"Leaving her alone on the road is same as murder."



  • Lilly saved my Lee from Danny when Kenny ran. She looked after Clem when I looked for Katjaa. She shot Andy when he almost killed my Lee. I don't know about pretending, the blank expression is called shock. Lee took someone's life with the intent to hurt them. He wanted to hurt them, he did so badly enough theywere killed. However you put it that's wrong. He probably wished it upon the guy when he saw him and his wife together too. The only difference is he didn't plan to go that far

  • I think Honestly, all of the people we didn't see die, are going come back and die in a more tragic way.

  • What words? a theory I havent stated I agree or disagree with yet?
    You're really struggling hard to be a troll aren't you?

  • Honestly seems more likely to be Lilly then Kenny just from Clementine's reaction.

    Cue more Kenny-baiting in episode 3's teaser... and then more cliffhangers making you think that maybe Kenny will appear in EP4.

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    He'll show up with Cyborg Lee, mark my words.

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    Kenny saved my Lee from Danny while Lilly did nothing but I'm not putting that into consideration because that action can be changed. All she did was watch Clem and that's it, I wouldn't say that's taking care of her.

    Here's her stealing the RV
    Alt text

    This is her when she killed Carley/Doug

    Alt text

    Does that look like someone that regrets her actions, someone that looks shocked? That looks like someone that doesn't care what she did or is about to do.

    This is her apprehended

    Alt text

    It's funny how she looks sad yet she immediately changes her expression after being freed to rob the RV. It's an act just so you go easy on her.

    Lee killed a guy in a fight by accident, he wanted to hurt the guy but not kill him. Lilly killed an innocent person on purpose, she wanted to end someone's life. Wanting someone dead and killing them are two different things, is Hershel Greene responsible for Kenny being lost to the herd as he wanted him dead? and we don't know if Lee wanted the senator dead. Lee didn't plan to go that far but Lilly did.

  • I only feel sorry for The Strangers family because they had a moron of a Husband/Father, The Stranger brought the pain on himself, first he lost his son then he was stupid to leave his supplies unguarded and if that's not bad enough, he left the door open and the keys in the ignition, he forgot to put a "Free Supplies" sign because somehow he had it in his mind that he and his family were the only survivors out in the woods. And instead of accepting the fact that his stupidity is his downfall, he blamed others just like Lilly blamed all her actions on this traitor, in the time she was shouting her head off, not once did she take any responsibility. How do we know others never wanted to be a leader? She did nothing in Episode 1 yet in Episode 2 she was running things with her prick of a dad providing back up, when others disagree with her and voice their opinions, she yells her head off as if her opinion mattered as seen in Episode 2 + 3, you don't agree with her, she's a bitch you and she was determined to keep everyone at that motel even if they wanted to leave, wouldn't you say that's power hungry. From what I've saw, she threw a tantrum because you wouldn't leave people to die and tells you to hand out the food then later on she'll criticizes you for not giving any to her dad even though she gave you the authority to give it to anyone. If she hates her job, why doesn't she give it to anyone else but that would mean her dad wouldn't get any as Mark hinted she was giving him extra, that's another bad thing, cheating on the lottery. What man are you talking about? The Senator because all we know is that Lee got in a fight with him and killed him by accident, who knows, the man could've hit him first. Lilly lacked the morals because the person she was harassing never did anything to her or wronged her in anyway then she pulls out a gun with the intention of taking the persons life away.

  • Yes I know you were good to her but like I said, that didn't stop her from doing the treacherous things that makes her hateable. In Clems perspective, a man that took care of you(Lee) and a family that treated you like one of their won(Kenny's family) were left for dead by a psychotic woman who also left you, an 8 year old girl for dead and also happened to kill a kind woman(Carley) that looked out for you or attempted to murder a friend(Ben), you'd be stabbing them in the back by forgiving a heartless woman that felt no guilt for the pain she inflicted not just on you but the other people that you cared about. That would be like Rick Grimes forgiving The Governor or Maggie Greene forgiving Negan.

  • And downvotes are bad why? Last I checked, they didn't do anything.

  • Not bad as such as more disapointing.
    Downvotes are usually used to disagree with someone or make a comment look negative in some way.
    It's disappointing to see so many fans rush to a theory that isnt all about Kenny and downvote it because of this to try and make it look bad.
    Put it this way, would you trust a comment with 112 downvotes or a comment with 112 upvotes?

  • Unless you are agreeing with the theory that Kenny is Rambo, there is nothing I can say.... ;3

  • Why would I agree to that?

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    It's funny how she looks sad yet she immediately changes her expression after being freed to rob the RV. It's an act just so you go easy on her.

    It's not really immediate; you were driving for a while before you reached the train. The look she gives while being apprehended could still be an act or it could be genuine self-loathing. We don't know.

    Lee didn't plan to go that far but Lilly did.

    Lilly planned to kill Ben from the get-go but it was unclear to me whether or not she planned to kill Carley. She certainly wanted her gone and out of the group, but it really did seem like she only decided to shoot Carley in an outburst of anger.

