Kenny Possibly Confirmed for S2E2? (202)



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  • Arethere files for any eps after 2?

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    Well if we look at the options so far it seems the names that pop up the most is
    1. Kenny
    2. Lilly
    3. Molly

    Personally I believe Kenny is dead and would prefer him to stay that way as him turning out alive would (to me) cheapen his death. Lilly was a more important/major character than Molly so it would affect us more if she were to come back.

    Also some people say it can't be Lilly seeing as Clementine never saw her "die",therefore it would mean it could only be Kenny, she never saw Kenny die either. She was reunited with Lee after his death (Or near death experience if you believe in his survival) and if the "Kenny is alive" theory is true, she must've assumed his death, and therefore could've assumed Lilly's death as well.

    Keep in note Clementine never knew the circumstances of Kenny's death, for all she knew he could've been separated from Lee at some prior time, never coming back, so she assumed his "death".

    Unlike Kenny however, the last time we see Lilly was not in a state of peril, so it's more likely that she could have survived this far in my eyes.

    However this is just my opinion and own thoughts and for all I know Kenny will pop up back in Episode 2 and make me seem like a complete idiot :D
    All we can do is wait and see ;)

  • You're really friendly about the subject unlike other Kenny haters, thanks. :)

    But on the other hand, Christa and Omid could have told Clementine about Kenny 'dying'. Wouldn't she ask where he is?
    And with Lilly, she knows (depending on your decision) that Lilly taking the RV wouldn't be the death of her. And Lilly being as skilled in the survival subject, I'm pretty sure she could make it out alive. And who knows, maybe we might see walker Lilly?

    But like you said, All we can do is wait and see ;)

  • The files have been extracted and there are PLENTY of other Kenny files, the creator of the video proves it.

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  • I know, right. It's stuck in my head. o3o

  • ..How can you hate this music? And it's real, the creator of the video extracted the files so nothing was fake. He even shows us a couple of pictures on a different thread on how many Kenny files there are. And there are a lot.

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