"Leaving her alone on the road is same as murder."



  • Oh, well that's fine.

  • Clem can only kill in self defense or when someone she cares about is in danger. As much as a bitch Lilly is, I don't think she'll try to kill a little girl but she does have the heart to try to kill others, so if she was trying to kill someone close to Clem like Luke or Christa then it's safe to say that Clem will put a bullet in her.

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    Two wrongs don't make a right. Lee had a reason for what he did and he killed someone in a fight by accident and was remorseful, Lilly killed an innocent person that was caring and kind in cold blood for no reason and felt no remorse. Whose action is worse?

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    Actually, Lee doesn't really seem to feel much remorse for killing the guy. When Clem asks Lee if the guy he killed was bad, Lee rather confidently states "Yes he was." Later on, he really only expresses regret for mistreating his wife, not killing her lover.

    Still, I agree that killing someone in a heated altercation after finding him in bed with your wife isn't quite as bad as coldly shooting someone in the face after she responded to your repeatedly accusations of betrayal with a bit of sass. Lee has anger issues. Lilly is psychologically unstable. And a bitch.

  • You may have a point. But one thing I know for sure, Lee did kill his wife's lover by accident, I don't think he intended to kill him whereas Lilly purposely killed someone that's done nothing but help the group survive.

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    I for one really hope it's not Kenny. Lee saw him die (at least when he sacrificed himself for Ben), that's why when Christa and Omid ask him about Kenny, he just shakes his head. LEE SAW HIM GET EATEN. So it would be disgusting fan service if they bring him back with some half-assed explanation as an excuse. Maybe there could be a chance of him surviving if you got the scene with him in the hole saving Christa, but then they would have to have different characters appearing for different players according to their past choices in the first game, and I don't think they are going to take the time to create something like that. Lilly is a much more obvious answer, since the outcome for her is the same for all players.

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    I'd say it's worse what Lee did. Now I know both things are wrong, but Lee killing the guy in blind rage for sleeping with hiswife (Dick move from the guy but not deserving of murder) is less of a legit reason than trying to kill the traitor who lostthe group their home, medicine, food and lead to the biting of Duck. Holding a gun probably makes it even more tempting. Lee could've done the same in the wife situation if he'd held a gun

  • Lilly clearly is remorseful. She aimed for Ben. You see her shake her head in shock after it's happened. I'd say neither crime is worse than the other. Both did horrible things. The thing I find wrong though is how people let Lee off because he redeems himself through Clem whereas they call for Lilly's head the same way Larry wanted Lee killed. Lilly could redeem herself one day. Saying it's alright for Lee to be given the chance and not Lilly is wrong

  • Agreed if it's Carley. Doug in my playthrough was an accident though

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    Lee didn't watch it. Or we'd know for sure. Ambiguous

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    Lilly's reaction was more like "Shit, I shot the wrong person", regardless she still intended to kill, if she was remorseful she could've said something like "I didn't mean to" plus she seemed to change her reaction as if she didn't give a damn what she's done when she pulled a Grand Theft Auto on the RV. Plus, was she remorseful with Carley? Lee killed a guy in a fight by accident and he had a reason to be pissed off plus we got to know him along the way and the way he cared for a little girl that he just met, in the time we got to know Lilly she was nothing but a selfish, unreasonable, angry, lazy, loud mouthed hypocrite that didn't give a damn about anyone but herself and her douche-bag bully of a dad who made a bad decision and then goes onto to murder the sweetest, kindest, useful member of the group that cared about others including her with no reason and if that's not bad enough, she ends up leaving the group for dead which shows she never cared about anyone, those actions make her a villain, there's no redemption with the choices she made. We don't know anything about the State Senator but the fact that he was sleeping with a married woman indicates that he must've been a sleazebag. That's why people are more than willing to let Lee off the hook, he never intended to kill the senator, Lilly on the other hand did and not to mention, her crime is a lot worse than Lee's. What I fail to understand is why do some people see Lilly as a good person after all she's done?

  • How is killing a guy in a fight by accident more worse than killing an innocent person in cold blood on purpose?

  • But in Doug's version, she tried to kill a frightened teenager with no proof.

