 probably come out Feb 11th or 12th

  • How do you know that??

  • I think this probably what happen.

  • You think that on what grounds?

  • I don't know when will it came but I goddamn hope very soon. I really wish it to be January.

  • It would be awesome, but I always add three weeks to the official FAQ in my mind. That way I won't be disappointed.

  • Episode 1 was one hour long also? lol

  • The point is that we can discuss about the next episode until then. And the second episode of TWD S2 will be released in february, around the time the TV show will start.

  • They usually give information during or after the TV show and their games usually come out on Tuesday and Wednesday

  • Who wants to spend months discussing? Most people just want to experience it not be kept waiting forever

  • But why those exact days? There are many Tuesdays and Wednesdays before and after those dates.

  • I had a strange dream recently. In the dream, there was a forum post complaining about Episode 2 not being out yet, and a moderator just said "You want Episode 2? Fine, go to your game and you'll be able to play Episode 2". Not a TTG staff member like puzzlebox, but an ordinary moderator. There were loads of posts replying to it saying "OMG THANK YOU" and similar sentiments. Of course, then the dream went crazy and my PC crashed when I tried loading the game up and I got the creepy old PS2 Red Screen of Death and couldn't Alt-Tab out... (shudder)

  • This is BS! Release Season 2 in its entirety. This release of individual episodes is crap. Who the hell does that and why? It doesn't lend anything to the experience other than complete disgust that the game can't be played for months! I, for one, will not buy another episode.

  • The episode isn't done yet.

  • Like the other person said, late January, early Feb.

    This game is episodic, meaning that it releases one episode at a time until the full season is out. Similar to a TV show but with longer breaks between episodes. They don't have all the episodes ready and between each episode break, are working hard to get the next one done. This is why some choose to wait until the whole season is out so they can enjoy it as a whole instead of in pieces, also similar to what some people do for TV shows so they can watch large amounts of their favorite show in a short period.

  • Because the 2nd half of Season 4 of the show starts Feb 9th....

  • yes i agree they should release the game as a whole but i also see it as a good thing at least the game will last for a long time period playing the the game though months and months instead of completing it all at once and finished in no time, it's something to be excited about each month looking forward for each episode and having time to discus it on here. It's like watching your favorite tv shows looking forward watching it when each ep comes on, same thing applies. But to be honest i really hate the wait, i wish they release each episode each month instead of a few months it's too long. That would be so much more exciting to release them each month and we be excited the episodes will come out every month until the last one

  • i would love to wait for the whole season to be completed but sadly it will be a long while till every episode is done... maybe by August 2014 or later. I was late when playing S1 so i just downloaded every episode and played them but if i waited for all episodes of season 2 it will take forever.... I have already played through ep1of season 2 so it's to late now for me to stop lol

  • I don't understand why it'd be too late to stop now, just because you played he first episode. Regardless, that's the supposed release date, do with it what you will.

    If it's similar to TWAU, it could over 3 months until the next episode. :/

  • It's because it was the first ep. Ep2 should be longer. Hopefully

  • How you think people are feeling about The Wolf Among Us? Over 3 months and no news on what the hell is going on! Should've saved my money for TWD Season 2.

  • Damn thats rough. Has telltale explained why it has taken so long? Maybe they will release two episodes of TWAU together?

  • Has TT ever explained why something hasn't come out yet? The first episode also came out way later for those who wanted to support TT the most and preordered directly from this site. They're just trying to ride out TWD success as long as possible at this point. Sucks because I was kind of liking TWAU slightly more then the TWD. It had potential. Would ask for a refund but I doubt they'd respond.

    I'm fairly certain Half Life 3 would come out before TT ever released two episodes together.

  • highest chance of it being released is on the same day next month

  • It's not like they produce and make each episode between each other, they have been working on this for a long time, i bet that the only thing they work on inbetween episodes is just to check for bugs and maybe putting the pieces together to make it playable.

  • They need to hurry up and release the next episodes

  • I agree. Waiting months for each episode is a bit pathetic. How the heck are you supposed to get into a story like this when you have to wait ages to find out what happens. It's obvious episode two is completed. It doesn't take that long to work out any lingering bugs etc. I suppose I was spoiled when I played season one. Played each episode, one after the other. Would be far better to release them all at once. Then it would make sense to wait longer.

  • Pretty sure the first few episodes (perhaps the whole game) is already done. I dont know the reason as to why they do this but just remember when they first announced S2, when the trailer started popping out and stuff. I think the whole game is pretty much done when the first episode is out on the market and that for the rest they just do the finishing touches, looking for bugs etc.

  • i know exactly who comes back in episde 2 but im not gonna spoil

  • I remember hearing somewhere that telltale also take into account fan player feedback so they make little tweaks to episodes based on what fans have been saying. So that's one of the reasons they have the gap between episodes.

  • A month ago telltale did an AMA at the reddit and they said they were currently working on TWD ep 1 and ep2 and TWAU ep3 and ep4. I don't get why they delay the wolf among us in first place

  • That's weird then. Makes it seem like Ep2 of TWAU should be ready if 3 and 4 are being worked on. I hope either are playable soon

  • So, The Wolf Amongst Us is at the first place? Nothing good, I tell you.
    I don't know how many fans do TWAU have, but I'm not belonging to them.
    Argh, I wanna episode 2 of TWD, it kills me to find out who did Clementine meet!

  • I haven't actually completed TWAU Ep1 yet because of how immersive TWD S2 Ep1 is. It's kind of hard to get into a new story like TWAU when we're already connected to TWD after the first season. The big cliffhanger didn't help ;/ Need answers

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