Why the scene with Sam isn't realistic



  • Zombie unicorns and time travel would be a good twist for TWD.


  • I guess its good for telltale that it's a video game and not real...

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    Actually, speaking of the matter, I was actually, too, intrigued. I got in touch with my aunt, who is a professional dog specialist, and she explained that the behavior of this type of dog was actually normal and yet, not as well into detail.
    What she and I believe, is that the game did not go into detail with Sam's past, as for it shows a simple photograph followed by Clementine's words "They looked like a happy family at one time," which actually, probably wouldn't have been true.
    If you look at it, the dog was probably starved, for a while. 'Cause he was abnormally thin, and he wasn't sure about Clem at first, (as to what I think he's been abused or something along that matter,) and dogs can smell good. They can feel goodness of a person, and Clem is most definitely a good person, as for she thanks Nick's apology later on in the episode.
    When Clem opened the can of beans, they both were hungry, and it's a natural instinct for animals to eat when hungry, and when Clem pulled the can away, I'd assume this part was all about common sense.
    She just met the dog, for one.
    Second, the dog was abandoned.
    Third, there was no food.
    Fourth, the dog growled and didn't like to be pet.
    I mean, I just think that if you look deeper into the matter, if I'm hungry and someone takes food away from me, my natural instinct would be to snatch it back, but in this case a dog doesn't have hands.
    What if he was reaching for the can?
    I don't know, as I said earlier, details would've been greatly appreciated.

  • One of my best friends is a dog trainer. He said it isn't outlandish. A dog he trained was given a bone and after chewing on it for a few minutes it was snatched from his mouth, the dog showed prolonged aggression. Now couple that with extreme conditions...

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    In the time he has been out there it's quite likely he has had to fight some walkers.
    Even though a dog relies mostly on his sense of smell he still might confuse humans with walkers.
    If he's been conditioned to fight walkers it's not so implausible for him to go total nutcakes once he snaps.

    I'm going top give Telltale the benefit of the doubt anyway.

  • The dog loved to be pet. You can pet him as much as you want and he enjoys it too. He was skeptical at first, but after the second "petting session" Sam panted with excitement and joy.

  • It actually makes alot of sense. Stop being wrong.

  • An author utilizing a person's ignorance or lack of knowledge to promote suspension of disbelief doesn't work on everybody, especially if it is very far fetched. Sorry.

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    I find it unrealistic that when you fail the QTE he goes right for the throat, but as for the biting and viciousness... I buy it. Mostly because a similar thing happened to me as a child (sans ZA) when a neighbor's dog tried to eat my dog's food. I ran up and tried to take the bowl, and a domesticated, well fed, older dog tore my right leg to ribbons to the point where I spent weeks taking regular hospital visits to get it cleaned, redressed, etc on top many many many more stitches than Clem got at the end of ep 1. My leg still has very visible scars more than a decade later.

    But it's worth mentioning that once that dog had gotten over the initial "defense" adrenaline, it didn't try to kill me - just went back to the food. Most likely the death when you can't fight the dog off is just a cheap gameplay gimme, where they don't want it to be possible to "save" the dog by not kicking it into the spikes - because if the dog just went back to the beans and left you wounded, you could probably run away and leave it there alive if you so desired, or at least people would want that to be an option. It's also worth noting that a dog living in the ZA might have learned to thoroughly kill anything that threatened it... a walker would never "get the hint" and back off.

  • I feel like the personal experience posts and the other facts posted by people who asked specialists about this prove the fact that it would be possible for what happened in the game to happen in real life.

  • Only that it isn't far fetched. Sorry.

  • Not sure how to quote so:
    A dog behaving exactly the way Sam did in the game is freakishly rare, with rabies or some other mental defect usually playing a factor. It goes to show how needlessly nasty the scene really is.

    Just saying, but whole point of clementine leaving the shed is because of the fact that the dog may have some sort of virus or disease, which means Telltale probably meant for that to be the case. If so, then that vet just confirmed that the scene was realistic.