  • I don't mean either killing is better. Both are horrible. I mean wanting to kill some traitor who cost you your home, medcine, food and Duck is more justifiable than killing a guy in anger over sleeping with your wife. Neither crime is worse but I can understand the reasoning to one is better

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    I think she did say she didn't mean to. I'd avoid saying it in situations like that though. It's like trying to squeeze your way out of it. We can't say if her reaction was that kind of shock. We don't know if Lee's situation was an accident or not. In the time we met Lilly she was good to my Lee because I wasn't on Kenny's side. Lilly saved my Lee's life, looked afterClem when Lee wasn't there, apologised for her dad's actions and words, etc. I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt after what Kenny did to her dad and the constant arguments. She saved the entire group from the bandits too. I wouldn't call Carley the sweetest (Clem) or most useful but to each their own. I agree it was horrible. Fleeing for your life is justifiable though. It was kind of obvious something bad was going to happen to her if she stayed. Yes the senator was a sleaze but it doesn't justify murder. Lilly issomeone who made mistakes to me. Terrible mistakes but she's no Governor, Negan, St John or Hunter. There's redemption possible for her. If she doesn't take her chance for redemption I'll call her an utter moron

  • But she had no proof other than her own word on who the traitor is. In Doug's play-through, she tried to kill this so called traitor without any evidence and her reckless action cost the life of someone else and in Carley's play-through, that was just cold blooded murder, it had nothing to do with Carley being accused, she murdered Carley because she just didn't like her. There's no justifying that.

  • It was wrong. Yes it was a very horrible mistake. Trust me I hated her for it. I like Doug and Carley lots. I think she can come back though. The theme of Season 4 of the show is whether you can come back from the things you've done. I know this is the game but the point stands. I think for Lilly this was a one off. She'll probably regret it her entire life but I think she can at least try to redeem herself. If she lets herself fall even further? I'll be disappointed and it'll make her the enemy of my Clem. I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt for now if she ever comes back

  • Exactly. She held the power ofa gun in her hands and used it. It isn't right but it happens to many decent people through stress. I won't forgive her for it but afterher dad, Kenny in her face, bandits and losing everything at the Motor Inn I'll be willing to let it go somewhat if she shows any remorse if she returns. Hopefully it haunts her forever. It's punishment enough to me. Worse than killing her yet giving her a chance to redeem herself

  • Idk who feels the need to thumbs down my comments. This is called an opinion. I'm not calling anyone out for expressing a different one. Love to therating system ;3

  • She didn't mean to what? Kill someone? She still intended to take someone's life away. Lee stated to Carley it was an accident, there's no reason for him to lie because she already knew. Whether you were on Lilly's side or not, she's still a bitch that pulls the same stunts that makes her the degenerate that she really is. You could say she saved the group but then again, it was her ignorance that still kept them at an unstable motel to begin with. Here's why I see Carley as a valuable member, she saved you when you first arrive in Macon, saved you again from the restroom zombie, assisted and helped you discover the the motor inn, constantly assists you, saved you from the Zombie Teacher/Travis, went back and rescued you and the group from the St Johns, saved you from Andy St John by shooting him in the ear, helped fend off zombies invading the motor inn while Lilly was hiding in the balcony and why I think she's the sweetest adult in the group, other than Clementine, she speaks to you in kindness, never says a bad word about you, doesn't give you attitude and refuses food from you unless you gave Clem some because she was looking out for a child she hardly knew, it's a shame you don't see her that way. I wouldn't call that fleeing for your life, she didn't seem scared at all and this is the same group that wouldn't kill the cannibals and if they wanted to kill her, they would've killed her on the spot but instead they kindly take her with, if she wanted to leave without making her self look like a backstabbing coward then run on foot, I'm sure the group wont waste their time chasing her down but instead she takes the one transport vehicle that she never fixed, leaving the group vulnerable and showing no sign of regret. The one thing she has in Common with The Governor, Negan, Hunters & the St Johns is that they murder for no reason, they have as much chance at redemption as Lilly.

  • I don't care one way or the other, but I'm starting to root for Kenny in episode 2 just to enjoy watching you eat these words....

  • To be fair, "I thought" is a little different from "I assumed". Nevertheless, I agree with your point, but I'm still not making any claims until telltale gives us some detail.

  • no! it's mark with robotic legs!

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    Have you played Season 1? My clem killed the psycho dude at the end. And I have to say I was proud of it. I want clem to grow up strong, not weak and candid (as much as I did like her innocence). She needs to know that she has to do whatever it takes to live. I think if anything; that's why telltale made a soon to be convict her guardian. It's why she understood why Lee had to kill so many people. I don't want clementine to know these things-- I need her to.

  • I wouldn't use the show as an example because they messed up a lot plus the things in there makes no sense but I do get the point you're trying to make but it doesn't fit with Lilly. Lilly was acting like a crazed tyrant that committed a dastardly crime showing no regret and then committed another dastardly crime showing no regret yet again, I wouldn't say it's one off considering what she does after the rash choices she makes. I'll be pissed if Clem becomes her friend because that would be a stab in the back to Lee, Carley/Doug, Duck, Ben, Katjaa & Kenny, after all Lilly has done not only to Clem but to others aswell, that makes her an enemy.

