Telltale's evil plan to fool everyone.

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First of all, this is a thread all about the "Ithoughtyouweredead" and Season 2 as a whole.

Lets start by discussing the trailer. Its pretty obvious that TTG wanted us to think that Nick was Kenny, for the following reasons:
1.We see Nicks back, and he has the same type of clothes and hat as Kenny.
2.When Nick,Pete and Clem approach the river with the dead bodies(RIP ROMAN D;) Nick is right next to Pete in the game but in the trailer he isnt.

Im sure TTG knows that we all expect Kenny/Lily/Molly(and obviously Vernon because he is the best chaAKSDJFNKJSDBAKSJFB) but im sure they've thought about the consequences of their choice. Still, i think people would be pissed no matter what. Heres why:

If its Kenny, we'll have an "all out war"(see what i did there) between the people who are happy its Kenny and the people who think he shoudlve stayed dead. HOWEVER if they do a walker Kenny, i think it would be a missed opportunity. He was a great character and i think they could bring him back for the timespan of 1 or 2 episodes. What im saying is that if they bring him back, they SHOULD kill him before EP5. And im not saying he should die like Omid did, that was good for a heartwrenching intro but with Kenny its different.
Also people WILL complain about the realism of the situation, those "hardcore survivalists i need to keep my strength up too save the bullet" kinds of people. Kenny is no Tyrese, but that doesnt make it impossible for him to survive. What if when we see him, he is missing a leg/arm because he was bitten(it actually looks like he was, you can go back to the Ben death scene and look closely at the second walker that Kenny fights, it looks like he gets bit and you can hear a specific bit sound)? That makes sense. Or he could be with Molly? Thats 2 for the price of 1.

Well we can still see Molly later but her character was just a badass 1 episode type of thing. If we see her she should serve some sort of purpose to the story, and as of right now, we dont know where Telltale is leading us.

Now people are going to hate me for this. I might be completely wrong and in the end its Lily, but heres why i think she's not(not hating on Lily, i was proLily on my original playthrough).
First of all, this Lily was supposed to be Woodbury Lily, the one who kills the Governor in the comic book, but Robert Kirkman wanted to buy more groceries for his family(he uses that word in almost every fucking interview,i swear) and i personally thought that Telltale would stick to the "If you havent read the book about Lily, you can consider Game Lily the Comic Lily." In ep 5 you can see that in her description, it either says she was left behind or left with the RV, but both things say "and was never seen again."
So no, it wont be Lily.


People, stop putting so much effort into hating eachother and all that. We will see what happened with Kenny. We might see what happened to Molly and Vernon. We must however concentrate on the new cast and stop riding the waves of awesomeness the previous characters had. Omid and Christa died quite fast and now its all about us, as Clementine, to find new people we can trust. And see what happened to my favourite character Na-gets slapped



  • What if they reveal Kenny AND Lilly at the same episode ?

  • If they do, they would probably kill them before they even get to say their first line.

  • Christa is soooooo not dead

  • I Really Wish It's Kenny ... Vernon : LOL :D

  • I Thank about that before and i thought that they may let a choosing option ... to go with Kenny or to go with Lilly ,,, But I Said It May be a dumb idea :/

  • Well...
    Vernon is dead the 400 days have people of his group telling he dies because of the boat, but now I ask to myself.
    Vernon was killed or became a walker?

  • Shameless bump because i really think my theories are good. And i havent even mentioned the Carver one i wrote in another thread.

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    Yeah me too. Like i said, it would be a wasted opportunity not to reintroduce him.

  • I will be disappointed if Kenny shows up as a walker.

  • watch it be duck :| that would be a new breed of annoyance.

  • Well it could be possible that Christa is alive, and her situation is similliar to Kenny's. Worst case scenario she gets stabbed in the leg and presumably gets shot. But think about it, what purpose does she serve to the story after the intro and the 16 months timeskip. She was Clems guardian but if they bring her back now, it wouldnt make much sense. Its Omid's and her death that counts, hence the emotional intro of the game.

  • what purpose does kenny play then. she dont need a guardian. oh yea nothing, people just want him back.

