Who Clementine was talking about *MASSIVE SPOILERS*



  • Actually, depending on how you play it's possible for one of the bandits that held the group at gunpoint to survive. Also there were bandits seen in the trees firing on the motel that were never killed. Although they will very likely never be seen again, atleast a few Save-Lots Bandits survived.

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    It's not unhappiness

  • "Max will remember that..."

  • I'm inclined to believe that Kenny could be using the name Carver. IMO this would probably be the best way of 'exploring Kenny's fate' as he no longer IS Kenny. After losing Duck and Katjaa, it would make sense that he would try to forget as much about his old life as possible, inventing a new name and possibly joining a new group (much like the Governor in the televised adaptation). I also think this would make for a great series of interactions with Clementine. For one, it would be a great excuse to have more conversations about Lee and our decisions from series one. It would be cool to see if the drawing of Kenny and his family (if you still have it after episode 1) would have any effect on him and whether or not Clementines presence would be a problem (bringing up the past, etc).

    NO Dobbin. Why anything is possible such as Kenny being a villain - there are just certain evils that Telltale can't entertain. Kenny though I dont think is interested enough to stay alive by doing evil things. He lost everything he would need to fight for.

  • well vernon is dead, lily is on the prison, glenn is dead with rick (but by this timeline like 19 months)
    well passed 3 months since episode 1 to 2 plus a week(?) the episodes 3 to 5 and 16 months to episode 5 to season 2 well a lot of time... wait the 400 days on the ending said there a city where the characters goes maybe one of them knows clementine or sometinhg, because what you do on 400 days affects too on season 2

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    Here is my educated guess, and I will treat in in several parts.

    tl;dr version: It depends on how bold TellTale plans on being. For all we know, the mystery person could be a determinant based on past choices (which would be awesome). Most likely, however, it is someone available to all and will be not a character determinant on past choices (since they would have to do a lot of work that they simply don't have time or money for). Most likely, it is Christa, a character (major or minor) that was supposedly killed in S2E1 or S2W2, or Lilly.

    Now, onto my big post.

    These previews into the next episodes are often good at getting the community hyped. However, to be perfectly honest, all they ever really did was set the mood for the next episode, give some sort of reflection on the attitudes solidified in the past episode, and generally imply the tone or mood of the next episode to fill in for lost time. For example, in the S1E2 preview at the end of S1E1, most of those scenes did not really happen. Lilly never argues with you about siding against Larry in the meatlocker. Ben never handles a gun. Doug/Carley never offer you food. Katjaa never thanks you. Larry never mentions a war. The only scenes from that preview that actually happen are the ones showing the St. Johns, Mark getting shot with an arrow, and David screaming before Lee swings his axe. However, many of them - as I said - set a general tone and mood, and also do well to imply the atmosphere of the motor inn to fill in the gaps between the 3 month time skip.

    In short, we should approach these previews with a grain of salt. To be honest, the only preview that was close to honest was the preview of S1E4 at the end of S1E3. TellTale is actually quite good at following the original Kirkman-Adlard-Rathburn method of giving very obscure hints at next issues. When I used to follow the comic and spend a great deal of time on the Walking Dead Fan Club forum, people would analyze the hell out of any little inkling as well as the released covers for the next issues.

    That said, I move on under the assumption that there will be a character returning in S2E2 that was assumed dead by Clementine. This then requires us to ask what constitutes death from Clementine's perspective. Are we talking about characters assumed dead, or characters that we know for sure to be dead; that is to say, we (or those who told Clem) directly saw them "die." We have never seen Clem question the death of any characters except for the St. Johns (if you leave them alive) or her parents (whom we know are dead). I will rest upon the assumption that Clementine will come to conclusions herself, and thus make assumptions about ambiguous cases, and that Clem will make definitive states on characters she thinks are dead based on clear-cut ones situations.

    As I said above in my "tl;dr," TellTale could blow us all out of the water by making this "I thought you were dead" person a determinant character. Being the convoluted thinker than I am, there are certain cases (albeit long stretches) where this person could be determinant. It could be Lee, if he cut his arm off and was not shot by Clem. Maybe he he was just exhausted from the blood loss and managed to escape Savannah? Maybe it's the Stranger, if you only strangled him? Maybe it's one of the St. Johns brothers (or both) if you let them live? The list can go on. However, I think this is very unlikely simply due to the time constraints for TellTale. They have a lot on their plate, and it is far more likely that - given the circumstances - they will make it a character accessible to everyone. I will work mainly from this postulation, but include many determinants in a less complex analysis.

    So, given that a character will, indeed, be returning that was assumed or "seen" killed, there are only a few possibilities.

