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TWD Music Appreciation Thread

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Just a quick thread I wanted to whip up in honor of those composers and artists who work hard to give us ambiance and music. Here is my favorite song in the series so far:
This brought music into my life: thank you, Anadel!

I just love this song. Every time he says "In the Water" and the piano plays, I get the shivers... and the depressing look on Clementine's face as the song plays... shivers I get vertigo every time...
What is your favorite music from The Walking Dead (show or game). Is the music intense, scary, emotional, sad? Post a comment below! LETS GET STARTED! EDIT: I will accept any music TWD related, be it remixes, parodies, or fan made. EDIT: EDIT: Montages and tributes will also be accepted. EDIT: EDIT: EDIT: Also, videos are appreciated and encouraged, though not required.

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