    While I do think there are differences in what Lee and Lilly did, at least in the case with Carley, both Lee and Lilly ultimately still killed someone in a fit of anger. Lee didn't have a gun and Lilly did and it's unclear what would have happened if the reverse were true, but in the end, anger was what motivated the killing. I don't think either was premeditated.

    Now, in order to be forgiven for such a crime, it seems to me that the person needs to demonstrate 2 things: a genuine regret for what he or she did and an indication that he or she would not be likely to commit the crime in the future. To me it doesn't really seem like either of them have really demonstrated those things. Lee still lashes out in anger all the time and Lilly was still mentally unstable. If Lee had done what he did while he was in my survival group, I would kick him out just as I did Lilly.

    But even though Lee can't be specifically forgiven for his crime, I would still say that he can redeem himself by saving Clementine. It doesn't wash away his old sins, but it does balance them out. Theoretically, I could see Lilly doing something similar. Given her nature and the fact that it's now even further into the apocalypse, I sure as hell wouldn't bet on it. But it's possible for her to redeem herself.

  • Wanting to hurt someone then killing them because of it isn't excuse worthy to me. It means you went too far. Did Kenny save your Lee from Andy too? I can't remember it properly but I'm assuming he did. They both save Lee thrice thrice in two episodes. Lilly looked out for Clem when Lee wasn't at the Motor Inn or was busy, seen in Jolene's video, (I know this is minor but she also gave her hair bobbles, showing she cared about her at least). I don't know if you can honestly tell through images. I played Ep3 recently and she looked mortified. Try these though Alt text This Alt text This Alt text

  • If you lost a kid in the woods you wouldn't even think aboutthe supplies in your car. I'm not saying he was exactly smart but itdoesn't matter next to finding his kid. I know the others didn't want to be leader because Lilly says so in Ep2. She doesn't criticize you for not giving Larry any food. She can't give her job away because no one else wants it and she's obviously the best with survival skills right there

  • You're assuming again. You don't know what she felt over the killing. The Governor sadistically tortured people. Negan sadistically killed someone in front of everyone for the sake of demoralizing them. Lilly did neither thing. If you want to throw in everyone who ever killed someone together, by all means do so. I prefer to keep an open mind. If Lee taught players anything it's that you can come back from things

  • I generally read the comment and decide myself. Of course, I generally come from forums and message boards that don't have have upvotes or downvotes at all.

  • I don't think that clem would look like that to see lily i mean she never really liked her in my opinion and they never really had a bond

  • You would if you had a wife and daughter that needed the supplies for survival, I would maybe understand if it was him alone, it doesn't take forever to lock your car. If I recall correctly, she only said that about ration handing and not the leadership position. She criticizes for not giving her dickhead of a dad any food if you don't kiss her ass, she becomes an insensitive bitch. She showed nothing that demonstrates her survival, she mostly sits on her ass doing nothing and relies on others, notice in the three episodes we've seen her, we've not witnessed her killing a zombie.

  • I don't need to assume, her facial reaction says it all on screen. Yes both The Governor & Negan are sadists but what Lilly has in common with them is that they are immoral murderers, you don't need to be a sadist to be evil like The St Johns. I only brought Negan & The Gov as an example because like Lilly, they committed monstrous acts with no guilt on people but in Lilly's position, it's much worse because she did it to her own people, forgiving someone like that especially when you knew the people that she betrayed who are not around anymore, you're basically letting her off the hook. If you had the option, would you forgive that Ghetto Thrash that killed Omid?

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    Like I said, did Lee ever express that he wanted the Senator dead?
    Kenny never saved my Lee because he was shot in the arm but Lilly never saved my Lee either. You said I was assuming but come on, how do we know that she looked after Clem?
    Jolene's video of her being nice to Clem and giving her hair bobbles doesn't mean she cared about her since she had the heart to abandon her, the St Johns were nice to Clem and built her that tree swing, does that mean they cared?

    Those images, if she had made that face after killing her victim and before being apprehended then yeah, maybe she feels some sort of guilt but she didn't.

    That first Image looks like she was taking into account that Lee has hold of her as she was looking where his hand was.

    The third image she realized that she can't boss Lee around anymore.

    The Second image she comes to realize that she lost power and gives a puppy dog eyes in the hopes you'll go easy on her.

    You want to know how I came up with that analysis, it's because of her reaction to stealing the RV. I wanted to find an image of her tied up but couldn't but she was giving a sad expression the whole way, when you turn to pick up the pencil and then turn around, she's standing there with a blank expression then you realize you've just been tricked and anything nice she said previously was bullshit and that she was pretending just to get on your good side.

  • Personally, I think it would be more interesting if Lilly came back. Clem could have to choose between forgiving her of past crimes or holding onto grudges.

    Not a Kenny hater.

  • Stop arguing over this, we'll know when Telltale reveals it, come on. =/

  • You have no definitive proof Lee ever saw Kenny die, and if I recall correctly there is an option to suggest to Omid and Christa that Kenny may have lived if he tries to save Ben. Telltale never showed him die for a reason.

