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Since the feed is currently broken, and shows spoilers even when they're tagged, the moderation team has decided to set up this thread as a place to discuss The Walking Dead in general without fear of being spoiled. We'll keep this thread open until the Telltale web team fixes the issue.

Since we don't want people being spoiled in their feed, please don't post spoilers at all in here, even in spoiler tags. Hopefully the Telltale web team will fix the issue soon, making this thread redundant. But, until then, enjoy chatting in here with little chance of being spoiled (there's still always the chance someone will post a spoiler, since there's currently no way to prevent that, but we'll try to delete them or move them to other threads as soon as we can).


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    The new episode was really good and i liked the way they used TWAU combat with the way you need to aim the reticle to a certain point to perform the action.

    (I edited it because what i said before was bound to draw spoilers so sorry about that)

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    I personally thought it was better than the first season, although like always, there's definitely some hanging threads (but I'm sure they'll be addressed, since it's only episode 1). I almost wish I could clear my mind and then pick up one of the upcoming Vita or Ouya versions to play it again fresh. :)

  • I liked the new episode but I think the controls are sometimes difficult to figure out. Maybe you should add an advice option again.

  • yeah i thought it was really good, I have seen some people complaining that the writing was bad but i actually preferred the first episode of season 2 than than the first episode in season 1, i'm trying to resist playing it again and just stick with my choices.

  • Why did you add a spoiler tag?

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    I most likely will play it again, but on a different platform, at some point. I played Season One on Xbox 360 and PC. :)

  • I might get it on PC at some point while i wait for episode 2 for season 2 and TWAU, i'm playing on Xbox at the minute.

  • I loved the controls. Cleaner and better put together than those in 400 days, as the animation and mechanics felt a bit off to me. They really did pick it up for Season 2, and DANG, do I love the game.

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    I thought the new (to this game) mechanics worked well, and although I don't personally use it I'm glad invert-y axis is in this season (since it was a common request for season one).

  • Know what I really, really liked? That you could walker faster by holding down shift. Has that always been there or is that new?

  • It wasn't in the original TWD but it was in TWAU

  • Just finished Season 1 and getting ready for the new episode. Just wanted to congratulate Telltale for delivering the most dramatic and remarkable experience I've ever felt in a video game. Let's see if the new season stands up to the first.

  • I want to get it, but i would prefer the getting the season pass; when is it coming out ?

  • Any news on the season pass?

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    The season pass is already available at iTunes, but the walking dead doesn't continue until February 9th next year sadly.

  • That's a very specific date. Specially considering this is a company that doesn't give release dates until like a week before the product is released.

    Where did you get this info?

  • Its all over the internet and everywhere I'm actually really surprised you don't know.
    Thats the link of where i got the date from, they also have all the episodes and stuff. Note: this date is for Australia, I'm unsure if it changes between places but it probably shouldn't.

  • OH! I am sorry, I must have misunderstood you. I thought you meant Telltale's The Walking Dead.

  • Telltale mentioned on Twitter that PSN users will soon get a Season Pass at a temporary discount of $15 if I recall correctly.

    I have only kept up with the Steam version so I may be off on this, but I think that all other platforms should be good to go in terms of providing a Season Pass.

  • can u sticky my thread so people can know about the season pass coming out?

  • I would probably have to talk to the other mods about it, however people can still read about Season Pass news from the blog/Twitter/Facebook.

    With Season 2 just beginning, the mods overall have decided that they want relatively low clutter with the stickied threads.

  • Amazing gameplay. I really liked the controls for the game and that you can now run. Worth getting, once again, amazing game telltale.

  • Its was very awesome. I liked the new mechanics they add into the game. I am excited for Episode 2 "A House divided".

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    It brings me back to the s1 about clem and why its so dramtic that made me cry

  • Also how much will the season pass cost for the app store and will there be any add ons?

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    Also it not exactly a spoiler but its about it

  • My only complaint is that it was too short…..

  • zguys i just joined i watched season 1 last week and the middle one and the start of season 2 im in love with it when i buy it on pc of here will i get a package with the game or will it be a download? oh and can i join the discussion?

  • I just wanted to say, does anyone else think that new weapons should be introduced into season 2. It would be great if the characters could meet some soldiers also.

  • I thought S2E1 was a bit too short, even though it is full of story. I wanted some more time for character interaction, and compared to S1E1 it felt so much shorter when I was playing it. However, the story was very entertaining and smart, and it has left me very eager to pick up the story again whenever it is released - really hope there isn't as much delay as the Wolf Among Us, since this game is much more gripping

  • I really loved the part in S2E1 where everything was like WOAH and the thing went WAM and then RAWR and WOAH!

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    If you buy The Walking Dead: Season Two from the Telltale website (and only from here, as this is the advantage of purchasing from Telltale's website), you'll receive downloads as soon as each episode is available, then, after the season has completed you will be eligible to receive a bonus DVD that contains all five episodes plus bonus content (like behind the scenes videos, interviews, etc) for just the cost of shipping.

  • Telltale games should add DARYL DIXON from the TV show into the video game and he finds Clementine and takes care of her. HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE?!

  • There was talk about the possibility of having the game characters meet the group from The Walking Dead television show. So, Darrell could show up at some point. I doubt they'll add the television shows into the game as permanent characters though.

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