  • She's not the only character that suffered traumatic experiences in The Walking Dead franchise and if other characters refrain themselves from pulling the same stunts Lilly has done then what is her excuse? If you read The Governor's back story, you'll see that he went through the same stuff, would you use stress as his excuse for his psychotic behavior or The Stranger if I may add? The way she killed someone in her own, that has done nothing to get treated the way they did and tried justifying it afterwards and showing any sign of guilt for any action she has done shows she has no morals. If she tries redeeming herself then that would be out of character for her.

  • Its Between Lily Christa and Kenny. Most think its Kenny but i believe its also Lily based on how Clem says it and her facial expression.

  • People are affected differently. You never know what someone's breaking point is. I feel sympathy for the Gov and the Stranger yes. I won't compare Lilly to them though because of how far gone they are. It wouldn't be out of character at all. Anyone can try to redeem themselves

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    I was replying to you saying she didn't even say she didn't mean. She isn't the same atall, she varies depending on how you are to her. You can choose to say the Motel is a good idea or not so that is an opinion. Carley is valuable, no argument there. Lilly seemed plenty scared, the look on her face and things she said screamed it to me. Accident or not Lee killed someone. Like you said, they aren't coming back (The same way at least) so his murder is still murder

  • I'd agree but the message is across all versions of the series. I only recall Lilly doing one badthing, what else was there? :o I hope there's the choice for both groups of fans. We should be able to let it go or never forgive her. I'd probably make sure she knows my Clem hasn't forgotten it but forgive her. If she does anything of the sort again though... My Lee was on her sideso hopefully

  • Actually they never see Kenny die. He jumped in a hole. You hear gun shots. If you played Lee without Ben. He drops the walkie into the hole. Kenny jumps in after it. Then you hear zombies. After that a couple of gunshots. It could actually be Kenny. To be honest. It could also be Lilly. It's either one of them.

    I don't think it's Ben, you had the choice to drop him in tower. I think its Lilly or Kenny. Because you never actually see them die.

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    But it depends on what that person did and from what I've seen on the show, I doubt they did anything to what Lee did. She killed an innocent person, took advantage of her group & left them for dead, putting other people in danger with her decisions as well as other things that makes her a selfish bitch, that's more than one bad thing I would say. You were on her side but that didn't stop her from doing half the shit that I've mentioned. I'd hope there's no option to forgive her because that would mean Clem never cared about Lee, Ben, Kenny and his family and that would be out of Clem's character.

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    The Gov was a disturbed man that murdered innocent people and the Stranger was twisted, I feel nothing for them. One thing Lilly has in common with The Governor is that they both strive for power and one thing she has in common with The Stranger is that they both refuse to accept any responsibility for their actions or acknowledge the fault they made that led to their downfall, grief & loss. If there was any shred of a good person in either of those three then they wouldn't have done what they did, they should not have gone down that path that's why redemption is out of the question for her because she had no morals, you have to be an evil person or messed up or both to do what they did.

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    People keep saying Lilly's different due to the choices you make, the Lilly you had, did she have your back? was angry with her dad for trying to kill you? didn't kill an innocent person you were friends with? and didn't leave you and Clementine for dead by taking the RV? If not then me and you had the same Lilly. When she took the RV, she had a cold blank expression, before that she looked all sad and nervous then changed it all of a sudden, why is that? It's because she was pretending. What Lee did was Manslaughter, the only thing that it has in common with Murder is that both result in taking away a life.

  • You should hope there's options for fans to forgive her or not. This doesn't mean they're betraying the others. My Lee was good with Lilly

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    I don't know why you don't feel anything for the Stranger when it was the group we played with who made him what he is. We don't even have any idea if Lilly accepted responsibility for her actions because we haven't seen her again yet. She doesn't seem to be power hungry, she said it. No one else stepped up she took responsibility. She even tells Lee to hand out the rations to show how much she hates her job. I hate crime too but I'd look for any shred of goodness in someone. What you say means Lee should've let the man go too then. Instead he carried on and killed him. I suppose Lee lacks morals now too and can never come back from it

  • However, we all saw the same scene. Not everyone implied murder by leaving Lilly on the road, and not everyone left Lilly on the road, so why would we all get the scene, if it has no relevance? While I think Lilly returning is plausible, I simply don't believe it will be in this scenario.

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    I think he was referring to a dialog option you have while talking to Clem in the RV.

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