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  • I know that since game was released.

  • Wow that's depressing,

  • And you would be correct... Calm down though? I wasn't being aggressive at all. I think you need to chill.

  • Tone down yo attitude dawg. They made trailers for each ep in S1

  • Lol, I don't need to chill. It was to be implied calmly, I think you just read it in an aggressive way.

  • Aight tell me something I don't know already homie. I only said that because it sounded like you expected a trailer sometime soon.

  • Well that escalated quickly.

  • Sooooo anyone else notice they are reusing Walkers? Hahaha not that it bothers me... Just actually confused me for a half second.

  • We would have seen the files in the game or at least threads about it. On the other hand, we've seen Kenny files. And threads about it too.

  • Woah broski I ain't starting any fights here wit y'all. Is the trailer not comin soon?

  • It depends what you consider soon. If soon is sometime late February to early March, then yea It'll be here soon. The trailers usually come within a week of the release of a new episode, that's why I was surprised anybody would ask for one now.

  • [removed]

  • Whatever date Telltale say plus 17 hours.

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    There is this one female walker with a checkered shirt that I keep seeing everywhere

    It breaks immersion a little. I mean, I little reusing is fine, but using the same one right from series 1 to series 2 it's...gah

  • I think they may have actually remade a walker model into a living-person model.. in Ep5, there's a walker that looks eerily similar to Stephanie from 400 Days.

    Despite Shel's story taking place long after the events of Episode 5.

  • I think I may know why they made the time-jump so long... because now, it takes place 2 years into the apocalypse, roughly the same time as the comics right now.

  • the usual release dates are 4-6 weeks apart. I have heard that Ep 2 of TWAU will be released sometime in January and Ep 2 of TWD will be released in early Feb, then Ep 3 of TWAU in March (you can see the pattern). I admit the wait is annoying but worth it.

  • Haha I keep seeing the dude Zombie that's wearing a lettermans jacket. Or a jacket that's similar to it.

  • They do add a lot of detail the games.

  • I agree. I had the same pattern in mind when i saw that the TWAU is being delayed like this. Basically we'll have TWAU on one month and TWD the following one, sounds good if you ask me!

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    Alright Batman you're the one who jumped the gun and went to Fusedmass' aid when they hadn't even replied, so how about you stop twisting words to make yourself sound clever. The posts are right there. You were the one who said "Calm down' which was you assuming I wasn't calm and that I needed to 'chill out' because you once again assumed I was hot about someone pointing out my username. I wasn't hot and I was calm, you're an ignoramus.

  • Man i really hope that in S1E2 that kenny will come back but im not sure because It was confirmed that Kenny's fate "will be explored" in Season 2.

  • Expect they're releasing it slower then intended. If the average wait was four to six weeks. It's going on three months for Ep2 of Wolf Among Us, could Walking Dead run into the same pattern with slow releases. We'll just have to see. All we know from puzzlebox. They're "Polishing the game"

  • Telltale did an AMA a few months ago where they said they were working on Episode 3 and 4 of TWAU and episode 1 and 2 of The Walking Dead so I don't know what's taking so long on episode 2. I know they typically go through an episode after the previous episode's release to work in player feedback and easter eggs and bug fixes but this is way too long. The only explanation I can see is that there was a massive bug that took forever to fix and by the time it was done, it was the holiday season, and most companies have a stigma about releasing stuff at the end of the holiday season.

    My gut says it'll be out early January which is good because I've been waiting for episode 2 so I can start my playthrough and do the first two episodes back to back.

  • Episode 2 is coming out probably in the mid to late February, or very early march.. maybe even middle.

    But people saying episode 2 will release in January 17 is down right foolish. It wouldn't even surprise me if telltale delays this second episode since they really jumped the gun and are working on shit ton of projects..

  • I bet you under that cap Kenny is bald

  • I'm guessing it will be out around February.

  • do episodes come out every 3 months or something? I played season 1 back to back cause i got into the game later when all episodes had been released and it was great. I dont like this whole dragging it out business. When you watch a show or even play a game like that,back to back, the effect is just better. Piecemeal by piecemeal releases really suck.

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    Agreed. It's probably Lilly or Kenny, but my money is on Lilly because it would be a worst case scenario for Clem and this season seems to be really dealing out the damage for her so far. (Still hoping for Kenny though, just to see a friendly face)

  • It's usually 4-6 weeks per episode, but that's only if there are no delays, and TWAU is an example of that.

  • I think honestly, they just can't handle the work load. I saw them on twitter today tweeting they were hiring, they also re-tweeted a song something about that song kept the person sane. Which kinda confuses me. Why would they sign up for five new games for borderlands, Game of Thrones, etc and sign the ink at the bottom line.

    If they were not prepared for it.

  • im ready for episode 2

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    As if the Wolf Among us for free for xbox users wasn't big enough appears on steam you can now grab Walking Dead Season 2 for 18 dollars. 400 days DLC for 1 dollar, 74 cents.

    I have nothing against this deal. I might even buy my friend it myself. Though I found out about this deal on their twitter feed. Yes they are alive, it irks me just a tiny tiny bit they would go on twitter on day, yet not here. It's just not logical. What's worse then waiting, is the silence coming from them is horrible.

  • I am concerned that TTG bit off more than they can chew...

    It's not so much hireling worker bee programmers and employees like that. What concerns me is the creative structure in place to handle the additional workload.

    I'm sure they a general have a flow process for concept development, designing, programming, and distribution of their intellectual properties from the beginning to end. My concern is when there is a bottle neck in the flow. In this case I would think that would be the person who actually okays the game concept, then the game script, then the game design, ect, ect.... That person is now going to have to handle many more projects at the same time unless they hire someone else to authorize or green light big decisions. Generally management does not like to hire addition mangers unless absolutely necessary. It is expensive and not a easy process to find a quality manger with the same vision.

    So that is my concern. I'm glad hey are hireling programmers and graphic design folks. I am a bit confused how TTG let Jake and Sean out of the building with the jump in work being thrown at them.

    I wonder if they are going to consider scrapping the episodic releases. Playing most their games over the years I think they are getting shorter per episode. They used to be 2 hours per episode down to a hour and a half to a hour for a lot of folks on this last TWDS2EP1. On the flip side it also seems like they are taking longer to produce the episode.

    Longer production times coupled with shorter episodes = more effort in graphic designing and environment details.

    I personally wish they would go back to the old format where the game were longer had larger levels or chapters with more possible interaction's within the episode. I remember BTTF ep 1 in doc's garage there must have been 50 possible interactions to click on and do. The normal now seems to be 5 or 10 and that's a shame.

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