Who Clementine was talking about *MASSIVE SPOILERS*



  • "annoying dipshit with a fanbase of millions of screaming 6 year olds and a few adults in diapers"


  • Ya know Larry knocks Lee out in a single punch too, right? And Molly can easily drop you too(most lost to her since they were too slow the first time). Lee gets his ass handed to by Andy, and would have by Danny if Kenny/Lilly/Carley/Doug hadn't assisted him. And you know that you fight Kenny AFTER he was shot, right? Obviously, he wasn't taking out a 300 pound soldier in a single punch either way, but after that injury, he got weaker. I'm guessing the bullet hit a muscle, and without a PROPER doctor, it didn't heal right.

    So when he tries to pick up Lee in Ep 3, or fighting him, or again Ep 4 with the horde, I'd blame that on the wound. If you know anyone that had surgery to which they had to go through the muscle, they might tell you how much it hurts to exert strength. My father, for example, had a quadruple bypass, and now he seems to struggle with lifting up anything. It isn't that he can't, it is just the pain from it. I'm no professional in the medical field, so I can only speak through past experience though. I don't know if such an injury could be permanent or not.

    And Rick does it while escaping a MASSIVE horde, and only survived because the tank hatch was open and that his horse friend bit the dust first. Morgan does it too, going silent for what, months? And then is shown to be alive(comics OR show). Tyresse wasn't the only one to make it out when it seemed unlikely.

  • I found johnny's files, yes the guy in binoculars that you people thought it was carver, he appears in the "next time, on the walking dead"
    Alt text
    And yes, the other guy with a ak47 is Carver.

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    If it's one of season 1's characters, it would be really cool and also the most satisfying option for everyone if the person who showed up was either Lilly or Kenny depending on how Lee interacted with them in season one.

    If you were supportive to Lilly, she went off with the vehicle and was able to survive whereas she didn't make it if you left her on the road.
    About Kenny, he is "lost" to the herd no matter if you liked him or not, but wether he actually made it or not might depend on the will to live and self-esteem he had by the end of season one. (If you encouraged him to take care of the zombie kid in the attic, the game says that you "helped Kenny", if he went with you to save Clementine he might have found new self-esteem, or in the opposite case remorseful and useless).

    That way both sides will have their favorite coming back (Telltale could deal with alternative characters in the case of Doug and Carley, why couldn't they do that), Kenny-haters won't have to deal with Kenny again and people who rightfully despise Lilly for the cold-blooded murderer she was won't have to see her ugly face of a psycho anymore ( ;-) being intentionally biased for the lulz).

    ...IF it's one of them of course.

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    Has it ever occured to you guys that it could be someone that clem's group shot at but did not die? and not kenny or christa or lilly , btw what happens to chet? or the police guy at episode 1 season 1

  • Am I the only one who finds it weird that telltale has files like those? You'd think they'd name them something different than KENNY. Just think about it! Why would telltale put spoilers like that in their games!? I think this might be just telltale trolling everyone.

  • They don't expect people to extract their files its not trolling

  • But they know people CAN extract their files. It just doesn't make sense for them to leave something that big into the game.

  • They do it so its easier to know make the cutscenes and etc. Like I said once, new developers needs to make everything in order, in order to work out best.

    Also kenny202 Is not a file, hes mentioned somewhere in thoses 20.000 files, and that cheats engine hex is a LIST.

  • Chet dies if you wait until night to look for help, and the "I thought you were dead" thing happens to everyone, so it's not him.

  • TELLTALE , what happens to chet? from the episode 1 of season 1

  • No I am saying what happens to chet if you went at dawn because after clem and lee arrives at the farm , chet drives off and also the "I thought you were dead" thing I meant what if it isnt kenny or lily ? it could be someone they shot at in season 2 episode 2 but did not die. The person might not be kenny or lily.

  • He dies if you wait at night, dunno if you go while it's day.

  • I know he dies , but if you go during the day after he fetches you to the farm he drives off , and at night after the police drives you to the farm he drives off. So I really want to know what happens to them TELLTATE MAKE it happen please...

  • Telltale is very good about cliffhangers!

  • Its Lily... If you notice the "WAY" clem says it and her facial expression. It gives you a fear/surprise. We haven't found out what happened to Lily after she drove off or ran away. If it was Omid or Christa she would have been happy but she looks like shes scared

  • So the guy in camo is a guy who works for carver named johnny and the guy in the background with the ak is carver?

