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  • In FABLES, a character will frequently span multiple stories. The prime example is Jack, of course, but it also applies to Bigby. He's not just the wolf in ONE story, he is the Ur-Wolf, the archetype for all wolves in all stories (or most of them at any rate). That is why he is so tough from Mundy attention, he feeds on all that, not just from one story.

  • The fucking fabric! The one you find at the crime scene (Of faith). The colour of the fabric matches his damn shirt!

    nailed it

  • That's what I have been saying the makers of fables have stuck pretty true to the originals so I find it hard for them to make bigby the wolf from the boy who cried wolf (which was a normal wolf ) it's well known that bigby has only been in two fables red riding hood and three little pigs
    If the boy does turn out being being involved I can see him holding grudges against wolves but I would think that the boy would scared of wolves after watching his sheep get ripped apart while he hid a tree screaming wolf.

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    'The Boy Who Cried Wolf' does not strictly appear in the comics but is mentioned to be in living in the Woodland Luxury Apartments if this is the case it means he cannot be the killer. However his appearances may indicate that he is working for the real murderer or simply just happening to appear at the wrong moments.

    My information source -

    I'm not saying Heart Locker is completely wrong his appearances no one can deny the last episode is even called Cry wolf so he must be a huge factor in the investigation at some point I'm just commenting what I have found out.

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  • If this guy was an actual murderer... IT would be game over.. No more mysteries or anything... It would be like sad If it got revealed that it was him in like 5th episode meanwhile community cracked it afther 1st one... I personally hope its someone else... He might have something to do with it.. He might have not... I don't know We'll just have to see ;) But good thinking though

  • That's what I am saying also people are dug in with this cry wolf name of the episode
    It's just a name and it's not even the boy who cried wolf do u people forget the main character is the big bad wolf that could be a nod to him for all we know bigby could be blamed for the murders since he was the last one to really be seen with Both women , this guess makes sense of the cry wolf.

  • Everybody is so set on that this guy is the Boy who cried wolf , I have a problem with this mainly because he is a man not a boy or even a teen
    , now we all know that fables do not age or die very easily ya I guess that he could have a glamour but glamour are usually reserved for non human fables and are very expensive and to pay look that old does not make any since at all.

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    Try to read this, maybe it have something to do with the line "these lips are sealed"...

    Yannik, the fairy child

  • That's a good guess but a little bit off I have a theory that it might have to do with faiths fairy godmother

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    i think that might be here me out the ginger bread man ?

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    this is smart

  • hey do you think that might be the ginger bread man?

  • Wow. Some eyes you got there. Just wow. Well. We'll just have to wait for Episode 2.

  • The RHG is more likely to be the shepard from Aesops 'The wolf and the Shepard'..... "The Wolf and the Shepherd

    A WOLF followed a flock of sheep for a long time and did not attempt to injure one of them. The Shepherd at first stood on his guard against him, as against an enemy, and kept a strict watch over his movements. But when the Wolf, day after day, kept in the company of the sheep and did not make the slightest effort to seize them, the Shepherd began to look upon him as a guardian of his flock rather than as a plotter of evil against it; and when occasion called him one day into the city, he left the sheep entirely in his charge. The Wolf, now that he had the opportunity, fell upon the sheep, and destroyed the greater part of the flock. When the Shepherd returned to find his flock destroyed, he exclaimed: "I have been rightly served; why did I trust my sheep to a Wolf?'"

    This would make sense, it would explain that the RHG is following Bigby, and would allow for final episode(s) when Bigby makes the transformation (which is guaranteed given the thumbnails for later episodes)

    My theory is that RHG is either going to play a sizeable role in a plot twist, or else is just a cool Easter egg for the more observant of us :)

  • Actually, Bigby just decided not to learn how to drive, even though he's been around for centuries.

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    Red herring.

    Telltale are probably aware that they put him everywhere and it's become an inside joke for them.

