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Don't be pissed if it ends up being Glenn

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Don't get pissed if the person clementine thought was dead ends up being Glenn. I know there are a bunch of Lilly Kenny supporters out there.

  • Don't be pissed if this thing that is never going to happen happens. You never know if Kirkman is on drugs or not.

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      Antero BANNED

      Kirkman doesn't have much influence in the game.

      • He doesn't!!why?

        • Lots for him to do already. Comics and show eps and family time I suppose. Isn't he writing something new too?

          • Well he said that he continue writing until he dies,but at least make all of them:comic/series and Video game linked with each others

            • I almost wanted Comics Rick to meet Lee. I mean I didn't want it because the canon would be messed up and it'd be too forced but I mean I'd love to see how they'd react to each other. Both protagonists protecting their kids

              • I'm kinda thinking the tv show crew may run into Lee at some point. I thought it may be more than just an easter egg that Michonne pointed to Macon, Georgia on her map. I doubt Lee will pop up in the comic due to the fact that Kirkman stated he wants the comic to be completely uninfluenced by other mediums of TWD.

                • It could be great. They'd need to find a brilliant actor for Lee though. I'd say Dave Fennoy over anyone though

                  • Maybe I'm just overanalyzing the scene in tv season 4 where Michonne points to Macon on the map. It really could be as simple as a little easter egg for the game fans, similar to the scene in tv season 2 where Daryl pulls out Merle's drug stash and it had blue meth from breaking bad at the bottom of the baggie. Dave Fennoy... maybe; it would be a cool tie-in. However, Fennoy is a dead ringer for Ezekiel from the comic though.

                    • just started watching breaking bad, that's cool about the blue meth easter egg. I need to watch that scene again now, unless you could post a pic wink wink

                  • Denzel Washington? I can dream right?

                • Glen's from Macon as well.. that was established in the Comics way before the game ever came out.

        • He's currently writing at least six different monthly comics I can think of off the top of my head, producing a hit tv show, merchandising his various properties, working on a spinoff to his hit tv show, making his comic con appearances across the county, and holds the position of Chief Operating Officer for Image comics. He's a busy guy.

      • LOL yeah, I'm sure he wouldn't mind.

      • Thank goodness, otherwise Clem would have been gang-raped by Christa's attackers....and that's BEFORE Sam would chew her entire face off, and THAT'S before the new group would toss Clem into the septic tank instead of the shed.

  • Glenn is a comic guy along with Hershel. Even if they arn't canon anymore brining them back would confuse everyone

  • Also why the heck would Clementine think he is dead! I wouldnt even care about him at this point!

  • Who cares about Glenn? It´s either Kenny, Lilly, the Bandit who attacked Christa or a character we havent met yet and will meet at Episode 2.

    • Yeah, it is going to be someone who we like and care, not a guy who is on series like 20 minutes.
      I put my money on lilly or kenny.
      It can also be somebody from 400days, because we don´t know anything about those 16 months.
      For example, clementine could met nate, clementine shot him and thought he was dead and now she meet him again on episode 2.

      • I agree; I think the surprise is Kenny made it. They never showed him actually die. Just like in season 3 of the show we never saw a certain character die, but it sounded like he did. Sure enough he reemerges. I'm doubtful it's Lilly because it was at no point suggested she died. She just stole the vehicle and disappeared. Kenny on the other hand, it was pretty much implied he died without actually showing the death.

        • lol I find it hilarious that people up there were complaining about spoilers and then u put one for the show

          • Nice catch. Edited out potential spoilers.

            • lol I was kidding. he was one of those characters you don't bother learning their names even though he plays a major role

              • Yeah I still don't want to spoil anything for anyone. On more than one occasion someone posted major last page spoilers on those 4 page preview skybound puts out a few days before the issue is released. It's like, I just wanted to see the few couple panels sneak peak, not the major events that occur on the last couple pages. I don't even read that sneak peeks anymore because some people who get the issues early love to give out way too many details.

  • I hope it is Kenny, I miss Kenny ):

  • Clem reads the comics, that's why she thought he was dead. i guess

  • Yes. *And people also shouldn't be pissed if it turns out to be Richard Nixon!

  • Why would it be Glenn?

    I don't recall Glenn and Clem having much of a connection

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