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  • I need ep 2 of season 2

  • If it's anything like the Wolf Among us. It will be out three months from now.

  • You know that you are trying to call a DEAD character right?Btw I knew the story of Christa's baby:
    -When Christa killed the strange woman ,both Omid and the strange woman turned into walkers.Then Omid ate Christa's baby and Christa passed out.Then Christa used a needle and patched up here stomach while Clem was watching her.If you want more info about this topic ask me or PM me

  • I'm not sure that's how pregnancy works

  • I think they should come out each week or 2 not every month I'm all about waiting for the expense but a whole month is a little ridiculous just saying

  • (^///^) as long as Clementine lives Ill be happy.

  • Episode 2 will probably be released sometime between February-March….

  • Nah. We don't know yet. I'm expecting we'll get it in mid january or early feb.

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    Telltale develop their episodic games slightly different to the way you think. When they release an episode, they haven't finished developing the rest of the season yet. This gives them a chance to get feedback on the episode and apply that feedback to the next episode. It takes time, but Telltale pulled it off with Season 1 and got amazing results. So yeah, the episodes will come out several months apart, but I think the quality of the game is better off for it.

  • just give us info on episode 2 i honestly dont care about spoilers

  • they made wolf among us pretty long ago and epsiode 2 didnt come out either so how long will episode 2 be for walking dead season 2

  • You can't get info on something that has no info to be released. Jennifer is a website moderator. She volunteered to be one, she has no idea what the info is at all.

  • WHO? please i would like to know :)

  • I just read on wiki that Walking Dead's Episode 2 is released on Q1 2014. Q1 means January, right?

  • Q1 mean 1st quartal of year. So in this situation it can be January, February or March 2014.

  • Then I hope its January or February!

  • Early to mid March, no sooner unfortunatley

  • Honestly myself think it'll be March. Surely hoping for January though.

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    I remember about two months ago Telltale did an AMA on Reddit. On that AMA someone asked about their writing process. In that answer Telltale said in their response that they were currently working on The Wolf Among Us episode 3 and 4, and the Walking Dead episode 1 and 2. I get the feeling that The Wolf Among Us fans will be getting episode 2 in early January and maybe it'll be a monthly release since Telltale said they wanted it done by the Summer.

    The Walking Dead episode 2 will probably be either late January or mid February. This is my speculation on the matter since I feel sorry for those Wolf Among Us fans who have waited way too long for their episode 2 when it sounds to me like it's finished. I have no reason to be right but judging from what I've seen this sounds like a sensible release approach and releasing episodes monthly isn't too unheard of since there was barely a month in between the release of episode 4 and 5 last season.

  • I hate that telltale is not giving us a schedule! Is it so hard to give us a rough release date of the each episode?

  • Remember,they are still on their well-deserved holiday break after all the hard work they put into 4.5 hours of gameplay TWAU and TWD have combined. :P

  • Is it out yet. it would nice. I'm just guessing But I think and hope its Kennedy you never saw him die

  • Just tell us who and why then mark it with a spoiler tag..

  • That is the dirty truth. TWAU and twds2 games are getting shorter by the episode with less content, interaction items, an options. Taking al those months to produce a hour and a half of game with maybe only 50 mins of actual choices, puzzle finding and investigating.

  • The update will be out 2 month from any mention of soon and 1 month from the mention of very soon. Also if given a update like spring 2014 then expect it on the last Tuesday of spring.

  • If we can wait an extra 3 months for the season 2 to ACTUALLY come out, then I think we can wait 3 more for episode 2. They also need to release TWAU, and that'll be in January.

  • I think you're being overly negative. The previous season's episodes started off with an episode barely clocking an hour and fifty minutes. They got massively longer from there until episode 5 when it was an hour and a half. Point is, the previous season got longer and longer episodes until the finale, the penultimate episode itself was almost three hours long.

    Also strange you criticize TWAU when episode 1 of that game was almost two hours long and pretty much spot on matched the length of the first Walking Dead episode released last year. So I don't know where you got the impression it's getting shorter based off one episode.

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    I dont mind holiday break. I mind that they dont say anything, If they say that next episode is coming out march 2015 i would say ok now i know. It will take a long time. I mind that i dont know if new episode is going to come out tommorow or maybe really in year 2015. Everyone needs a deadline. Deadline makes you more productive and better if you have enough time. Telltale takes all freedome they want and i dont like that. Games and us will suffer because of that i tell you that.

  • I can't wait for the episode 2! Maybe the best and the most exciting start for a 2nd season. Hopefully it will come out soon as early january

  • January is when The Wolf Among Us is coming out. The Walking Dead would probably, well assumingly come out February. (That's just a guess..)

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  • Episode 1 WAS very short, but I don't think it was really shorter on choices than previous games. There's no way to know what Telltale has in store for the following episodes than just plain wait for them. If episode 3 still is a short sharp shock like episode 1, maybe raise an eyebrow... ;)

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    As much as I hate the idea of waiting till March, I'm prepared to hold out, if it means Telltalle will address a few of the problems from episode 1 (the "fixed" narrative scenes like Clem's gun being used to kill Omid and Clementine escaping from the shed), as well as introducing a little more levity to balance out the gloomy tone.

    A longer chapter would be nice, too.

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