    If We're Being Most Logical

    • The character was not clearly and distinctly killed; i.e., Katjaa, Duck, Chuck, Jolene, Clem's parents, Sandra, Carley/Doug, Beatrice, Irene, and so forth characters that we definitely saw get killed or kill themselves.

    • The character's death or mode of death is not determinant; i.e., the St. John brothers (you can spare or kill both), Ben (if you leave him in Crawford), the Stranger (he can be killed by different characters and in different ways), and so forth characters that may or may not die, and may be killed in different ways.

    • The character's death or mode of death is not heavily implied; i.e., Kenny (we do not distinctly see him die, but either way it is heavily implied - either being on the top floor in a multi-tiered, zombie-infested building, or being thoroughly surrounded on both sides in a 2-way alley by a zombie horde), the St. Johns (provided you do not kill them, Danny is stuck in a modified bear trap and Andy is surrounded by zombies), and so forth characters that were not explicitly killed on screen but are extremely unlikely to have survived.

    This rules out the following:

    • Lee (he was either clearly bitten and did not remove his arm, or was otherwise put down by Clem - who will confirm this in S2E1 if you did)

    • Larry (head smashed in)

    • St. John family

    • Kenny and his family

    • Doug/Carley

    • Mark

    • The Stranger

    • Chuck

    • Ben

    • Vernon, Boyd, or Brie (400 Days makes it very clear that Vernon dies, and Boyd's fate is determinant on your choice during Shel's story - and is thus ruled out by my previous assumption)

    This leaves us with:

    • Christa

    • Lilly

    • A major/minor character that appeared in Season 1 or Season 2, or will appear in Season 2

    Most likely? It's one of these three.

    We most also take into account movement. The characters in the S2E2 previous talk about heading to the mountains, implying that they have to travel. Considering that the next episode clearly takes place at a ski resort, they have to be heading north along the Appalachian Mountains. So, this means that the character we find managed to find themselves up here. This leads me to believe it is Christa even more so, as her initial plan was to head north. Considering that she is one to stick to plans, she probably assumed Clementine would try to find her way north as well and meet at their agreed-upon destination.

    Most logically, as I have presented, it will be Christa. The only real issue with this is that Clem has no reason to believe she is dead. It thus leads us to Lilly, who is up in the air - anyone who followed the small Season 1 controversy will know that TellTale's Lilly is not the same Lilly Caul as the one that ends up on Woodbury. Kirkman decided to write a tie-in book series based on the Woodbury Lilly, and essentially retconned TellTale's initial plan for their Lilly. If it ends up being some major/minor character from the last season, it will most likely be an antagonist, given that Carver's supposedly devious group will clearly be treated in the next episode - and thus implies that the the discovered character is a ne'er do-well. It could be a Save-Lots bandit, for all we know.

    If We Through Caution To the Wind

    It could be anyone. It could be Kenny, since we never actually see him die. It could be Lee, if you cut his arm off, but didn't shoot him or cuff him to the radiator. It could be one of the St. Johns that managed to escape if you didn't kill them. It could be The Stranger, who wasn't fully strangled to death.

  • Not true. robert kirkman confirmed that the lilly in the video game was NOT the one in the comics

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    Lee doesn't survive, looking at the files (Yes, files files and files), theres 2 files that says 105 (season 1 episode 5)

    sk54_lee105_sk54_leeLeanWallDying_passesOutWakesUp and sk54_lee105DyingA

  • Did you by any chance manage to find the names of the bandits in the trailer

    these guys

  • Why would they make this person's appearance determinant? That would be stupid. I bet my money on Kenny. Lily went the way they came, she went all the way back the way they came. I'm guessing she went back to the motor inn and she went with the remaining bandits. Just a guess.

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    They might make it determinant because it would blow people's minds, cause everyone to try and figure out the determinant causes and/or achieve them for the sake of novelty, and might drastically change the episode or the rest of the season. If it's Kenny, Lee, Lilly, Christa, a St. John, or some other such major character, the situation changes.

    However, I find this scenario to be extremely unlikely.

  • He found files for a Matthew, which could be one of them.

  • They must be


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    Yeah that would seem likely i wonder if they work for carver or not. Keep up the file creeping creeper lol :). Bandit 1 looks like a Matthew and 2 looks like a Gerry

  • There were a lot of people who she knew died in WAY better situations. For example, Carley. Clem doesn't see Carley die, and they just had stopped for two minutes. However, Carley's dead as fuck, and Clem knows that. She'd probably start assuming people are dead after a year or two. Plus, I doubt that Christa and Clem were without anyone else all that time.

  • So do i. The reappearance of this unknown character deserves to be in the same in everyone's play-through.