  • Clem: "I thought you were dead"

    Lilly: " I ..."

    Kenny comes bursting out of nowhere and assaults Lilly with a salt lick of massive proportions.

    BAM, Plot unveiled!

  • I would not mind kenny returning though. My Lee and kenny were bitter enemies and it should be interesting to see how Kenny reacts to Clem.

  • Mine weren't, though, the best explanation of relationship is "strained". My Lee backed Kenny in all but two instances - my Lee refused to kill Larry, and refused to drop Ben. I would say Kenny dislikes my Lee's choices, but not necessarily my Lee personally. Besides, I always took care of Katjaa and Duck for Kenny, even when I didn't always back Kenny himself.

  • Kirkman said the Lilly of the comics isn't the Lilly of the games.

    Telltale originally advertised them as being the same person, but they changed that.

  • If Telltale is really evil it's going to be both Lilly and Kenny. Madly in love with eachother.

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    What about glenn? We haven't seen him since eps 2 and all we know he went to atlanta to look for his friends

  • Kenny got surrounded by hundreds of fucking zombies, and didn't use any more bullets after he disappears. Sure, he had them, but we woulda heard them. Sure, things like Tyresse have happened, but those people were shown to be badass before gettng into those situations. Tyresse had saved Rick and others' lives multiple times before the gym with nothing but his body and his hammer. Kenny literally loses every fight he gets into that he doesn't have a gun for, unless you have a stroke while fighting him.

  • Glenn is in the comics right now...err...yeah whatever.
    He will not appear in the game at all.

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    Clem and Christa have been toghether for about 20 months after the events of season 1. We didnt see any of that, did we? Christa's "death" wouldnt mean much if they just bring her back.

    If they bring Kenny back however, we can see how he reacts to her after all this time, depending on Kenny and Lee's relationship in s1. It could really be a more touching moment compared to Christa's return. People not only want him back because they like him, but because if TTG doesnt bring him back, it would be a missed opportunity.

    I bet Telltale's laughing at us and its actually Vernon.

    Alt text

  • For me i know its Kenny because at the episode 2 trailer Alvin says Just relax and put the gun down Man does it make sense

  • Hate to break this to you, but Vernon is dead. His death is mentioned in Shel's story in 400 Days.

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    It's **not **Kenny.

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    Telltale's master plan.They had it all along.

    TWD lead writers while people discuss,wage war over Kenny,and speculate:

  • And? He could easily say that to Vince or Lilly.

  • Put the gun down MAN. MAN. You wouldn't say that to a girl.....

  • it cant be vince cause Clem didnt even know him but lilly she's a bitch

  • If Telltale really wants to fool us then they would introduce some new character that Clem met after Lees death, or someone from the 16 month leap, or even that guy Victor may appear depending on if you gave him the water or not he might be more sympathetic to Clem. Otherwise if there is no fooling, then its probably Kenny or Christa.

  • i dont why but it could even be danny st.jhon

  • Am I the only one who didn't hate Duck?

  • That's what I thought too, since TT chose to show us his death/spare decision in "previously on TWD", it all seems that it could be a crucial decision to something, however in my walkthrough I killed him and spared Andy so who knows.

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    How is Lilly a bitch? She always acted for the best of the group; apart from the time when she shot Carley. But then again, Lee did the same with the adulterer. But Kenny? He just murdered Larry (we saw his lips moving as if he was about to speak). I wouldn't trust Kenny at all.

    And just because Clem doesn't know Vince, doesn't mean Alvin doesn't.

  • Why does there have to be only one person? We clearly saw an Asian man, so someone must have been with him. Clearly Alvin was referring to him.

  • Actually it was episode 1 we last saw Glenn

  • Well, he was just a hyperactive kid, but he was really annoying at times. It's like with all children, if you're in a good mood it's funny when they act that way, and when you're not they're a real pain in the ass. For me it felt like he was in the way all the time.

  • Yes, if Telltale are trying to fool us it could be anyone but I think the most likely one will be Christa or Lilly. They want us to think it's Kenny though

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