  • There is a video circulating showing the name "Kenny" appearing multiple times in the episode 2 file for The Walking Dead season 2. The video could be fake, of course, but it's something to consider. It could just as easily be real.

  • I can imagine threads like this still being made after EP2 comes out.

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    ...and after we all finish Season 2: "KENNY CONFIRMED IN SEASON 3!!!!!!11111" ;)

  • You don't know what she felt. I'd be tempted to kill Omid's murderer but I'd probably ask for her supplies and tell her to go. I'm not letting Lilly off the hook, remember what I said? She'll always be haunted by this and I think it's better punishment than just killing her AND it gives her the chance to change. If your Lee was all for cold blooded murder then alright. Mine isn't though. Same with my Clem

  • Alright. Try it then. Lose your kid in a forest and see how much else you can focus on. Not everyone is a hardcore survivalist. Lilly organizes the rations, it's said she uses her survival training from the Air Force to teach them to shoot, look for supplies, scout etc. She's arguably the best to keep on watch besides Carley

  • You assume too much. They could be anything from blank shock to survival. She's obviously scared ofstaying there especially with how Kenny was acting (I don't blame him). Imagine if Duck had been killed while Lilly was still there. What could Kenny's outlet have been?

  • That is the kind of behavior that is not helping this situation. Kenny may come back in season two, in fact he most likely will, along with the other group members from season one that were never shown to die(Not sure about Molly).

    Telltale made those characters not die for a reason. It'd be extremely mean to tease the Kenny fans so much then not have him back alive in some way, and I really don't think they would do that.

  • I'm fine with discussion, but insulting each other over a character in a game when no one knows who is right at the moment is just silly. Telltale will prove one side right, and one side wrong. Either Kenny will return in this season or he won't. I don't think it's really worth all this arguing, it's not like the arguments are going to change Telltale's mind.

  • I've said this before, but Viola DeWinter had a file for Saints Row IV and didn't appear.

    Doesn't prove anything.

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    Her facial reactions are enough to tell me how she felt, if her reaction was similar to Michele's(Omid's killer) then yeah, I'd say she looks to regret what she's done it but instead she had an emotionless reaction. How do you know if she'll be haunted by what she's done? especially when she kept a straight face and tried to justify it afterwards. If Michele had lived, it's likely her crime will haunt her given how horrified she was, with Lilly it's unlikely given how emotionless she looked once she committed such an atrocious act which will not give her a chance to change considering she believed she didn't do anything wrong in the first place so yeah, you're letting her off the hook. I wouldn't say my Lee was all for Cold Blooded Murder, just putting down a dangerous animal, same way I'll be with Clem. And you wouldn't kill Michele? who killed someone who was kind and friendly like Omid while taunting and robbing a little girl in the process.

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    Hey, I understand that The Stranger was going through a lot but come on, he could've at least told his wife to do it, he could've at least do 2/3 things, take the keys and slam the door, it just takes a couple of seconds to secure your car and when you have a wife and daughter, you need to those things especially in the apocalypse. I agree that not everyone is a hardcore survivalist but not everyone is that stupid when they survived the first three months. Lilly organizes the rations but Mark indicated in the beginning of episode 2 that she skims rations for her dad so she may likely been cheating on the suppose lottery she invented as Larry showed no signs of weakness. Again, how do we know she taught them how to shoot, Lee said to Danny that she keeps them on a training schedule when he could've simply said that she taught them. We don't know what role she had at the Air Force that makes her a survivalist, from what I've read on TWD Wikia, she worked at the Desk. In all 3 episodes, we've not once witness her look for supplies but instead, we see her sitting around, she even sent a guy with a bullet wound(Kenny) for supply search. And she's a terrible Watch, where was she when Zombie Teacher/Travis attacked Katjaa then Lee? when she had a sniper rifle, heck, if an idiot like Ben can sneak into her room and steal her supplies, how useful is she, especially as a leader.

  • You call that shock? Lilly had a blank emotionless expression. And Lilly was scared? She didn't look scared when she stole the RV and as I said previously, if she wanted to leave then leave on foot instead of taking the one vehicle that she never fixed and leaving people you're supposed to protect stranded. Besides, Duck didn't die when Lilly was there so that rules her excuse of being scared of Kenny out. Kenny wanted to leave her, he didn't say anything about executing Lilly or give any indication to it.

  • I never said it proved anything, but it's something to consider before saying so certainly that Kenny won't return. I'm not saying it's proof he will return, though.

  • Well, I don't know. It's a possibilty. But I still think it's Christa.

  • It will either be Kenny or Lily.

    And for the record I think Kenny and Lily are both jerks. Lily lost her head and murdered someone and Kenny did a lot of dickish things too, like leaving you behind several times, smashing a salt lick on a mans face, being a hypocrite, showing no freaking gratitude, wanting a girl to get eaten alive slowly to give you more time for supplies, wanting you to drop a teenage boy to his death etc etc etc.

    I really have no idea why Kenny is worshipped the way he is on here.

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