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Telltale: The lack of interaction is troubling.

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No, not in the game, but on these very forums.

Telltale, on one hand I don't want to say these things because of the quality of the games you put out, but here I feel something needs to be said.

To begin with, we have all noticed the delay of episode 2. This, while annoying, is manageable. We appreciate that, especially at the beginning of a series, you need to put in extra work to bring everything to the incredibly high standard of episode one. This is, in my opinion, fine.

Something that isn't fine, however, is the lack of interaction with your fans about this issue. Instead of discussing it with us, telling us what the problem was or - heck - maybe even apologising, you have barely shed any light on the issue since one blog post, and even that just said when we will get new information and didn't state 1) Why there was a delay or 2) Whether this same wait can be expected for other episodes.

Instead we were treated to two images seemingly intended to induce speculation or hype, but really just felt like a slap in the face. Two pictures after a two month wait.

A two-month wait during which even then you didn't communicate with us and give us even a rough eta or progress update.

Let me re-iterate that delaying your game is absolutely fine, but refusing to talk about it with your customer base, a portion of which purchased Season passes, I might add, and almost ignoring that it is a problem is never going to sort things out. You've seen how many 'dislikes' you got on that blog post, you know that the community isn't thrilled about these events. Even the moderators have expressed surprise that you haven't explained things or apologised.

So come talk to us

Simply seeing a human face from Telltale explain what exactly has happened would put a lot of minds at ease, especially minds who already bought episode 2 with the season pass.

Thanks for reading, and have a happy New Year! :)

  • The traditional reason why Telltale doesn't share many details in advance is that they try to avoid situations where someone suggests something that had already been planned, then gets mad when they see their suggestion in the game without any credit for it.

    If all they do is announce a specific date without any other details, everyone gets furious when they miss the date.

    If they push to get it out by the announced specific date and it has bugs in it, everyone gets furious about that, too.

    They could announce some general status like "Episode 2 is currently in beta testing" or "Episode 2 is currently awaiting approval from Microsoft/Apple/etc." I'm sure someone would find some reason to get mad at that.

    They could put little Vine teasers out to keep people interested, but I don't think that would pacify the crowd that wants their episode NOW! And they can only tease so much without revealing important plot points.

    It seems "Coming Soon" is the least infuriating tactic.

    • You don't get the point of this thread, clearly. Almost everyone on the forums of TWAU has wanted just communication, yet they stay silent. Coming Soon, is the dumbest thing they can say, pulling the Blizzard tactic is and never will be a good one.

      As a community thats all we've wanted this whole time, silence is the killer.

      "Episode is currently awaiting approval from Microsoft/Apple/etc."
      You really think that would make people more mad then "Coming Soon," Seriously?
      I'd much rather know the episode is in Beta or is waiting approval then the "We are going to update you in a month, possibly with another update. Don't worry TWAU Episode 2 is coming soon!"
      Give me a break.

  • I agree but I don't want Telltale to be like BIoware either so IMO it's good they keep things under wraps and don't try to over-satisfy players all the time with reassurings and in worst case scenarios rushing stuff or bringing in immersion-breaking nods to fan-feedback for the sake of fan-service. Okay I already got waay ahead of myself there, but I don't honestly get why I deserve the special right to know everything about what Telltale is keeping under wraps along with you guys. There's probably a very good reason they don't signal too much.

    And don't you guys love that surprise when you randomly go to IGN/Kotaku/Twitter/Steam and see that the next episode of your favorite game is coming out in two days? Maybe give us a couple of more news updates, Telltale but don't try to please us by tightening your release schedules!

  • I still agree with author of this thread. There games are more interactive then they are.

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    fusedmass BANNED

    No gaming company that prides itself on feedback from fans should ignore them during their biggest games coming out. We were not aware when Season 2 of the Walking Dead was released till the day it came out. Steam told us in advance, they even put down a countdown clock and everything.

    I've seen many people say, "Give them time" three months, going on four not enough time to release one ep. They could at least, inform their paying customers why there is such a delay. It's not as if we're asking for much, a tiny bit of communication.

  • I have to admit that I'm a bit leery about this whole delay too, which surprises me as I've played through almost every episodic game they've ever released (skipped L&O). I'm very used to how the timeline works out, I know the second episode always takes about double the time as all following episodes, but I cannot be a lurker this time around. Is this just a growing pains issue? Did everyone jump to creating mock-ups for Borderlands or Game of Thrones? Was TWD S02 needing extra help to get out the door on time? The lack of response from TTG has not added to any mystery/suspense for us fans, only frustration. It's very hard to sit there waiting on the next release because we want to remember every moment of the story and not have to sit there and say, "wait, who was that guy again?" Or even worse, "what decision did I make?" It kills the immersion, and for the story telling style of TWAU, we need to stay "in" the game world.

    TTG, I had faith in you back when you starting doing episodes with Sam & Max, don't allow "Faith" be what kills my faith.

  • It's ridiculous that they haven't even commented on the delay. Especially when there are people who bought season passes.

  • 1 season of Walking dead is piece of art but i played whole in two days. I played 1 episode of 2 season and i am already sorry. Its bullshit. They should have steady interval of relasing or just make a whole season. Thats why now i am going to wait for a whole season to come out. They are ruining our experience of their great amazing piece of art.

    • They released episode 1 of season 2 literally 10 days ago... if you thought it would come within 10 days you are the one who didn't get informed before purchasing.

      • No. I didnt thought it would come within 10 days. I didnt know its such a guess for when are coming other episodes out. I should ve known better because release of first episode was confirm... i dont know if actually was confirmed by telltale. We knew it was true when we could download from steam. And steam set up a date like week before release.

        Telltale should give us release month for every episode. I dont need exact date just telltale offical confirmation. "Episode 2 release is expected in March, Episode 3 release is expected in May" and so on and when they dont make it until the deadline they should tell us. "Sorry guys we have a lot of things to do so its going to take like a month longer then we thought but the episode is going to be awesome. Stay tuned!".
        Is it really that hard?

  • I don't think it's a lack of interaction, I think it's a lack of communication.

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    fusedmass BANNED

    The longer people wait, the more dead silent they become, the more they promote on their twitter "We don't talk about release date, but look this gaming article said good things..tweet this" I think more the frustration grows. No we won't just forget. That's one advantage of paying for a full game like Assassins Creed.

    Or even Bioware Games. They don't release the game in small sections. Imagine playing a DA Orgins, where it took a year to complete the game. It's a nice concept, I think most would agree half a year to play one ep. Is a long wait, is this what we should expect from their other games.

    Again, would them coming on and stop promoting their games on xbox for a moment to talk to the community like a Q and A. Really be time consuming. I don't know what their spending their time on. It sure doesn't seem like the games.

  • I just really hope that this ETA isn't something along the lines of "We here at Telltale are hard at work! We can promise it by the end of next month, but we don't know when, so sit tight!"

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      fusedmass BANNED

      Me too. They had us wait an entire week to release an update. Turns out what many thought was release date. Was them telling is Jack was going be in the game..and the game was pushed back..stuff they could easily typed on day one, they choose to drag their feet.

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