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lee didint tell clementine about kennys dying and i dont think christa and omid did either so theres no way clementine would know if he died or not but i gess well find out soon enough


  • Nope, you're wrong!
    We won't find out soon enough. It's going to be a long and agonizing wait.

    Oh, and what you said about Kenny...
    Kind of tired of reading about him. Whatever.

  • So you're telling me Clem would not ask Christa and Omid what happened to Kenny(and Ben)? She would have asked.

  • Even if you are right, it's going to be a long month. :)

  • episode 2 is coming out next month

  • no proof for that, we just know it'll be released by fall 2014

  • I'm sure christa and omid told her about him. Again this person is unknown until epiosde 2

  • Well I haven't played S2E1 so it's hard to say but I've heard the commotion on this and I don't believe it is Kenny. I don't think it could possibly be her mother or father because who would say that type of greeting? I have no clue who it is. I do believe though there is a huge chance it will be Kenny.

  • This all i see on these forums are nothing but kenny. Dudes starting to become like daryl

  • Well, they ARE both rednecks.

  • yea, you know Clem had to have asked,"when are we getting on the boat with Kenny,Ben and Molly?/"

  • Well, Clementine looks at the person she thought was dead with a look of absolute horror.

    So I guess Kenny, someone who murdered someone else in front of her would be a good fit.

    At least for my clementine.

  • Well, I think Clementine would ask what happened to everyone when she met up with Omid and Christa, at some point in the....two years I believe that they were together. And regardless, if she notices Kenny isn't with the group and he never comes back, it could lead her to believe he is dead.

    Also, if I recall correctly, while Clementine is with Christa she can say she misses Kenny at some point. I don't think I ever tried it, but it shows she knows Kenny is gone and likely knows he is dead, since she can also say she misses Lee who she knows is dead. >.>

  • I can't wait for when it turns out to be Kenny...

    ... and later in the episodes, you have to kill him.

  • Kenny is Daryl's and Merle's cousin. The three badass redneck killers of TWD!

  • TellTale probably just got fed up by us all spoiling the surprise and decided to cancel Kenny in season 2.

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