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    I would love for them to release season 2, ep 2, next month. I really would. Chances are, they're not going release two different games episodes in same month. They want to drag it a bit to make more money. I would estimate, not next month. But in middle to late of month Feb.

  • When season 1 first came out, it was advertised that each episode would be released every 30 days. Of course TTG realized that was impossible and it became about every 2 months. The rest of Season 1 came out just about 2 months apart.

    It would be my guess that TTG has a good system now and we should expect future episodes in 2 month increments.

    My guess for episode 2 would be late Feb.

  • Just basing my opinion off of the first seasons release schedule.

  • Moving aside from the episode lengths you can't tell me you do not notice the lack of open environments within each episode. TWD s1 ep 1 had searching clementines house, Hershel's farm, the drug store, and clearing the motel all in 1 episode.

    The only thing I felt we did in season 2 episode 1 is see omid die and search the cabin. You could include meeting the new group but it was painfully to little interaction with them.

    You have to admit that for better or worse TTG has moved away from the format they used in earlier games like BTTF. The games were much more puzzles and content galore where each chapter had 5, 10, even 15 different action items.

  • Damn, looking at the release intervals between episodes last season it seems like 2 months is pretty much the average so it looks like it will be mid to late feb. If we are lucky maybe early feb :/.

    Hope they at least give us a ballpark figure within the next week or so, not having a timeframe is the worst type of waiting.

  • Hopefully the trailer will make the wait less crazy. People will be debating the trailer instead of the ep date. Or it'll be all out war about who the character is. Will Telltale be quietwith info like TWAU Ep2?

  • Personally I feel the reason this episode feels really short (Don't get me wrong, I thought the episode was short too) is the lack of filler going on. Everything that happened this episode was quick and straight to the point which is I think is a really good step since Season 1 got really tedious on my 2nd playthrough.

    That's an odd complain regarding the open environments though. You're judging that based on one episode and let me list what we did this episode.

    1.Bathroom scene.

    1. Explore the camp fire.

    2. Walk through the woods.

    3. Walk around the other camp site.

    4. Explore the shed.

    5. Search the cabin.

    I still think saying stuff like, "Telltale's getting lazy" is too preemptive a response. Had it been three episodes and it was like this I would be inclined to agree but currently we can just agree to disagree on the matter.

  • Telltale takes so long to release each episode that Instead of dividing their series into seasons they need to rename it years. Like The Walking Dead year One then The Walking Dead year two....etc.

  • lee why death ?? why bitten zombies

  • They might have changed things since the Sam and Max days, but I once product test (is that the right word I am looking for? It is when a company offers the public to play their unfinished games to offer feedback) one of the Sam and Max episodes, and they do put the pieces together to make it playable between episodes. For example, making sure it is playable and to determine if an item should be moved to make the game less frustrating. From what I understand they also bring in the voice actors to record their lines during this stage. I remember playing the episode on of the computers that was a later build than the other people testing out the game - as a result, the build I was using had the voting poll animation where the others didn't have that animation. However, the test build I was playing was extremely buggy as it crashed a few times.

  • What an active imagination you have. Likely, Christa's baby, whom she probably named Omid, was probably still born or died during the 16 months before the majority of season 2. I wonder when Clementine asked about Omid during the rabbit roasting scene, she was referring to Omid II.

  • Telltale has grown a lot since the Sam and Max days, so a longer wait between episodes would be logical especially how less rushed and rehashed the Walking Dead games feel when compared to the Sam and Max games. I would rather wait longer to play an episode with more variety of scenes and characters than one with the same backdrop with the same characters or same models but different characters.

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    After a bit of digging around, here it is.

    More recently, he's found out that the person in binoculars on the Ep2 slide is, infact, Carver. Because people had doubts about that.

    He also found out that the other person in the Ep2 slide, the one with the AK, is called Johnny.

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    This was on verified FB page of TTG from one of the fans:

    Chapter Episode Release Date:
    Episode 1 - "All That Remains" December 17, 2013 //
    Episode 2 - "A House Divided" December 29, 2013 //
    Episode 3 - "In Harm's Way" December 31, 2013 //
    Episode 4 - "Amid The Ruins" January 10, 2014 //
    Episode 5 - "No Going Back" January 25, 2014 //

    Dont take me serious, it would be great, if they do stick with this, but Im already waiting for the release of ep. 2 till morning and still nothing :-( I dont know if it is true releases dates, it was just on FB page.

  • It's not a screen name, It's something I actually do.

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    Verified my ass. Those dates would leave little to no time at all to incorporate feedback into the story. That's uttered shit.

  • obviously not. hopefully it will be late january

  • It's pretty obvious that it's gotta be Lilly or Kenny because we knew them well, but we never saw them die. (I think it's Lilly, but i hope it's Kenny:D)

  • Puzzzzzzzlebox. Do you know anything? Trailer? Release date? Release date for the trailer? Release date for the release date of the trailer? No?

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    A) Fans know nothing, i.e. those here debating release dates. B) A verified TTG page doesn't mean people posting there in comments section know anything. C) It will take more than 2 days between episodes for them to get approval from the consoles and as Smoke said, to get the feedback incorporated. There's no way we're getting the entire season in a months time. Keep dreaming.


    We'll be lucky if we get any news in the next month, much less a release.

  • Honestly, I think it's Kenny. Nothing is really proven that it's Lilly. No Lilly files have been found for season 2, Kenny files have though.

  • Calm down.. it's a screen name that you portrayed to be. Chill.

  • Episode 1 was 1 hour and 34 minutes long.

  • Trailer for episode 2? Really?

  • YES, I want an individual trailer for each episode. No, not really. but if there's a release date for the the release date of episode 2, I'll take that.

  • "Did You Know"
    When escaping the Shed, you can actually have Alvin Help you obtain medical supplies. Also a juice box lol
    instead of going to the open at the bottom of the house, just go to the front door.
    you will see Alvin and Rebecca arguing.... just go up and tap on the glass window and Alvin will help you :)
    Special note: tell him he's nice and he'll help
    This does changes the gameplay as Rebecca will confront you, she'll also tell you to stay away from Alvin.

  • What day is episode 2 coming out in Australia ???

  • She doesn't say anything about Alvin because Alvin doesn't tell her. If he did, he and Rebecca would get kicked out, like he states.

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    I really did enjoy this episode, but I must agree that there wasn't enough exploration time. Most of those were very small, the only decent ones were exploring the Cabin and the other camp site. The other scenes are really small, limited to pretty much one room.

    On the other hand, S1E1 had these scenes:
    1. Motel
    2. Farm
    3. Drug Store
    4. Clems House

    All of these had many dialog sequences, were rather expansive and had lots of items to look at and interact with. I just think that the first episode of S2 was lacking in comparison, especially since it took them a year to create it. I can't say for certain as I'm not a developer of their engine, but the only major improvements I could see are the realtime skin deformation during the needle scene, possible shader improvements to make the game prettier, some sort of Lod system and an alternate, faster, shader for the foliage. If this is the case, then the year wait was definitely not fair as the content was severely lacking.

    In all honesty though, I had no trouble while playing the game. I really enjoyed the new tighter episode structure, but after further analysis I realized that it doesn't help us in being able to understand and feel for the NPCs. Without any dialog time we can't form opinions on them, and although they all said a little at the end too us, it was still not enough. I feel this could easily been worked into the story as well, for example they could have asked Clementine to put out all the candles, and by doing so allow free roam around the house and lots of dialog with the characters.
    But yeah, that''s just my opinion and I think that it will get better, especially with the feedback they have gotten from this episode :).

  • He/She seemed pretty serious about it.

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