  • I'd definitely respect them if they did. Well... They kinda did. I wish that they didn't have the line where Lee talks about Chuck. Maybe he just says, "Oh shit." And moves on. It would make sense, with all the people they'd lost.

  • *sigh

    Look, dude. Kenny fans are irritating, I know, but come on. It's a fuckin video game. Don't get so irritated. I mean, personally, both polarizing characters, and one of the favorites are the ones I hate. Carley, Kenny, and Lilly. People constantly come up and tell me why I'm wrong, and let me tell you something, Lilly fans are just as bad. If you're gonna rage against anyone, rage against EVERYONE.

  • Clem doesn't see Carley die

    Yes, she does.

    Alt text

    But your overall point is correct. She could be assuming someone dead, without having seen a "death-scene" of that character.

  • I have to say, though, Tyresse was proven to be an amazing melee fighter, and right before he disappeared into the horde, he took out his hammer and went into a psychotic rage. And that's the only time I've seen. Don't tell me about any others, I'm still reading. Regardless, Kenny can get his ass whooped 3 times in melee fighting. He can only win one fight if you happen to fall asleep, or, I don't know, have a seizure. Larry takes him down in one punch, Molly nearly kills him without skipping a beat, and when he fights Lee, he takes five whole seconds to wind up. Not to mention, he didn't seem to be trying too hard to keep the zombies away from him in the alley.

  • That guy who fought lee in the hotel

  • I'll remember that quote for future reference..
    "If you're gonna rage against anyone, rage against EVERYONE" :D

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    Whoops, shit. I remember in one of the death scenes, Clem asked what happened to _________________, and asks "walkers?" Lee says yes. Clem says, "Lilly too?" Or something like that. Lee says yes again.

  • Nah, there's only one way he's able to live, and most people didn't follow that way.

  • Do you think theres going to be DLC in this game!
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  • Kenny/Lilly will most likely depend on save import. In my imported save it could be both since neither were killed on screen. But I'm thinking Christa most likely. Kenny it could be since he was off screen when he may/may not have died in my save (he went through the hole in the roof to get the walkie talkie after Christa couldn't get out and rescued her) I could see Clem possibly being happy at seeing him. Christa would mean she was happy like she was in the teaser. I don't see her being happy if Lilly turned up although I wouldn't be surprised if did show up somewhere. Longer and possibly whisful thinking her but maybe Omid if they thought he was dead and left him but he wasn't, but I liked Omid so like I said, maybe wishful thinking there.

  • But Clem never saw their faces how would she know it's the bandits?

  • I think your approach is great but wrong conclusions.

    I think Kenny is higher than you give credit for since you seem to lump him along with the St. John's. The big difference is that you can kill the St. John's with certainty. You do not see Kenny die with certainty under any scenario. Telltale can't say they WILL explore Kenny's faith so you know he will show up, it is just a matter of when/how. This stranger is a good as time as any. Wouldn't this pump people up for Episodes 3, 4, and 5 if it were the case?

    Lee is an impossible choice, it would cheapen what happened in Episode 5. The Stranger is completely uninteresting to bring back.

    If you are saying the discovered character is a ne'er do well - Lilly can fit that Bill. Kenny is too good a guy. He was ready to die for Ben the guy who indirectly killed his family.

  • It is a different Lilly.

  • I would concur it would probably be the same person for every person's playthrough. UNLESS, this unknown character is going to only last a short time anyways. Doug/Carly lasted awhile but likely not into the very end since the production effort required would be astounding.

  • If the unknown is with a hostile group, wouldn't that favor Lily?

  • No way on Omid. They wouldn't leave him while he was still alive.

    Christa is too soon I think if she does show up and don't really see Christa joining an aggressive group.

  • There's 4 different Lilly's, the comic book one, TV show one, Video game one and the 'Road to Woodbury' book one.

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    @Fangs, I applaud you. I recently had an argument with @stevean2 and all he did was insult the Kenny fan-base, me and be a hypocrite.

    He's portraying as if he doesn't care about us Kenny fans, then gets irritated by us making threads. Then he says "I'm not going to play because I don't love The Walking Dead as much as you guys, but I'm still going to get updated with everything there is to know." (brief conclusion). He kept saying that we post "KENNY IS ALIVE AND IF YOU DON'T AGREE YOU ARE AN IDIOT AND HAVE NO OPINION BLAH BLAH BLAH I'M AN ATTENTION SEEKER" and all that, when I have yet to come across someone who is serious about it, I've only seen trolling ones that even say that they don't mean it and are trolling.

    He needs to learn that once episode 2 comes out and he is possibly proved wrong, then every fan including myself that he put down, insulted and mocked will not let him live it down.

  • "Sam will remember that..."

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