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Humor or Humour?

posted by Imapus Sylicker on - last edited - Viewed by 1.4K users
Well, I'm sure this has been discussed and beaten to death, and then requested yet again, but hey - let's have another one, take it to the bridge, hit it 'n quit.


It's VERY important that we don't have to read W&G in American. So yeah, let's be picky, 'coz English is English and American is American.

We need Us, and proper sentencing, and stuff. You know were I'm getting at.

I'm pretty sure that Telltale humour fits W&G very well. And, were I a betting woman - or even a woman - I'd bet it'll be, and pardon the recycling of this old joke, a cracking good game, and I'm anxiously awaiting its release.


Thank you.

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