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Traumatized Clementine.....

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Dont you guys think Clementine is traumatized or at least kinda should be? (I dont want her to). Since day 1 she saw Lee crushingg heads, guts, and so much murder and horrible things. Well of course she is in a world filled with walkers now so what else can she see and do! I just think its so sad and is it just me or does it feel kinda weird seeing Clem talk the way she talks now (like threatened, bkackmail, etc) and how grown up she is? What do you think about old Clem? I miss her dress by the way! :P but she is rockin the new style!


  • I'm the only one who likes new Clem better then old Clem? Alrighty then.

  • Even though Clem saw Lee killing the walkers, she seemed to understand this is what needs to be done to survive. Clem is a sensitive girl caught in a never ending nightmare.
    Lee taught her well by teaching her to shoot, and that sometimes people can be just as bad. In the end when Lee had been bitten and he wanted Clem to shoot him, it was hard for her and she was in tears. After she put Lee out of his misery she went to the fields and sat for a bit to mull over what had happened and she was a bit traumatized, she couldn't be that way if she is to survive, then she saw two people over yonder descending from a hill.... I was hoping for a long time that it is Christa and Omid, but now I am not sure. Have to play season 2 episode 1 to see.

  • She is clearly dejected/depressed if you just take a moment to observe her expression and body language. You don't even have to hear her voice to realize it. I would imagine that Lee's death alone caused a great change in her personality. Omid's death and Christa's probable bitterness toward her following his death would have sent her even further into depression. Her potential manipulation and stoicism is simply a bi-product of the situation she is in. She isn't exactly becoming a sociopath, but there does seem to be some disassociation.

    I think that Telltale is doing a good job with her, but it would be nice to see her form bonds that would help lessen her depression. Of course, this would only make it worse when these people are inevitably killed off.

    • This. Clementine's mental state will be explored heavily, I believe that Becca and Sarah (both early teens characters, both girls) will act as foils to Clementine's mental state.

      I'm pretty sure Sarah is going to end up as a foil for one scale of mental imbalance (Carlos will die and she will go into Catatonia, or 'cease to function' as he puts it.)

      Becca will end up Winston grade sociopathy (killing people and taking their stuff).

      Clementine will have to leave Sarah to die to save herself, and will have to kill Becca in self defense when Becca goes after her in the episode 4 battle.

  • in the apocalypse she has had to grow up early to deal with the problems and survive - that's the cold hard truth. If she stayed innocent and over-protected like Sarah and maybe Duck, she would have died early on or be forced to depend heavily on others. She did that with Lee at times - he saved her a bunch and taught her some survival lessons - but when he and Omid died Christa wasn't able to care for her in the way that they would have. Also, her dejection may be because she has had to lose her sweet optimism because she now knows there is little hope of any end to the apocalypse. I think it's more of her depression and coming to terms with the fact that there is so little hope, which is such a change for her when she was full of it during the first season. I think, when things get better and she starts building real friendships with others we will see her happier side that all know and love

  • I think you can compare the psychological effects of being in a zombie apocalypse as being in a war.
    Ofcourse Clementine is suffering from something, as an result of everything that has happend.

    Posttraumatic stress disorder,
    etc etc

    • Ooh good comparison!

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      Antero BANNED

      “I’ve heard it said that the Holocaust has no survivors, that even those who managed to remain technically alive were so irreparably damaged, that their spirit, their soul, the person that they were supposed to be, was gone forever. I’d like to think that’s not true. But if it is, then no one on Earth survived this war.” - taken from the World War Z book.

  • She's grown up in a world where the world's gone to shit. Obviously she's going to be wise beyond her years. Omid's death probably didn't help either...

  • She has a lot of pain and guilt inside her and no one to talk to about it.

    "Sometimes people end up dying because of me..."

    Her time spent with Christa wasn't exactly pleasurable. When it cuts to 16 months later we see Clementine having to beg Christa to break the ice between them for a moment, and when Christa does finally talk, she's passive-agressive and pessimistic towards Clem. That gives you an idea of how their relashionship went during their time together.

    I'm sure Christa's cold attitude and overall cynicism brushed off on her a bit. She was raised by her for nearly two years, after all.

    It's just that Telltale rushed that time skip so much that people end up forgetting about Christa's influence on her.

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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    She should be, She saw a dude whom she knew for 3 months get his Head Bashed with a Block in fron of her

  • Traumatized Clementine is far better than naive stupid girl like Sarah in MY opinion. I think it is kind of good thing that she saw meatlocker happening and saw her dead parents and other nasty stuff. I know it is super bad for her mental healt but i think she should see that there is not much hope in this world, only tiny bits and pieces here and there. My Lee helped Kenny in the meatlocker and i killed Danny mostly cause she needs to see these things to survive, fuck mercy and screw sympathetic to bad guys. Stuff will happen it is not fair but its the way it is.

  • She is depressed their is no doubt about that. Even in the opening conversations in season 2 you can see that Lee's death is still on her mind. It didn't help when the accident in the bathroom happened and how cold and bitter Christa most likely acted towards her afterwards. But Clementine is a smart girl. That means even though she saw all the bad things, she learned from them. They definely affected her, but she still understood them. She learned what it took to survive by observation and of course Lee. In my play through, in the last conversation she said "It is like Larry, isn't it? I know you did it to protect me." She knows what it takes to live but it is clearly a very big trouble on her. I think that she understands that she isn't strong or big and mean, so she finds other ways to get what she needs to survive. Even though you can tell that she doesn't like blackmailing someone because their is usually a option that Clem back out.

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