  • I keep reading about all the unrealistic stuff in the walking dead, but nobody has mentioned the most unrealistic thing yet.

    How in the world did Clem manage to get the thread through the eye of the needle on her very first try?
    Nobody in the history of the world has ever managed to accomplish this.

    It's just mindblowing how stupid Telltale thinks we are.

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    Oh, but it is. Why do you think so many people are complaining? xD

  • Because it wasn't a thread, it was fishing wire.

  • I don't see that many people complaining.

  • Maybe if you're ignorant. Threads about this dog have been created 5 - 10 times.

  • i'm ignorant
    zombies are made out of rainbows

  • Because they live boring lifes.

  • And the media never picked up on this?
    I'm calling bullshit.

  • i neglected to mention that the thread fell out after two seconds.

    but I still did it.

  • Well okay, I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt now.

    Just to be sure though, don't take this personally, but you aren't a gnome, are you? Or this wasn't a giant needle we are talking about?

  • You seem to be the only one complaining, sorry to disappoint you.

  • You take food away from a dog (A dog that doesn't know you much especially) it's going to bite you. Imagine a pet dog of yours nipped at you for picking up their food dish. Now, the dog is starving and is literally going to fight for food and is a complete stranger: Increase that hostility times twenty, and BOOM: You got yourself an attacker. Now, I don't believe that the dog would try to kill Clementine the extent that it did, but it would attack her pretty bad. Besides, TT needed to compromise and make the situation dangerous as well as emotional, so making Sam a little over reactive may have been necessary.

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    I didn't even start this thread or any of the other 5-10 threads about that dog.

    Ignorance is bliss, as they say. And you're apparently a prime example.

  • I am though.

    We are all Clementine.

  • And Lee and put a Fire Axe in his wallet, and the dead walk the earth.

    Listen, it's a game. Not only that, it's a work of fiction. Some creative liberties are required to craft the experience properly.

    The dog scene was a creative little piece to show the state of the world Clementine is now in. Make friends with someone, help each other out, but in an instant that new friend can become your worst enemy over something as simple as food.

    Whether the dog would have actually continued attacking Clementine or not in real life is unimportant, as this is not real life.

    People need to start allowing themselves to suspend their own disbelief from time to time. I don't WANT to play games or watch movies that adhere STRICTLY to realism. Talk about boring.

  • You cannot deny the infinite back pocket of Lee!

  • He sort of gave a statement based off the opinions of two professionals on dogs, meaning they probably know a LOT more about dog behaviors than you. He never said they didn't like it, he simply explained why the scene isn't realistic, because it is very rare for something like that to happen.

    Now, I don't think the scene is unrealistic, since that could happen. The point he is trying to make is that the behavior by the dog in that scene is something that very rarely happens, though.

  • Nope, if you don't hit it, it goes for Clementine's neck after a few seconds and kills her lol. >.>

  • you can also grab the knife and stab it in the nose

  • This is the right answer. When food is involved an animal can turn on you. Especially an abused survivor of a zombie apocalypse. I found the scene to be pretty damn realistic and a great representation of a world gone mad.

  • clemlee's "food bowl test" theory is the best way to describe that scene. I wonder if there would be so many of these threads if it wasn't a dog. The butthurt over Sam is funny and a tad ridiculous.

  • yeah but can hit it or stab it. so >.> right back at ya.

  • Yes, you can, in self defense, because if you don't fight back at all it kills you. o.o

    That's pretty simple to understand, the dog kept attacking Clementine to attack her, not because she was fighting back.

  • I agree. It's just a game. It's a zombie apocalypse game on top of it, in some scenes realism is a bit streched for the sake of drama and it's perfecly understandable. Besides, each dog has a different personality, they too, like humans, suffer from trauma and emotional stress and can show different reactions in similar situations. Clem killed a cute dog. Get over it. It's TWD.

  • I've had bad experiences with stray dogs, biting me in the leg when I was a child, no provocation at all. So yeah, the animals are impredictable. I'm sorry for the dog lovers...

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