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play the episode many times, i think some people dont know about this

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well, from many discussions here i found out that: some guys did play the episode for only 1 time ..
maybe they dont know that they can play the episode many times making all possible in game choices "decisions" they want..
so i just want to make it clear for them "if no1 mentioned this b4"..
just click the play button, then choose "change save file", then play the episode again with another save file with more in game decisions to take..
as for me i played the episode 4 times, one episode was the kind wolf, ending with 4th scumbag wolf ..
after u finish each run, ur game will be saved and u can continue over each saved run after the release of episode 2
just go to that option "Save files", then choose any of ur saved runs ..
hope i helped those who didnt know this .. :)

  • I don't think they played only one time because of the 'didn't know about possibility' reason. Rather, I suspect some ones could e.g. do this for the reasons close to mine: because they felt it redundant. Why bother playing again when you'll have forgotten all of your additional playthroughs by the time episode 2 lands?

    Gonna play again - a few times - after game will be completed.

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    fusedmass BANNED

    I think people are aware. We are aware there are two separate choices. I didn't play Ep1, one time. I played it four times on four different saves. Just so I could see the difference in the outcome. I think that's pretty common knowledge.

  • It's like watching the same movie more than once and I have my "canon" playthrough which will be my one and only experience of TWAU until I've finished the first season fully. Makes for a much more memorable experience IMO.

  • I think people know you can play more than once, that's part of the appeal, the replayability, lol. But I appreciate that you are trying to bring this to the attention of someone who might not know.

  • I hate going over and i never did. it tempts you to change your decisons based on what will happen later.

  • I think most of the people knew it , but still thanks !
    However , I'll never play an episode again , because I want to see a story based on my first decisions(without knowing other outcomes , at least not until I finish the whole season once) . Right now , I hope that I hadn't lied to beast but well , that was my decision and I've to deal with it .(which means beast is gonna kick my ass :D)

  • Had to replay Walking Dead because I let my friend play before I got all the episodes, I did not know you could change save files (or I guess I just didn't pay attention, it's pretty obvious). I actually tried to make the same decisions though, and it was quite a while since I played.

    Anyway, I like to play through completely once, kinda living with the decisions you made. Sometimes I'll replay a different way, but usually I have a hard time doing something other than what I would instinctively choose. Even replaying Fable as evil was really tough. :P

  • Thank captain obvious! im sure nobody on here has ever played a game before where you can have multiple save slots cough 90% of all games cough sorry somehow I coughed using my computer

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