    Plus the motive is extremely flimsy. Revenge because he was humiliated? Don't think so. He's mentioned in the comics as the guy living at 7th floor or some such. If he really was the killer he wouldn't be hanging around. And he doesn't have the means. Supposedly the murder weapon was very very sharp, or magical. And i don't think that he would have the power to conjure up spells preventing the Magic Mirror from viewing the dead bodies.

    And Bigby's very perceptive, you'd think he would notice this guy tailing him everywhere.

    This theory breaks down the moment you start to seriously scrutinize it. How could he be both in the taxi and walking in front of the building at the same time? The fabric does not match any of his clothes.

    I have the personal belief that's it's either the Headless Horseman in league with some dude, or some guy we haven't met yet.

  • This is part of the reason why waiting sucks. We have to re-think who might be the killer, from one Ep. There are five combined. It could be him. It would be logical. I have a feeling we just need more information, other then Cry Wolf and we see him all the time. They could just be re-using the same model.

  • I have not read this entire thread but people were mentioning the sharp blade. Spoiler alert if you plan to read the Fables comics... The vorpal sword is in the stories and based on the timing of this story I do not believe it's in the possession of the person who usually wields it in the comics. So it could be what is being used to commit the murders.

    Anyone know if these stories are designed to follow the Fables continuity? If so then we know Snow isn't dead or will come back. However the mirrors statement about Faith leads me to think she isn't dead because he can't show her. Yet when Bigby asked about her father his remains were in fact revealed. Why did the mirror refuse to show Faiths location? He said some magic is preventing him from doing so. . .

  • They are, but we don't know exactly where the Vorpal Sword is actually.

  • How did you know that?

  • Yeah. But I think we're forgetting the fact that the possibility that magic could be involved still stands firm.

  • I think it is in the office along with the rest of the magical stuff they brought from the homelands.

  • I love that no one has disliked this post. It's that hard to argue with.

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    This game is said to be the prequel to the comics and in the comics, snow white is alive. A theory that might connect this game with the comics is that snow white and faith are kidnapped rather than killed to bring out the worst in Bigby. The last episode labeling "The boy who Cried Wolf" could implied the killer and the motivate. The "killer" or the mastermind behind all this could be the Boy who was in the tale "The boy who Cried Wolf" (The orange hair in the thread photo), and the motivate could be to create the treatment that was in the tale to BigBy. The treatment in the tale as explained by the creator of this thread, is that the boy cried wolf many times to fool the villagers but when the actually wolf came and the boy cried wolf again, the villagers didn't believed him. This could be whats going on. The mastermind could be kidnapping faith or snow white and placing fake heads for Bigby to find, to cause him to go crazy, making him interrogate people and causing him to go rampage saying their is a killer on the loose. The mastermind could release snow white and faith to the public with their minds erase along a few others, making Bigby believed to be going crazy. When Bigby finds the killer, and tries to convict him, they won't believe him. This is just a theory. One more thing I want to say is that this whole incident seems to be designed for Bigby. The reason I say this that Snow white and faith has been killed because they were in contact when the boy was around but not Beauty because they only contact a few seconds, not enough time for witnesses.

  • Plus thus far the 2 women killed were close to bigby. So if the threat is geared to make everyone realize that Bigby is still a monster and needs to be thrown into the Witching Well, hurting Beauty wouldn't work and worse it would put Beast and Bigby on the same side. The two biggest baddies in the comics. (not counting Frau who has yet to make an appearance in this story)

  • That's not to bad at all
    The only thing is that he has been ahead of bigby almost like he is investigating himself

  • I've actually compared those two and they're not exactly the same color. It's a bit hard to tell , you can see last guy waiting in line at the Business Office has his leg injured and patched up. That might be a clue.

  • I agree. But he must be important somehow. He might just as well be a detective , who knows.

  • Not until you mentioned it haha

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    Anybody thinking that the reason for which Episode 2 gets delayed so much is maybe because we found their killer too soon ? And now they're trying to make up another story so that it's more unpredictable. I for one am 100% sure that after 40.000 people saw this post , Telltale is definitely not considering to reveal Red Head Guy as the killer.

    However I still have the feeling he's an important character. Maybe he's a DETECTIVE , maybe he's not following Bigby , but the investigation itself.

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