  • "stevean2

    Ah, Kenny fans with their self righteousness again. Remember two days ago when you all where saying that it could be noone else but kenny in episode one? Why should we believe you now? Also Omid and Christa could potentially never find out about kenny, considering the fact of your choice of words in season 1 (Silence is an answer and you can always tell them he survived) Which I guess EVERY blind Kenny fan did at that point So they woudn't know to tell Clem. Just like episode one, It WONT be Kenny."

    What if you didn't save Ben in ep 4 and we see Kenny save Christa. Omid and Christa witnessed what happened to him there so silence from lee wouldn't matter there lol.

  • I think now it will be Lilly. Clem didn't look happy to see whoever it was, more just surprised. She witnessed Lilly murder Carley/Doug, she was probably deeply affected by that (like many other things of course). Telltale are wanting us to think it's Kenny but it probably won't be

  • I guess we can all agree that it's someone who we didn't see dying, just presumed them to be dead, I for one sure hope It's Kenny. Although it's strange because when he stayed behind to end Ben's suffering I could have sworn a walker bit him but maybe he pushed it off before the bite I don't know. Ohhhh what am I saying, sure it's Kenny, although Clem was more shocked than surprised so maybe it's someone who she didn't fully like??

  • but if you do distract them, as Clem runs away you hear Christa make a sound and then a single gunshot just before the scene cuts. It's ambiguous but implausible to suggest Christa could escape from gun-toting thugs

  • I suppose, but then what happens to the episode for people who did save Ben? That'll split the canonicity for peoples games down the middle ... It'd work, I suppose, but how would you predict that?

  • if you look at chapter 4 you see eddie and that other shadow his hiar looks a lot like the hair from kenny don't you think?

  • Wow, i've thought about this theory, you know the person that you supported came back but then i'm like: naah, it has to be a single one so the story doesn't get all fucked up. But then i realized... the story gets changed quite a lot depending on who you save in drug store. This could work, however Carley and Doug dies on the same spot because they need to adjust the story, this is where this certain thing would get bad. I'm imagining cheap deaths for both Lilly and/or Kenny at the same place at the same time.

    Anyhow, i really like this idea and if telltale could manage to pull it off without cheap deaths and actually different stories they would be ever so amazing. Even though i'm biting nails between releases i dare say that i'd wait for ages just to have them make 2 slightly different stories, 1 with Kenny and 1 with Lilly.

    This would also help the fact that choices in season 1 really mattered and not just: aw man, you didn't kill Danny, good for you. (I know they have something planned to make it more like choices matter, but for now there's nothing that did any impact on the story in ep1).

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    It's obvious who it is... Isn't it... !Alt text

  • they're really milking her for what shes worth. She has not 1 not 2 not 3 but 4 parallel characters.

    mmmmm milking lily lolol jk

  • Its X-mas im hoping for a miracle and you will see this(someone was wondering if its right) There is a little bug, i killed the guy with a pitchfork but he is left alive in ''in previous season'' vid... Im not sure andy or danny i never could tell.(Im not a{diehard} Kenny fan)

  • Agreed, that's my favorite theory too.
    And once you are out in the open it's fairly easy to dodge large amounts of walkers when you're just one person.

  • I have played everything(incl400 days and s2e1) with three quite different actions taken, and my pic is the same, its not difference between pc/mac/xbox??

  • but she may have assumed he was dead because they stayed at the motor inn long after he left and he never came back. he might have not been able to come back because he was fighting off walkers or some scene took place that lead them to be where clem was in season 2.

  • Personally, I think it's gonna be someone totally different than we all think it is. I guess it will be someone she met while she was with Omid & Christa so that's at least 7-8 months I assume (from Christa's pregnancy) or maybe even longer (we don't know when she got pregnant). That's enough time to meet and lose someone. Many times. But there are also another 16 months after Omid's death. So that's overall 2 years (24 months), and I think Clem wasn't only with O&C for the whole time. Expect something you'd expect the least, remember - it's Telltale.

  • I think this idea is out of the line. I mean it would be really disappointing for fans to see just some random unkown person? Still possible but why would Telltale do something like that? Kinda silly

  • You guys probably won't see it but under Ben who is dying there is a sewer entrance its hard to see under the blood and I think Kenny killed Ben just not to put him out of his misery but to stop the pain and move his body to get into the sewer entrance. :D

  • It would be abit awkward if clementine knew the character but we didn't and well.. Yeah.. I don't think they should do that. Seems abit silly like Mollyishere said.

  • If it is Kenny, I'm glad that I didn't burn Duck's family portrait. :)

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